At First Sight

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Chapter |30|

Iyaan's pov

Today is Monday. Amaira is going to join the office today. I have the anger to fucking kill her and bury her somewhere. I knew that she was a gold digger. I give her my card and look at how much she spent. The money she spent is nothing to me but still, she almost spent around 2 lakhs. Not to forget, she bought the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, which alone costs around a lakh.

I wore my suit and styled my hair. I exited my room after wearing my Rolex watch and knocked on Amaira's room. I swear every time I see her my heart fucking skips a beat. She was wearing a pencil shirt and a white formal shirt which was neatly tucked in. Her hair was neatly tied and she had minimal makeup on her face. It's probably the one thing that I like about her, she is not a makeup kind of girl. She was not caked with makeup like most girls these days.

She is a deceiving bitch.

"Take your wedding ring and wedding chain off." I said looking at her face.

"W-hy?" She asked me, her brown eyes held confusion in them.

"Because you think I want everyone to know that you are my wife? Well, sorry to break it to you, I don't anyone to know about this marriage. So, you better take off the chain and ring before I do it myself." I said. Tears filled her eyes as I said this. I felt a tug in my heart as I realized that I was the reason behind her tears.

"I-" She opened her mouth to say something but couldn't bring herself to do so.

"I don't have time to waste for you. Just do it already and I will be on my way." I said bring annoyed with her behavior. The moment the tears fell from her eyes, I wanted to wipe them away and hug her but I didn't.

"If you want to do it the hard way, then fine." I said and harshly pulled her out of the room. She started struggling against my hold but I just held her wrist hand tighter. I slammed her back against the wall and she cried out in pain. Of course, what a great actress. I didn't slam her into the wall painfully. Damn her and her crocodile tears!

She stopped struggling after a while and it made things easy for me. I removed the wedding ring from her ring finger and my hand moved to remove her wedding chain. As I started removing it, Amaira placed her shaking hands on mine. I looked at her with a hardened expression because how fucking dare she touch me with those disgusting hands of her. I don't want her gold-digging hands to touch me. God knows what all things she has done for money.

"Please, I will hi-de them. Nobody will see the wed-ding chain, I promise. I won't tell an-yone. Don't remove it, I beg you." She said between her sobs. Her eyes pleading me not to do this. Somewhere in my mind, there was a voice that keeps telling me that she is not who I think she is.

Honestly, I have a feeling that there was a lot that I didn't know about this petite woman in front of me. But sadly, I didn't give any second thought to that voice in my head, I just looked at her and all I could think was she married me for money. I took my hand away from the wedding chain and backed away.

"If anyone sees them, you better kill yourself before I kill you." I warned. She nodded and wiped away her tears. I was about to walk away when an idea popped into my head. I mean, I did promise her that I will make her life a living hell, didn't I? And I Iyaan Malhotra take promises very seriously.

"And yes, the bus stop is about 20 minutes walk from here. I want you at in office at sharp 8:30 am. You don't want to be late on your first day, do you, Ms. Madan?" I asked with smirking at her and walking out of the house. I decided to take my black Benz today. I love driving and it's mostly me driving myself to the office. I don't call my driver unless it's important. Driving and drawing are the two things that help to take my mind of something.

I saw Amaira running out of the house as I drove past her. When I looked at her through the side mirror, I saw the sadness on her face. I wanted to turn the car and take her along with me to the office but then I thought of the manipulative behavior that she is hiding behind her innocent face and sped my car and drove to my office.

I was surprised that Amaira was only 4 minutes late. I thought she would at least be 15 minutes late. Must have taken a lot of energy. I mean, who cares, she deserves it. I have also placed about 40 files on her table to sort out and of course, she has to submit it all by today evening. I am sure she not even going to finish the first 10 files.

I started doing some paperwork because I didn't have any meetings today. I also notified Shweta to inform Amaira about a few work-related things. Shweta Anish was my PA for the last 1 month. She filled in for the position after I fired my last PA. Shweta was also professional and did all the works on time which I appreciated.

The only time I left my office is for lunch. I took the elevator and reached the cafeteria that became silent as I entered. I could feel many eyes on me, the majority being women. I mentally rolled my eyes and ordered a sandwich for myself. I know that Amaira prepared food for me every day but I don't trust her. She could easily add some poison to my food and kill me. Once I am dead, of course, all my property will go to her legally.

Growing up, I have always wanted to create a name for myself before taking over the family business. So, when I was 19 and studying in college, I and Charan along with our other friend Veer, decided to start a gaming company. Of course, I still had to take some financial support from dad but I returned the money that I borrowed from him.

Our gaming company hit the heights within 2 years. Veer is now managing the US branch of our gaming company while Charan and I manage the Indian branch. Even as a child, I was not fed with a silver spoon. Yes, I was born into a rich family and we had all luxuries but dad and mom made sure that both I and Iyla knew the value of money, and being rich don't mean that you can control people and do reckless things.

One thing mom made sure as we grew up was that we didn't turn into some spoiled brats. Dad tried to spoil us to an extent but mom didn't let that happen. Dad was very easy to convince. A puppy dog eyes were all it took for me and Iyla to get whatever we wanted but mom never fell for our puppy dog eyes. Mom always used to say that earning something rather than getting it as a gift, is an ultimate bliss and I can proudly say that I have felt that bliss when the gaming company that I built with my friends became one of the most famous gaming companies around the world.

Dad and mom were so proud of me and dad was ready to hand his company over to me at the age of 21 when I was still studying for my master's degrees. I then knew what mom meant by that quote. I could see the proud look on his face as looked at me and I knew I had earned it. So, I am sure as hell not ready to give all of this to a gold-digging woman.

I was about to leave the cafeteria when my phone started ringing and soon something fell on the floor causing me to look up from my phone and my eyes met the familiar brown ones. I and Amaira stared at each other until she broke the eye contact and continued eating her food. I attended the call and held the phone onto my ear.

"Hello, Iyaan Malhotra speaking." I spoke formally as it was an unknown number.

"Hello, Iyaan, this is Aravind Madan, Amaira's uncle." The person on the other side said. Great, what does he want now?

"Okay." I said rather awkwardly.

"Will you be able to join us for the dinner tomorrow night. It's been a long time since we last saw Amaira. We are all missing her." He said politely. Damn! I thought he is going to be an arrogant person but he proved me wrong with his polite words. How is Amaira even related to them?

"Yeah, sure. We will be there. "I said back politely.

"Great! See you tomorrow. " He said.

"Yeah." I said and ended the call. I walked to my office and sat on my chair. I was about to work on the remaining paperwork when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller's name and sighed.

"Hello." I said as I picked up the call.

"Dude, I got her. I finally got her." Charan screamed into the phone. I moved the phone away from my ear to protect my eardrums were getting damaged. You could hear the happiness and excitement in his voice. Who made him this happy?

"Who?" I asked confusedly.

"My baby. She is so beautiful and tiny. You got to see her and don't forget to bring Mai. I am a dad." Charan said sniffling at the end. I stood up from my chair so fast that it fell down and thankfully my office is soundproof and nobody heard anything.

"You are a what?" I almost whispered because I just got the biggest shock of my life.

"I am a dad to a beautiful little fellow." He said dramatically sobbing at the end.

"I never knew you had a girlfriend. How could you hide her from us?" I asked.

"I don't have a girlfriend." He said.

"Then how did you have a baby?" I asked.

"Why do I need a girlfriend to be the dad of the puppy that I bought?" He asked. This idiot, I will fucking push him off the cliff.

"You imbecile, I thought you had a human baby." I said angrily.

"Eww! gross, Tara. Oh! Sorry, she just pooped. Anyways, do you think I am mature enough to handle a human baby?" He asked.

"No. I don't even think that you are mature enough to handle a puppy?" I said as a matter of fact.

"Hey, I am mature enough to -" Before he could complete I cut him off.

"Hold on, you named your dog after your ex?" I asked. I do remember him having a girlfriend named Tara. Who names his dog after their ex?

"Yes, I did. You know she was my first girlfriend and I loved her." He said.

"You were with her for what a week? Charan, you broke up with her for the most silliest reason I have ever heard and you say you love her. You just knew her for a week and you can't fall in love with her in just that short span of time. You didn't even know her last name, Charan. "I said.

"I was with her for a week and a half and it was love at first sight, dude. For your information, I broke up with her because she didn't like cookies and dough ice cream, I mean, who doesn't like cookie dough? Lastly, why do I need to know her last name? Her first name is all I care about. "He said. He broke up with a girl because she doesn't like a stupid ice cream flavor.

" You know what? You will die alone if you keep breaking up with girls for such silly reasons. "I said.

"I will meet my soul mate soon. She will be just as amazing as me." He said. The thought of handling another version of Charan sent a shiver through my body. That's a nightmare.

"So, you coming to meet my baby?" He asked.

"Yeah, sure, we will come and visit you soon." I said.

"Okay, cool, see you soon then." He said.

"Take good care of that puppy, Charan. Please, don't disown it if it doesn't like cookie dough." I said.

"Shut up! Gotta go. Tara is peeing on my couch." He said. I ended the call and resumed my work. When it was about 6 pm, Amaira entered my office and placed all the 40 files that I kept on her table this morning.

"I have sorted all of them, sir." She said. That's impressive.

"Good. You can leave now." I said. She walked out of my office. I was in the office till 8:30 pm and then returned home. Once I reached home, I informed Amaira about the dinner at her uncle's house. I was surprised to see that she didn't have any happiness or reaction after hearing that she is visiting her family. Of course, she wouldn't have any reaction because she loved her new life. She gets to spend all my money and buy expensive stuff.

What a bitch!

How did this chapter go? Charan made a little appearance on this one. What do you think of their little conversation? He got a little puppy, guys. Aww, aren't dogs cute?

Also, anyone who doesn't like cookie dough?

Did you like this chapter? When I was halfway through writing this chapter, I realised that it was so boring, so I decided to bring Charan in and look how the chapter became fun all of a sudden. That is the magic of my Chuchu.

Next, the chapter will be in Amaira's pov.

Also, I am extremely sorry for the late update. I have my exams going on, so I completely forgot that I have to update. Sorry for the delay.

Love you, lovely readers.


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