At First Sight

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Chapter |25|

Amaira's pov

The car stopped in front of a big building which is the mall. The last time I visited a mall was with my grandma on my 10th birthday which was 2 months before she died. Iyla parked the car and we all got out. There were a lot of people staring at us which made me comfortable. My hands suddenly became sweaty and I was feeling slightly dizzy. God! No panic attacks, please. I prayed internally.

"Are you okay?" Ameya asked me. I looked at her and saw the concern on her face.

"Yes." I said with a forced smile. I don't want them to think that I am a freak by saying that I have social anxiety. What if they think that I am not good for their brother?

"Okay, let's go." Iyla cheerfully said entering the mall.

"Okay, first, we are getting you a phone." Ameya said walking into a phone shop. The shop was filled with, well, phones. Iyla and Ameya started talking to the salesman while I was just looking around.

"Can you show us the iPhone 12 Pro Max?" Iyla asked. The salesman nodded and handed over the phone to her. Iyla and Ameya excitedly started checking it out while I weirdly looked at them. Why are they getting excited over this phone? It looks normal to me.

"You like it? "Ameya asked. I don't know much about phones, so I simply nodded.

"How much is this?" Iyla asked.

"This is rupees 1,26,000, ma'am." The salesman said and my eyes widened. Wait, what?

"Okay, we will -" I cut her off immediately.

"Iyla, no, I don't want that phone." I said. She looked at me weirdly.

" And why is that?" she asked me.

"It's expensive." I said.

"Just pack it." Ameya sighed and said. I was about to argue but Iyla dragged me out of the shop.

"My dear sister in law, listen here. You are going to buy whatever you want today without caring about the price. Even if you buy this whole mall, my brother will still be a bloody billionaire, you hear me? He won't be poor after you buy a phone worth a lakh. We all have expensive phones and there is nothing wrong with you buying one as well. "She said.

I nodded but I still feel bad buying such an expensive phone and the other reason I didn't want to buy expensive stuff is that I don't want Iyaan to think that I am taking advantage of his money, he already thinks that I am a gold digger without me even using his money. I don't know what he is going to think of me after this.

"Let's go in and pay." She said. We walked into the phone shop and saw Ameya sitting on one of the chairs with her phone in her hands.

"We are buying this." Iyla said to the salesman. He nodded and walked away with the phone.

"Let's select a phone case for you." Ameya said. The salesman directed us to the other side of the shop where 5he phone cases are available. After a lot of discussions, I ended up picking a peach glittery phone case. We walked towards the paying section and handed Iyla, Iyaan's black card. Thankfully, she knew his password. We walked out of the phone shop with a paper bag in my hand that has my first ever phone that cost a lakh.

We also bought me a sim card so that I can activate my phone as soon as we reach home.

"Let's go and get you some formal clothes to wear in the office." Iyla said. We walked into a story that only had formal wear. Iyla and Ameya selected tons of formal outfits like pencil skirts, formal shirts, formal jackets, etc. Finally, there were two shopping bags filled with formal clothes. I tried arguing that I didn't need these many clothes but they didn't pay any heed to me.

"Iyla, I don't need these many clothes. Please, don't waste money." I begged her.

"No, I am listening to you. Mom told me that you will be hesitant to spend money and that I shouldn't listen to your arguments. You are getting all these." She said walking towards the paying section and paying for everything. Iyaan is going to yell at me for using his money. How do I tell her that her brother won't like me using his money? We walked out of the shop looking like we just bought the whole store.

"Okay, where to next?" Ameya asked.

"Casual clothes." Iyla said. Oh my God! My legs are already paining. Iyla walked into another store that has all the casual and fancy clothes while I and Ameya followed her.

"Okay, let's start." Iyla said. Let's a few minutes later, two shopping bags were full.

"Iyla you already got 4 pairs of jeans for me. That's enough." I said as Iyla continued rummaging through the shelves that are in the jeans section.

"No, you need more." She said. I followed her like a lost puppy.

"Okay, I got you everything." Ameya said coming towards us with two saleswomen behind her with a shopping bag that is full of clothes. My eyes widened.

"I don't need this many clothes." I said pointing to the shopping bags.

"Yes, you do." Ameya said.

"Ameya, don't listen to her. Let's shop." Iyla said placing another pair of jeans in the shopping bag. Despite my arguments that I don't need footwear, Iyla and Ameya dragged me into a footwear shop and bought me shoes, sneakers, sandals and heels.

"I am hungry." Ameya said.

"Yeah, me too. Let's eat and continue." Iyla said. There is more?

We all walked towards the food section. It was crowded with people and children. We sat on one of the free tables and Ameya started looking through the menu.

"I want to eat a burger and fries. " Ameya said. Ameya passed the menu to me and I took a look at the menu and my eyes widened. Everything is so costly. I already spent a lot of money on clothes, shoes and other things, I don't want to waste more money.

"Amaira? You okay?" I was pulled out of the thoughts as Iyla shook me gently. I nodded and gave her a small smile.

"You zoned out. Is everything alright?" Ameya asked.

"Ye-ah, I am fi-ne." I said slightly stuttering. They both nodded and looked at me patiently waiting to hear what I am going to order.

"Umm, I-" I want to say that I don't want anything. Mainly for two reasons, one I am not that hungry, and two, it's expensive.

"You know what? I am ordering for you." Iyla said before I can argue, she walked towards the pizza shop.

"So, tell me about your life before marrying Iyaan?" Ameya asked. Life before marrying Iyaan was a nightmare. I have been beaten, sexually assaulted, starved, and so on but living with Iyaan is different. He could have slapped me, punched me, or kicked me but he didn't. He never did. Or even worse, he could have used me for his pleasure. I could never fight against me. I am just a malnourished girl who barely weighs 30. He could easily take advantage of me but he didn't.

Even though, Iyaan hurt verbally, I still feel safe around him. I don't know if I am insane but he makes me feel different. I like how he makes me feel.

"I lived with my aunt and uncle. " I said to Ameya. She looked at me with confusion.

"My parents died when I was 5." I said, answering the question in her mind.

"I am not going to say sorry because I am sure you have heard a lot of it. So, how about a comforting hug?" she asked smiling sadly at me. She stood up from her seat and so did I. She pulled me into a comforting hug which was much needed for me.

"You are strong." She whispered as she rubbed my back soothingly. We pulled away from the hug and sat down in our seats when Iyla walked to the table with a tray in her hand. She placed it on the table and sat in her seat.

"So, here is your burger with fries." Iyla said handing it over to Ameya.

"Thank you." Ameya exclaimed smiling widely.

"And I bought you the very famous, unique and delicious, chicken hot wings noodles." Iyla said placing the food in front of me. I have never had such foods. It smells nice and looks great.

"Okay, let's start." Ameya said munching on the fries. Iyla bought a fish named pink chicken sauce pasta. We started digging in and I honestly loved my food. Surprisingly, I ate more than my usual portion of food. The remaining was shared by Ameya and Iyla who were talking about what dessert they should get.

"Ice cream." Iyla said.

"Milkshake." Ameya said with narrowed eyes.

"Ice cream."


"Ice cream."


"Ice cream."


They kept on arguing like children and I looked at them with amusement.

"Umm, why don't you get both of them?" I asked clearing my throat. They looked at me and then looked at each other and smiled sheepishly.

"I forgot about that option." Iyla said.

"Okay, I want a chocolate cake then." Ameya said excitedly.

"I thought you wanted a milkshake." Iyla said. Ameya patted her baby bump and looked at Iyla.

"Not anymore. My baby wants chocolate cake now." She said. Iyla narrowed her eyes at Ameya.

"Stop blaming it on the baby." Iyla said rubbing her bump softly.

"I cry for random reasons, I can't sleep properly at night, I look like a whale, I can't tie my shoelace, I have swollen feet and my boobs are bigger than ever. This is all the fault of the baby in my stomach." She said in one breath.

"How about I go get us desserts? " Iyla said and rushed into some restaurant.

"That's what I thought. Everyone loves the baby more than me already. Harsha doesn't even love me anymore. Do you think I am fat?" Ameya asked me with wide tear-filled eyes. She is crying. Suddenly, I became anxious because I am not at all good at comforting a person.

"No, y-ou are n-ot fat. "I said slightly stuttering.

"Your lying. "She said sobbing loudly which caught the attention of a few people who looked at our table which made me awkwardly smile at them and look at Ameya who was trying to wipe away the tears.

"No, I am not. You are beautiful. "I said wrapping my hands around her softly.

"Really?"She looked at me with a teary smile. I nodded my head. She hugged me so tight that I was almost gasping for air.

" You are so sweet. Iyaan is so lucky to have you. "She said as she pulled away.

Iyaan is so lucky to have you.

I wish I could tell her how wrong it is. Iyaan is anything but lucky to have me. Suppose, this whole misunderstanding didn't take place and if Iyaan treated me differently, I know that once he gets to know what I have been through, he will surely be disgusted and sent me back to my uncle's house. Who would be okay with their wife being a victim of sexual assault?

He would never want a person like me as his wife. I am used.


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