At First Sight

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Chapter |26|

Amaira's pov

After having dessert, we resumed shopping.

"So, next we have to get her some accessories." Iyla said. I am tired of arguing with both of them so I followed them like a lost puppy. Suddenly, Ameya squealed loudly.

"Baby shop!" She exclaimed and walked into the baby shop. Iyla and I entered the baby shop that Ameya walked into. The shop was painted with baby pink and blue paint and it had tons of baby clothes hung up racks. Ameya started looking through some clothes, touching and inspecting its texture.

"Papa." I heard a faint sound coming from behind one of the racks. It was the voice of a little girl.

"Where is little princess hiding?" A man around 30 years of age playfully asked standing the front of the rack behind which the little girl was hiding between the clothes. Though her body is covered by the baby clothes, her legs were on display.

"I am going to catch you, princess." The man said. He suddenly caught her and picked up a little girl with pigtails from her hiding spot. She burst into a fit of giggles. I smiled sadly at the scene in front of me. It reminded me of my father and me playing hide and seek.

"Mara, where are you?" Papa called walking into the kitchen. I placed my hands on my mouth to silence the giggles that were escaping my mouth. I was hiding behind the curtain in the living room. The curtain was long and it covered me completely.

"I am going to tickle you if you don't come out." Papa said. I wanted to run into his arms so that he won't tickle me but mama said that papa is saying that to make me come out of my hiding spot and I shouldn't fall for it.

"Fine. You can continue hiding wherever you are. I am going to get some ice cream."Papa said. I gasped and came out of my hiding place and ran into papa and hugged his legs. He chuckled seeing me and I saw mama looking at us with a smile while sitting on the couch.

"Ice cream, papa."I said wrapping my tiny arms around his neck as he picked me up. He kissed my chubby cheek and smiled.

"Mara, papa just said that to bring you out from your hiding spot. I am not going to get you an ice cream." Papa said. My bottom lip quivered and my eyes filled with tears. Papa looked shocked at me before making me sit on his lap.

"Mara, don't cry. We will get ice cream, okay? I will buy you two tubs of ice cream. Please, don't cry." He said. I wiped my tears.

"Mama said it is bad to lie. Promise me you won't lie again." I said extending my tiny little pinkie finger to him. He smiled and locked his pinkie with mine. I smiled happily and walked towards mama and sat on the couch beside her.

"Mama, will my little brother or sister play hide and seek with papa and me?" I asked placing a kiss on mama's tummy.

"Yes, the baby will play with you." Mama said.

"I will take care of you, baby. I won't let you fall and get hurt, I promise." I said against mama's tummy.

Mama looked at me and smiled. She kissed my forehead and I laid my head on her chest. She started running her fingers through my hair which made me sleepy.

"I love you, Mara." I heard mom say. That is the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

"Amaira, you zoned out again. If you want to go home, we can." Iyla said gently shaking me.

"No, I am fine. I was just in thoughts." I said. Iyla smirked at me.

"Dreaming about Iyaan, huh?" She teased. I blushed before nodding no.

"Guys, how is this?" Ameya looked at us with a dress in her hand that had 'Mom is the best' written on it.

"Nice." Iyla said. I nodded and smiled. She happily walked with the dress to the paying counter. I tried to gulp down the huge lump in my throat because I don't want to cry in front of them.

"I want to use the restroom." I said.

"Okay, I will come with you." Iyla said and walked towards Ameya. She whispered something into her ear and Ameya nodded. Iyla walked back to me with a smile.

"Let's go." She said.

We both were about to enter the restroom when Iyla's phone started ringing.

"Okay, dad is calling. I am going to take it. I will be here, you go in." She said and I nodded. As I entered the washroom, tears fell from my eyes. I silently cried, thinking about my parents and my little sibling that was growing inside my mother. She was 6 months pregnant when she passed away. I wish it was me instead of them. I wish I was also in the same car as them. Dying was far better than living without my parents in this cruel world.

I walked towards the huge mirror in the restroom. I looked at the mirror and saw my tear-stained face. My eyes bloodshot and my nose slightly red from crying. I took a tissue from my handbag and started wiping away the tears. I heard the door to the restroom open and then shut. Thinking that it was Iyla, I wiped the tears quickly from my face but when I saw the face of the person, fear crept into my body.

"Well, if this isn't my worthless cousin who got married recently." Deliha said with a sinister smile. She walked towards me and stood right in my front. She looks taller than me partially because of the heel she is wearing. I cast my eyes down remembering the rule that I followed for the past 11 years of my life.

" Well, looks like your bruises are gone. Should I give you one?" She asked.

"Wait, why am I asking you? You like bruises, right? Isn't that why you cut?" She asked innocently.

"I asked you something."She said harshly holding my chin.

"Ple-ase." I whispered with tears in my eyes. The next thing I felt is a stinging pain in my right cheek. My right hand cupped my stinging cheek.

"Aww! Did it hurt?" She asked mockingly. I didn't dare to raise my eyes from the ground and look at her.

"How is your new life? Does your new family know about the ugly bruises that you hide under those clothes?" She asked.

"No." I whispered.

"Should I tell them how broken, worthless and disgusting person you are?" She asked me with smirk. No, she can't. They are going to hate me. Mom, dad. Iyla, Ameya, Harsha, everyone is going to be disgusted by me. They will hate me. Tears started running down my face.

"Should I tell them about what my brother did to you? Should I tell them, that you are touched and used by another man? They will hate you, won't they?" She asked with a fake sympathy on her face.

"N-o, no, ple-ase." I pleaded. After the first time, Devil touched me, I was so broken. All I needed was someone to comfort me. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to stop him from touching me. But I knew that my uncle and aunt would never believe if I say that their son sexually assaulted me. I tried to forget about his touches and kisses but I couldn't. Every time I hear a small movement in my room, I would suddenly wake up, thinking that it is Devik.

I was so scared.

An eighteen-year-old me was terrified. I didn't tell anyone for about a month but then I couldn't take it anymore. The foolish me thought that my cousin sister would understand and help me. I told Deliha everything but she did nothing. She told me to consider it as one of my chores that I daily do. She told me to pleasure her brother and consider it as one of my chores. I didn't know what to do. So, I let him do whatever he wanted. I laid for him to use me. I know should have fought harder or else I should have killed myself. I should have ended my life rather than letting him touch me.

"I won't tell them anything that happened in my house or here and neither will you because remember they will hate you and be disgusted by you." She said holding my hair painfully. I nodded and she let go of me.

"See you soon." She said and walked out of the restroom. I cleaned my face and applied the concealer to cover the red prints of her hand on my cheek. I also redid my hair before exiting the restroom. I saw Iyla still talking on the phone while Aneta sat in one of the waiting chairs outside the restroom with her phone in her hand.

"No dad, I am fine. Yes, dad. Dad please, stop worrying, I am okay. I am not a kid anymore, dad. I get it. Fine, I will be home by then."I heard her say over the phone.

"Hey." Ameya said with a smile as she saw me. I smiled and sat on the chair that was beside her.

"Are you excited to see the baby?" I asked Ameya.

"Can't wait to get the baby out of my stomach." She said patting her baby bump.

"I mean, being pregnant is nice. You will have everyone wrapped around your little finger." Ameya said with a wink and I laughed.

"Okay, what are you guys talking about?" Iyla said placing her phone in her bag.

"We were just talking about the baby. Anyways, why did uncle call?" Ameya asked.

"Dad called to check if we all are safe and not kidnapped. He said that we should return home before 6 pm. It's already 4:30, we still have a lot to buy." Iyla said with a groan.

"Then let's quickly shop the other things. Let's go." Ameya said already walking away from us. I and Iyla followed her.

"Okay, do we are going to get accessories which is on the 1st floor. Let's go." Ameya said stopping in front of an elevator.

"I will take the stairs." I said softly. Both Iyla and Ameya looked at me with confusion.

"Why?" Iyla asked.

"I am claustrophobic." I said.

"Oh! okay. I will take the stairs with you. Ameya you can use the elevator." Iyla said. Ameya nodded. I and Iyla walked towards the stairs.

"So, when did you develop claustrophobia?" Iyla asked.

"When I accidentally got locked in the storage room when I was 11." I said. It is a lie. It was not an accident. It is one of my many fears. The fear of being trapped in a small and dark place.

We reached the 1st floor and saw Ameya standing near a store. We spent about 30 minutes buying accessories. Finally, our shopping was done. I felt like a gold digger as I looked at the number of shopping bags in our hands. Iyaan is going to be mad at me for using his money. He is going to hurt me.

"The last moments of our girl's day. I am feeling emotional." Ameya said as we exited the mall.

"You are always emotional." Iyla said jokingly.

"No, I am not. I was perfectly fine before I got pregnant. It's all Harsha's fault." Ameya said angrily.

"How is this Harsha's fault?" Iyla asked confused.

"I am like this because he couldn't keep it in his pants." Ameya said. Iyla and I coughed awkwardly.

"But I love him so much." She exclaimed. I never knew a person's emotions can change so fast. One minute she is angry and the next second she is happy.

"I knew you would say that at the end." Iyla said.

"I love him so much, even though, he is an idiot." Ameya said with a smile.

"How about we end our girl's day by having ice creams ?" Iyla asked.

And that's how our girl's day came to an end.

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