At First Sight

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Chapter |33|

Iyaan's pov

It was the weekend already. I had a tight schedule in the office for the last two days. The dark circles under my eyes proved that. So, I woke around noon on Saturday. I brushed my teeth, took a bath, and wore sweatpants and a tee. I left my room and walked to the kitchen. I then made coffee and placed the bread on the toaster. A minute later I was munching my toast and drinking the coffee while watching the TV.

How peaceful!

Ring! Ring!

Said too early I guess. I took my phone and looked at the caller's name. Please don't tell me he disowned his dog already. I took the call and waited for him to say something.

"Hello, Yannie poo." Charan greeted me. I choked on the coffee hearing the nickname.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Of course, I am not. What the hell did he just call me?

"What the hell, Charan? Where did you even get that name from?" I asked.

"It suits you, doesn't it? I knew you would love the nickname." He said happily. Love the nickname?

"Just do one thing for me, will you?" I asked.

"What is it, Yannie poo?" He asked. There it is again.

"Just don't call me that, okay? Please Charan." I said almost pleading.

"Why not? Just admit that you like the nickname. Anyways, I called to personally invite you and Mai to a party that is being held in my home tonight. " He asked excitedly.

"Party? For what?" I asked confusedly.

"It's been a week since I adopted Tara and it's our one-week completion party." He said. Something is seriously wrong with this guy.

"Fine. I will be there." I said.

"Okay. See you soon. Tara is waiting for her uncle Iyaan." He said. Great! I am an uncle to a dog now. How amazing!

After finishing my breakfast, I decided to inform Amaira about the party. I haven't seen her much in the house since we visited her uncle's house about 3 days ago. The only time I see her is in the office. Her uncle's family is nice. They were very welcoming and polite.

I walked towards her room and knocked on the door. Amaira opened the door and honestly, she looked so adorable. She was wearing a black sweatshirt that had a yellow duck printed on its center paired with white pants. Her long hair was tied into a neat bun and she wore grey fluffy slippers.

"We are going to Charan's house today. Be ready by 5 pm." I said and walked to my room. I closed my bedroom door and sighed. I spent the next few hours, scrolling through my phone. I skipped lunch because I was not hungry. By 4 pm, I started getting ready. I wore grey pants and a black t-shirt. I styled my hair and wore my white sneakers. After making sure that I have my phone and wallet, I exited my room. As I walked downstairs, I saw amaira was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Let's go." I said. She jumped slightly before nodding and following me. I decided to take the matte black Audi R8. I entered the driver seat and Amaira sat beside me on the passenger seat. I buckled up before starting my car. The engine roared to life which caused an adrenaline rush in my body. The drive to Charan's house was silent.

About 25 minutes later, I was parking my car in front of his house. Charan may have a happy smile on his face all the time but I know how sad and lonely he feels inside. He never says that loud but I can see it on his face sometimes. Charan never received the love of his parents. He grew up alone with nannies taking care of him. His parents were too busy to even spent time with him and they still don't even care about him.

Different people have different ways to forget their pain and Charan forgets his pain by making jokes and that makes him happy. When he feels so lonely, he will call me and Lucky to spent time with him. Both I and Lucky know this and so, whenever, we get a call from Charan asking us to spent time with him, we fucking cancel all our plans and come straight to his house.

We watch movies, eat snacks, and make him cheerful again. That's the one reason I pick up his call whenever he calls me to make him feel that he has someone to rely on or say whatever the hell he wants to. Charan had depression when he was 15 and he just shut me out. I didn't know the reason why there was a sudden change in his behavior but then I talked to him.

I saw the pain in my 15-year-old friend's eyes. The pain and longing for his parent's love. He told me that his father called him a mistake. His father. He was so broken. I could see how much what his father said affected him. He didn't smile, talk, or cracked jokes with me. He didn't have the happy glint in his eyes. That boy wasn't Charan.

My best friend Charan is a ball of energy and happiness. Charan and I met in second grade. He has been there for me since I was 7. He followed me everywhere I went. I was not a social person. It takes me a while to adjust to a new person and till 2nd grade, I thought I didn't need friends. But Charan, he changed my view on friends. When I was angry, he was there with me. When I was grumpy, he was there with me. When I was sad and fucking weeping like a baby when my grandmother died, he was there with me.

During childhood, Charan spent most of his time at my house. Mom and dad see him as their son. They probably love him more than me. Mom never got irritated or angry when he stayed in our house which was almost every day. She was happy to cook for him, take care of him, bathe him, dress him up, and feed him. Dad as well treated us both equally. He taught both I and Charan cycling, he taught both of us swimming together and he tucked us both in bed and kissed our foreheads. Even Iyla considers him as her brother.

So, when Charan started shutting me out, it made me sad. He cried on my shoulders continuously mumbling to me that his father called him a mistake. I took him to my home. Mom and dad talked to him. My mom told Charan's mother that Charan will be staying with us for a few weeks and his mother didn't care. They were always on business trips and their business was important for them more than their child.

Charan wasn't okay even after talking with my parents. He locked himself in a room and refused to eat. I could hear the heart-wrenching sobs of my best friend from the next room at night. My mom knew that he was dealing with depression and she took him to a doctor. He recommended counseling and after a few counseling sessions, he was getting okay. Never in a million years would anyone think that the happy and cheerful Charan had gone through this much.

So, the first thing he did after he had some money in his hands was moved out from his parents' house permanently. He bought this house about 2 years ago. This house was his happy place. I got out of my car and Amaira followed me. I rang the doorbell and Lucky opened the door.

"Hi Mai, hi Iyaan." She said opening the door wider for us.

"I missed you so much." Lucky said tackling Amaira into a hug.

"I missed you as well." Amaira said.

"Little Mai, I missed you." Charan screamed excitedly as he ran towards Amaira and hugged her.

"Cha-ran, ca-n't br-ea-th." Amaira said gasping slightly. He immediately pulled away and sheepishly smiled at her.

"Sorry." He said. Amaira smiled and shook her head.

"It's okay. I missed you too." Amaira said looking at Charan.

"Okay, now it's time to meet Tara." Charan said smiling widely.

"Who is Tara?" Amaira asked confusedly. Charan looked at me with raised eyebrows, probably thinking why I didn't tell her.

"Iyaan didn't tell you?" Charan asked. Amaira shook her head. Lucky crossed her arms and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Interrogation time.

"Why didn't you tell her, Mister?" Lucky asked. I rubbed the back of my neck and looked at her.

"I was busy with office work and forgot to tell her." I said. She smacked my head and I groaned in pain.

"Your number one priority is your wife. Work comes second, you hear me?" Lucky asked. Lucky is the second person I fear the most in this world. The first being my mom, obviously. I shuddered thinking about the pain I went through the last time mom hit me. Goodness, that was embarrassing!

The reason why I am scared of this woman who is half my weight is that she can punch, hard. Say something that infuriates her and the next moment your nose will be crooked. The story of how I and Charan became friends with this little spitfire is filled with action, violence, and drama.


I apologize for the short chapter but I promise that the next chapter will be long. I know nothing much happened in this chapter other than you all getting a brief idea of how Charan's childhood was. I hate Charan's parents. I mean, it's their loss. Who wouldn't want a cheerful and bubbly child like Charan? He is amazing, isn't he?

Well, the next chapter is going to be super fun. In the next chapter, you will get to know the action filled story of how Lekisha met Iyaan and Charan. I am thrilled to see your response in the next chapter.


What do you think?

Did you like Charan's nickname for Iyaan?

Isn't their friendship amazing?

Do you guys miss your friends? I am for sure dying to meet my friends.

Also, Charan is hosting a one-week completion party for Tara. Lucky Tara!!!

I know I said that Iyaan will find the truth soon but I don't think that is going to happen because I have a lot of things to add in between to make the chapter you all are eagerly waiting for to be perfect. We also have to make Iyaan feel guilty, regret everything, and give him a suitable punishment.

After the truth is revealed, I have to concentrate on Amaira's character development. No, no, I am not completely changing her character. She will be the same shy girl but I will make her a bit more confident and amazing. Also, have to change Iyaan from an idiot to Mai's protector. A lot is going to happen guys. I have a lot of ideas for this book but I don't have time to write it and publish it now. So, I started noting down the ideas in a book. So, I can use them later on.

To all the people who are waiting for a sudden change in Amaira's character. I am sorry to break it but it will take time. She can't all of a sudden be a badass woman because abuse is no joke. It takes time to be strong and not back away in fear especially for a person who has gone through it for almost 11 years. It takes time guys.

So, that's enough rambling for today.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. I am not sure when I will update again but I will try to update on Saturday.

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Love you lovely readers,


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