At First Sight

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Chapter |32|

Amaira's pov

I woke up after an hour of peaceful sleep. I rubbed my eyes then walked to my bathroom. After taking a warm bath, I exited the bathroom to get ready. I wore a green dress and tied my hair into a half-bun. My makeup took some time as I had to cover up my wrists because the dress didn't have full sleeves. By 8 pm, I was ready. I wore my nude sandals and opened the bedroom door and walked to the living room.

Iyaan hasn't reached yet, so, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. I was preparing coffee when I heard the front door open and shut. I took my coffee and walked into the living room to see Iyaan sitting on the couch in his work attire, looking completely exhausted. He looked at me then my dress and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Where are you going?" He asked. Did he really forget about the dinner?

"We were invited to have dinner with my uncle and his family." I said.

"Oh shit!" He cursed and stood up from the couch and started walking towards his room. I sighed and sat on the couch drinking my coffee.

Why would my uncle invite us for dinner? This thought has been running through my mind the whole day. Everybody in that house hates me then why?

"Let's go." Iyaan said coming to the living room, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt that gave him an elegant look. We both walked out of the house and the driver was already waiting outside with the white Range Rover. Iyaan and I got in the backseat as the driver drove to my uncle's house, to see the people that I forever want to hide from.

Iyaan was busy scrolling through his phone looking unbothered. I was on the verge of having a panic attack and he is looking as cool as a cucumber. My hands started sweating and my breathing increased.

It's going to be okay. They won't hurt you while Iyaan is with you. They won't touch you. Breath in. Breath out. I mumbled to myself. The car came to halt in front of the familiar house that reminded me of nothing but pain. Iyaan got out of the car and so did I. My hands started shaking slightly and my breathing increased.

No, no, I can't have a panic attack now. I started taking deep breaths and tried to control my breathing which luckily worked. Iyaan looked at me and held his hand out. I placed my hand on his because we are supposed to be acting as we are in love. But for some reason holding his hands made me feel safe and protected. Iyaan pressed the doorbell and the door was opened by my uncle. He had a smile on his face and behind him stood his wife with a fake excited expression.

"Come in." He said. Iyaan nodded at him and entered the house with me following him. We walked to the living room and Priyanka aunty hugged me causing Iyaan to let go of my hand.

"Amaira dear, we miss you so much." She said sniffling at the end.

"Priyanka, it's okay. She is here now." Uncle said pulling her away from me and comforting her.

"I miss you a lot, sis." Deliha said hugging me tightly. Her tight hold causes excruciating pain in my ribs which caused me to bite my lips to prevent myself from screaming.

"Okay Deliha, we know you missed but let the poor girl breath, honey." Priyanka aunty said.

"Where is Devik?" Uncle asked causing me to freeze.

"I am here, dad." I heard the voice of the person who made me so disgusting and weak. He made me fear touch. He made me fear sleep. I remember the times when used to be wise awake at night to protect myself in case he comes to my room. He came to my room somedays and I did try to protect myself from him but I never succeeded. Maybe, I should have fought harder. Maybe I should have screamed louder.

Maybe I should have killed myself instead of letting him touch me.

"Hey, I missed you, Amaira." Devik said hugging me causing me to flinch. I wanted to push him away but I couldn't myself. It was like my body just paralyzed by fear.

"Oh! How missed touching you. I miss your milky skin and your soft lips." Devik whispered into my ear. Tears filled my eyes but I rapidly blinked my eyes to avoid them from falling. He pulled away smiling at me.

"Let's have dinner, come on." Priyanka aunty said. We all walked to the dining room and sat down. As soon as we sat down, the maids started placing plates, dishes and spoons on the table. The table was soon covered with different types of food and we all started eating. Iyaan and uncle were talking about some business stuff and Devik occasionally joined the conversation. Deliha was complaining about something to Priyanka aunty while eating her salad.

"So, Amaira how are you? Did you get adjusted with the new house, people and all?" Priyanka aunty asked. This grabbed everyone's attention and all of them looked at me.

"I am fi-ne.." I said softly without making eye contact with them.

"Dear, what have I told you about stuttering? You should also speak louder. " Priyanka aunty said giving me a pointed look.

"Priyanka, you know she is a shy girl, right? Which is the reason why she stutters all the time." My uncle said. I don't stutter because I am shy. I only stutter when I am scared or feeling nervous. I can talk to people that make me feel comfortable without stuttering. Thankfully, the subject of the conversation changed. Once dinner was over, we all settled in the living room.

"Come on, Amaira. Let's go to my room and talk. We have a lot to catch up on. Also, I don't want to be a part of the boring business talk." Deliha said looking at me with a smile, expectedly looking at me to walk to her room. I for a fact know that behind her smile is a glare that is threatening me to follow her. I stood up from the couch and walked towards her room.

She closed the door as soon as I entered her room. She turned to me and smirked.

"I see you are enjoying your new life. So I think it is time to remind you who you really are?" She said and grabbed my hair, painfully pulling it. I screamed slightly in pain.

"Don't scream, you don't want your dear husband to hear your cries of pain, do you? I mean, if he hears it then he will know that you are a disgusting, useless, and weak person, won't he? He will realize that you are such whore who let my brother and his best friend touch her, you don't want that do you?" Deliha asked. Tears fell from my eyes at the thought of Iyaan knowing everything. If Iyaan knows then obviously mom and dad will know and then they all will hate me so much. Maybe they will even beat me.

"No, no, ple-ase, don't. "I cried.

"Okay, okay, he won't know if you keep quiet. Now, now, tell me who are you? "She asked. I looked at her confusedly.

"Say it, say that your a worthless, useless, disgusting person. "She said.

"I a-m worth-less, use-less, disgusting per-son. "I repeated as tears rolled down from my eyes.

"That's right, cousin. "She said smiling at me. Before she could continue her torture, someone knocked on the door. Deliha let go of my hair and walked towards the door. She opened it and Priyanka aunty entered the room.

"What did you do to her? "Aunty asked giving me a cold look.

"Oh nothing, I was just reminding her a few things. "Deliha said.

"Are behaving properly with your husband? Did you ever disobey him?" Priyanka aunty asked.

"Yes, I am beha-ving pro-perly. I di-dn't dis-obey him, ma'am." I said.

"Good. This deal is so important for the company, you better don't mess this up. Make him fall in love with you so you can easily take hold of his money. You have a lot to pay us because we fee you all these years. Show your gratitude, Amaira, am I clear?" Priyanka aunty said. Make him love me and betray him? I won't do that, I can't.

" I ca-n't betr-ay him. "I whispered. They both looked at me in anger. Priyanka aunty's hand came in contact with my face. She grabbed a handful of my hair and made me look straight into her eyes that were filled with anger and hatred.

" You got married to him for the company. You will do everything needed to protect the company as well. I don't care if you make him fall in love or sleep with him but the company should be safe." She said letting go of my hair.

"Why did they choose you as the wife for their son? Deliha would have taken hold of his whole money by this point. You are useless!" She exclamied. Who chose me? Who are they? Why would they choose me?

"Yeah, why did they choose her? I am far better and beautiful than her. Iyaan is so hand-" Deliha was cut off by a knock interrupted on the door and I quickly wiped away my tears. I only feel a slight stinging pain in my cheek and it wasn't that bad or swollen.

"Iyaan is ready to leave." Uncle said. Priyanka aunty and Deliha nodded before walking out of the room. I looked at my uncle but quickly averted my gaze when I saw the cold look in his eyes. I walked down and saw Iyaan and Devik shaking their hands. Deliha ran down the stairs and jumped into Iyaan who stumbled back a bit before regaining his posture and awkwardly wrapping his hands around Deliha.

A foreign feeling settled in my heart as I saw Deliha rubbing Iyaan's back while biting her bottom lip. Iyaan quickly pulled away and gave her a forced smile. After bidding goodbyes to my uncle and his family. Iyaan and I entered the car and I let out a breath.

We soon got home and Iyaan walked towards his room and I walked to mine. I changed my clothes and laid on my bed in my pajamas thinking about all that happened today. I had a lot of questions like who chose me? Why would they choose a broken girl like me? But I was sure of one thing.

I won't betray Iyaan.

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The next chapter will be in Iyaan's pov. The next chapter will be fun and amazing.

Also, I want to make it clear that Amaira was not raped. Devik only touched her inappropriately and the reason why he didn't rape her will be revealed later on. So, she was only touched inappropriately and not raped. I hope this clears the confusion about whether she was raped or not.

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