At First Sight

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Chapter |2|

Amaira's pov

The only sound that could be heard is the sound of my heart beating. I was laying on the floor in my room. I think one of my ribs broke today because I feel pain when I am breathing. It's not new for me. I am used to it. I mean, you get used it if you go through it since the age of 10.

At the age of 10, I became a maid for my aunt, a punching bag for my uncle and a toy for my cousin brother and cousin sister. I hate my life. I wanted to end it but I couldn't. I just can't. I tried to run away but then they somehow caught me and I was 'punished' for running away.

I am practically locked up in this house. I am not allowed to go outside, although, I am completely used to it as it's been about 6 years since I literally had a proper talk with people other than my uncle, aunt and my cousins. I was once a very bright student but I was thrown into darkness and I, a 10 year old girl, couldn't find the way out of the darkness. I was thankful that they alteast made me complete my high school and college. I completed my college course through online because I definitely didn't have a great experience in high school and was afraid about the same things I have to go through in my college.

Highschool is the main reason for my social anxiety and insecurities. They may not sound so complicated but they actually are when you get to hear people insult you about your body and stuff. Eventually, you accept that and considered yourself useless and ugly. The biggest example is me.

"I want you to clean my room tomorrow, got it? " My cousin sister, deliha said opening my room's door and looking at me with disgust. Deliha is the apple of her parent's eyes. She is the most stupidest person you will ever meet. She just likes using her parent's money and buying sophisticated clothes and jewelry. She even failed in high school but my uncle bribed the school authority by offering them a large amount of money as contribution. She dropped out of the college after two weeks of joining. Right now, all she does is eat and go to parties and clubs and come home drunk with random boys.

"Yes ma'am."I said quietly. There are rules that I have to obey everyday if I want to sleep at night without any bones broken that is unless my uncle is angry or he is bored out his mind. The rules are pretty simple. I wrote them in a paper, so that I follow them without fail.

Rule 1- Never look in the eyes of my uncle and aunt.

Rule 2- Never raise my voice on any of them.

Rule 3- Don't talk back.

Rule 4- Address them as sir or madam.

Rule 5- Whatever happens in the house should stay in the house.

Rule 6- Never talk to anyone if taken out.

Rule 7- Never try to escape.

I never broke any of these rules, except the last one.

I walked towards the bathroom and striped. My whole body was covered in bruises. Different bruises, I received on different days. Some are yellow and purple in colour while a few of them are red which I received a few hours ago. It hurts like hell but I am used to it. I have other important things to do like cleaning rooms, cooking food, doing laundry etc.

After taking a cold shower because I don't have a water heater installed in my bathroom. I don't even have a bed. I sleep on the mattress which is spread on the floor. It is the smallest room in the mansion. I wore my long sleeve blue t-shirt and a white pant and made sure that all my bruises are hidden. I braided my hair and walked out of my room. I walked into the kitchen. I prepared lunch and was washing the dishes when everyone came down. They all sat in the dining table as I served them. I am not allowed to eat with them unless we have a guest.

"We are invited to the Charity Ball. Everyone should be ready by 7pm. You too, Amaira. " My uncle, Aravind said. I nodded, my eyes casted on the floor. I hate being surrounded by people. My mind completely becomes blank and I sweat and my breathing beats fast when I am around people. I had a panic at once at my school and that is when the doctors said that I have Social anxiety disorder (SAD). I was not born with it. It happened gradually due to the abuse that I receive daily.

"Deliha dear, give one of your old dress to her." My aunt, Priyanka said giving me a look of digust.

"Yes mother." Deliha said looking at me.

Later that day, Deliha gave me one of her old dress which is a dark blue dress that reached till my ankles. It was not showing much skin so I was okay with it. She did my makeup and hid my bruises and tied my shoulder length hair into a bun. I had a diamond pendant around my neck that was given to me by my mother on my 5th birthday. It always gives me feeling that my mom's with me and hence I have never taken it off. Exactly by 7pm everyone was ready. Uncle was dressed in a suit and aunt in her extremely expensive dress as usual and then Deliha wore a v-neck dress with a slit from her thighs showing her long legs.

"You look hot." Someone whispered against my ear kissing my earlobe. I turned to see Devik, my cousin brother. I hate him. I hate him so much. Maybe I am weak and useless as they say. Maybe I deserve all this.

"Thank you, sir." I said. My eyes fixed on the floor. My hands itching to run to the bathroom and clean my earlobe with soap.

"Let's go." Uncle said. After an hour of travelling, the car stopped in front of a extravagant building. The entrance of the building was crowded with media and reporters. My heart started beating fast and my palms became sweaty.

Step 1 to panic attack.

I really don't want to have a panic attack again in public. The last time I had a panic attack in public was about 6 years ago and I was punished for it as my uncle, aunt and cousins couldn't enjoy the function because of me. Also, it's been 6 years since I last went to a function or left the house. As usual the entire area was covered with the media. My fingers were slightly trembling.

Step 2 to panic attack.

No, no I can't have panic attack. I tried to breath in. Breath out. Cameras were flashing and ton of questions were thrown at my uncle. I couldn't think of anything as soon as Devik's hand made contact with the small of my back. I stilled. I was relieved when his hands moved from my body. The inside of the hotel was not any better. It was crowded and filled with rich people wearing sophisticated clothes and extremely expensive perfumes that make you dizzy.

Devik as usual was talking to rich business along with his father. Priyanka,my aunt was talking to some woman with heavy makeup. Probably, gossiping. Deliha will be in the arms of some rich and handsome man. Me,well, I am standing in a corner praying hard that no one will talk to me but unfortunately luck is not on my side.

"Amaira dear, is that you?" A very familiar voice asked. I turned around to see my mother's best friend and a woman who I consider as my second mother. The last time I saw her was when I was 15.

"Roopitha aunty." I whispered. My eyes filled with tears as I saw one of the few people I love. She hugged me tightly and I bit my bottom lip to avoid a wince from leaving my mouth.

"How are you? It's been what 5 - 6 years since I last saw you?" She asked and pulled away, wiping her tears.

"6 years and I missed you so much." I said. She smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I felt a ray of hope in my mind for some unknow reason. A hope that something is going to change and I am going to escape the nightmare I am living.

Hey guys,

This is Amaira's life. I feel sad for Amaira. I just want to give her a hug. The story actually starts from here. Don't forget to like and comment.


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