At First Sight

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Chapter |27|

Iyaan's pov


All I could think of was her. It's like she has invaded my mind. No matter how many times I tried to concentrate on the cricket match that I am watching with Harsha and dad. I couldn't stop thinking about her brown eyes, her button nose, and her beautiful face. I tried convincing myself that she is a gold digger and she is only after my money but my mind is not ready to accept it.

I was furious when I woke up with whipped cream on my face and I was ready to fucking kill whoever played the prank on me. But when I saw the petite figure of Amaira who was standing with a confused expression on her face instead of running like Iyla did, all my anger faded away.

A slight pout that formed on her face as she confusedly looked at the direction Iyla ran into. The way her brown eyes widened as the realization dawned on her. The way her brown eyes looked at me when I pinned her into the bed. Her eyes held innocence. I almost fell into her trap but then I remembered that she is a deceiving woman.

I so badly wanted a taste of her rosy lips but I resisted. I don't want to have any type of attraction towards her because after a year, this marriage comes to an end.

"Are you even watching the match?" Harsha asked waving his hand in front of my face.

"Yeah, I am." I said pushing away his still waving hand.

"That's a lie." Dad said without taking his eyes off the TV. Harsha smirked and looked at me.

"Are you thinking about your wife?" Harsha asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"What? No." I said with a straight face.

"Don't be embarrassed." Harsha said.

"Yeah, don't be. Learn from your father, I think of your mom 24/7 and I am proud of it." Dad said loudly, probably for mom to hear.

"Stop shouting, I can hear you just fine."Mom said entering the living room. Dad smiled at her innocently.

" Hi, sweetheart. "He said extra sweetly. Mom glared at him which caused his smile to vanish.

" Trouble in paradise? "Harsha asked. Mom's glare was now directed to Harsha who quickly shut his mouth and smiled nervously.

" I could have helped. "Harsha mumbled from beside me. A laugh escaped from dad before he could control it.

"You, helping us. How hilarious! Harsha, you fight with Ameya every 10 minutes for silly reasons and here you are saying that you are going to help us. I and Roopa don't fight for silly reasons, boy." Dad said.

"What is the reason behind your fight, mom?" I asked. Mom looked at dad with anger then turned to me.

"He put the wet towel on my side of the bed again." Mom said stressing on the words 'my' and 'again'. Mom said sending a killer glare to dad. He glared back.

"This is getting serious." Harsha whispered. I looked at him with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Women don't like seeing a wet towel on the bed. It kinda irritates them. Keep it in mind, it will be useful someday." Harsha said. Interesting.

"I slept on the couch for a whole week just because I did this." Harsha whispered. Damn! This is a serious issue.

"It was the first time." Dad said.

"No, it was not. You did this many times before." Mom said.

"I did not." Dad said back.

"You did and stop arguing with me." Mom said angrily crossing her hands across her chest.

"Fine." Dad shouted and walked out of the room. Mom sat on the couch and looked at me.

"I overreacted, didn't I?" She asked sadly. That's mom, even though they fight and dad do things that infuriate her, she loves him so much. I knew that she would regret this after a while.

Dad entered the living room with a sad expression and looked at mom. You can see the regret on both of their faces. Dad walked towards mom and sat beside her. She looked at him with sadness on her face. They both can never stay angry at each other.

"I am sorry." Mom whispered. Dad shook his head.

"No, I am sorry. It was my fault. I knew you don't like me throwing wet towels on the bed." He said. Mom smiled and dad pulled her to his chest.

"But don't put a wet towel on the bed again." Mom said seriously. Dad chuckled.

"I won't." He said kissing her forehead. Mom smiled at him.

"I love you." Mom said.

"I know." Dad said. Mom frowned.

"Hey, say it back." Mom said. Dad laughed and whispered a 'love you too'.

Suddenly, the front door opened and the girl's entered the house. Dad looked at the watch and I saw Iyla smirking.

"It's only 5:56, dad. 4 more minutes to 6." Iyla said as she plopped on the couch. Amaira sat beside Iyla and Ameya sat beside Harsha. The next thing I noticed is the number of shopping bags in their hands. No wonder why they were gone for hours.

"So, how did the shopping?" Mom asked.

"It was so fun, minus the part that I had to force Amaira to buy things because she doesn't want to spend money." Iyla said. Everyone looked at Amaira and her cheeks turned red as she smiled awkwardly.

"Oh! We bought a new phone for Amaira." Iyla exclaimed showing the new phone to us.

"I have something to show you." Ameya exclaimed standing from the couch and taking something from one of the shopping bags. She held up a white baby dress that says, 'mom is the best.'

"What?" Harsha shouted with wide eyes. From my peripheral view, I saw Amaira flinch. What's with her and flinching?

"You can't buy dresses like that." Harsha said. Ameya gave him a smug smile.

"I will and I did. What did you think that only you could buy dresses that have 'dad is great', 'dad is handsome', 'dad is strong' writings on it? I can too." Ameya said.

"What the hell? How did you see them? I hid those dresses." Harsha said.

"You hid them in my closet, Harsha." Ameya said, shaking her head. We all burst out laughing and Harsha's face turned red due to embarrassment.

Ameya sat next to Harsha who still looked embarrassed. She placed her legs in his lap and he gave her a confused look.

" My feet are swollen. " She said.

"And?" Harsha asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

"Can you give me a foot rub?" She asked innocently batting her eyelashes.

"I thought my foot rubs were bad." Harsha said gently pushing her legs off his lap.

"I didn't mean it." She said with tears in her eyes. Harsha looked at her with wide eyes. She started sobbing.

"It's okay, please stop crying. Please, please, stop crying." Harsha begged her. He pulled her to his chest and started rubbing her back to calm her down.

"I will give a hundred-foot rub, please stop crying. " Harsha said and Ameya sniffled.

"Okay." She said before wiping her tears and moved away from him, only to place her legs on his lap. Harsha started giving her a foot rub as Iyla told us about their girls' day.

Well, so far, it looks like they had a great day.


How did this chapter go? Did you like it? I just wanted to let you guys know the little feelings that Iyaan is developing. So, Amaira has invaded his thoughts now. What do you think?

What do you think is going to happen next?

The next one will be Amaira's pov.

Aren't Roopa and Adi so cute?

I bet you are going to hate Iyaan forever in the next chapter. Guys, he is going to do something really bad.

Let me know what you think of this chapter.


See you soon.

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