At First Sight

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Chapter |36|

I hope you have some tissues with you *sniffles*

After 2 months...
Amaira's pov

Two months passed, nothing changed. Iyaan continued to behave like I don't exist. I thought he will realize after a few weeks that I am not after his money but sadly he didn't. He always has that hatred in his eyes and coldness in his voice whenever he speaks to me. I wish I had someone to open up to, someone to lent me a shoulder whenever I cry, someone to calm me down every time I have a nightmare, and someone to hold me close and whisper it's okay when I break down. I wiped my tears and leaned my head against the window of the bus.

"Okay, Amy. Let's change your clothes first and then we can make cookies." Grandma said.

"Okay, grandma." I said walking to my room with grandma following me right behind. As I spent a lot of time at grandma's house, so I have a room here (room on the top). Grandma placed my tiny suitcase on the floor and I placed my pink bag in my bed. I climbed on the bed and sat in Indian style. I excitedly unzipped my bag and took out my new unicorn stuffie that papa and mama bought me while returning from another business meeting about 2 weeks ago.

"Look grandma, papa and mama bought it for me. It's a unicorn!" I said bouncing up and down on my bed with excitement.

"Wow! Amy, it's so pretty. What's her name?" She asked.

"Her name is Squishy. She gives the best cuddles in the whole wide world." I said proudly.

"So, can I cuddle with her tonight?" Grandma asked. Oh no! I don't want Squishy to sleep with grandma. I can't sleep without Squishy's cuddles.

"I am sorry, grandma. Squishy only cuddles with me." I lied hoping that grandma wouldn't take Squishy from me to cuddle with her.

"That's sad. It's okay, though." Grandma said sadly.

"Don't be sad, grandma. Snowball will give you cuddles. He is not as good as Squishy but his cuddles are also nice." I said handing Snowball, who is a white bunny stuffie.

"Oh! thank you, Amy." Grandma said placing Snowball on her lap.

"Okay now, let's take a bath and get you changed." Grandma said picking me up and placing me on her hip before walking to the bathroom. She helped me take off my clothes and placed me in the tub that was filled with slightly warm water. Grandma also added a pink bath bomb in the tub making me squeal.

" Grandma the water is pink. It's so pretty! " I exclaimed. Grandma nodded and smiled at me. We spent the next half an hour with me splashing water and grandma trying to bathe me. Grandma then wrapped a fluffy white towel around me and helped me get dressed in a blue dress. She also tied my hair into a braid.

"Okay let's go make cookies." Grandma said. I rushed down the stairs and walked straight into the kitchen. We were making the dough for cookies when grandma's phone rang.

"Hello." She said as she took the call. I stood on my tippy toes and took a choco-chip from the packet and popped it into my mouth.

"Oh my God! Are they ok-ay? I will be th-ere in 10 minutes." Grandma said as tears ran down her face. My eyes watered seeing my grandma cry. She ended the call and wiped her tears.

"Grandma are you okay? Why are you crying?" I asked. Grandma looked at me and tears started spilling from her eyes. She hugged me and started sobbing.

"What's wrong grandma?" I asked wiping her tears with my tiny hands. My eyes were filled with tears but I refused to let them fall. I wanted to be strong for grandma.

"We have to go to the hospital, Amy." Grandma said picking me up from the kitchen counter and placing me on her hips.

"Who got hurt, grandma?" I asked. Grandma quickly rushed out of the house and got into her car. The driver drove as I laid on grandma's chest. Grandma had tears running down her face. I asked many times what was wrong but she didn't answer. She just hugged me tightly.

We stopped in front of the hospital and there were a lot of people gathered in the front. The driver opened the door for grandma and she quickly got out with me in her hands. The cameras started flashing and I buried my face in grandma's neck. Papa has told me about these people with flashing cameras. He told me that these people do not respect our privacy.

I have never met them until today. Usually, papa and mama take care of them with the help of those people with black dress and glasses. But today papa and mama are not there to protect me from these people with cameras.

We walked into the hospital and grandma asked the lady at the reception something before walking into the lift. My face was still buried in grandma's neck because I was scared the people with cameras will take my photo.

"Amy." Grandma called my name softly.

"Yes, grandma." I mumbled against her neck. She patted my hair and I lifted my head. A doctor was standing in front of us with a sad smile.

"I am sorry. Mrs. Madan and the baby didn't make it." The doctor said and grandma started sobbing. She sat down on one of the chairs as she cried with me still in her arms. I couldn't control it anymore and started crying. What's wrong? Who made my grandma cry? Why are we in the hospital?

" Oh Amy, don't cry. Please, honey." Grandma said rubbing my back.

"Can we see her?" Grandma asked. The doctor nodded and led us to a room. Grandma wiped her tears before entering the room. Mama was sleeping on the hospital bed. Grandma let me down and I ran towards her but she didn't move or opened her arms for me to hug her. I brushed off her odd behavior and climbed the bed on which she was lying.

"Mama, wake up. What happened to your head? Did you get hurt?" I asked holding her hand in mine. Mama's hands are always warm and soft but now they are cold. Mama didn't say anything back.

"Grandma why is mama not talking to me?" I asked confusedly. Grandma had tears running down her face and the doctor had a sad look on his face. Grandma walked near me and wiped her tears.

"Amy, mama is going to a safe place far away from us, okay?" Grandma said. My bottom lip quivered at the thought of mama leaving me.

"W-hy?" I asked with tear-filled eyes.

"Because mama is a good person and God took her with him to heaven." Grandma said.

"Oh! So, I won't see mama anymore?" I asked sadly. Grandma shook her head as she cried.

"But what about my baby sister/brother? She promised that the baby will play with me. God didn't take the baby, right?" I asked hopefully.

"I am sorry, Amy." Grandma sobbed. So, God took the baby as well?

"I also give goodnight kisses to the baby. Who will do that up in heaven?" I asked finding some excuse to make them stay with me. Grandma didn't say anything she just cried.

"We have to move Mrs. Madan, now ma'am." The doctor informed. Grandma nodded and picked me up.

"Give her a kiss, Amy." Grandma said. I nodded and kissed my mother's forehead, cheeks, and nose. I also placed a kiss on mama's tummy. A few nurses entered the room and started removing the tubes and wires that were connected to mama's body. They then started moving the bed mama was laying in, out of the room.

That was when everything dawned on me. My mama was leaving me. They were taking my mama. I struggled in grandma's hold and started wailing.

"Don't take my mama and baby. Please, mama, wake up. Mama don't leave me, mama." I screamed. Grandma held me tightly and sobbed.

"Mama please don't go to heaven. Take me with you. Take Mara with you." I cried.

"Please Amy. Stop crying, my baby." Grandma said rubbing my back. I looked at grandma with tear-filled eyes.

"Grandma, I promise. I will be a good girl. I will eat all the yucky food mama gives me without running away. I won't eat cookies or chocolates. I will be a good girl. Please, tell her to take me with her." I begged.

"She is gone, baby. She is gone." Grandma repeatedly whispered. After 20 minutes of screaming and crying, I was tired and my throat hurts. I laid my head on grandma's shoulder and cried silently.

Tears filled up my eyes as I thought of the unfortunate day on which I lost my parents and my unborn sibling. Mama died after an hour of being admitted to the hospital. Papa also left me a few hours later. I cried and begged him to stay with me. My grandma tried her best to stay strong for me and console me but that day she also lost three people that she loved.

As I grew, the more I missed my parents. A year or two later, I realized that mama, papa, and my little sibling is never coming back. Every time, I see the parents coming to pick their children from school, I remembered my parents. I remembered the times when papa bought me ice cream while going back home from school. How I used to wait for him to pick me up so that I can tell him how my day went.

My thoughts were broken as the bus stopped. I climbed down the bus and walked towards the office. I entered the office and was welcomed by the wide smile of one of my best friends, Priya. Over these two months, Priya, me, Shweta, and Abi have become best friends. Especially Abhi and me. He may look like a shy person at first but when you get to know him, he won't shut his mouth. We have more of a brother-sister relationship. After wishing her a great day ahead, I walked to my cabin.

Iyaan has gone to the US for a week. He is supposed to arrive today by 10 am which is within an hour and a half. Iyaan left after assigning me a lot of work which I managed to finish somehow. I arranged all the files neatly and placed them on Iyaan's desk.

Time flew and before I knew it Iyaan was walking out of the elevator in a black suit. It's been a week since I saw him and honestly, I missed him even though, he just avoids me.

"Good morning, sir." I said as he walks into his cabin ignoring my greeting. It's not that he replies to other employees' greetings but at least he gives them a small nod. I am used to his behavior now, so I just brushed it off and knocked on his door with his schedule in my hand.

"Come in." He said in a raspy voice. I entered his cabin and his face was as usual glued on his laptop screen. He looked at Mr for a second before looking at the laptop screen again. I left the room after informing him about his schedule for today and that I have done all the work he has assigned me and has placed it on his desk. He just nodded and I took that as my cue to leave.

I was doing some pending work when Iyaan entered my cabin. I immediately stood up and waited for him to say something.

"Ms. Madan, these are very important files. I want you to go through it and make a soft copy of all these files. I want them done by tomorrow morning." He said placing about 10 files on my table and then walked out of my cabin.

I looked at the files with wide eyes. I won't be able to finish this before 5 pm which is when my work time ends. I only have 4 more hours for 5, so I decided to skip lunch and started going through the file right away. I messaged Abhi and said that I will be skipping lunch today and he argued that I have to eat something but finally, he realized that his arguments are not going to change my mind. I didn't have breakfast in the morning as well but I can't take a break for an hour because then I won't be able to finish this work today.

Even Shreya and Priya came to my cabin to drag me to the cafeteria but after I explained how Iyaan wanted me to submit it by tomorrow morning, they left. After 20 minutes, Priya came back with a sandwich in her hand and asked me to have it. I thanked her and had the sandwich while working. As I predicted, I was not able to finish my work by 5 pm. Everyone including Iyaan left the office by 6. Iyaan usually stays still 7 or some days even 8 pm but I think that he is tired from all the traveling and decided to leave early.

Finally, I finished my work at 8 pm. I went through the files and made them into soft copies as well. I closed my cabin and walked through the quiet hallway. Everyone has left the office, as it was way past the working time.

I walked out of the office and took out my phone to call a cab. I froze when my phone didn't switch on and that's when I realized that it died. I rushed to the bus stop even though I know that there is no bus at this time that stops at the bus stop near Iyaan's house but I just wanted to try my luck. Suddenly, it started raining.

On other occasions, I would have enjoyed the rain but not today. My whole dress got wet and I slightly shivered as the cold breeze hit me. I had no other way to reach home other than walking. It would take me hours to reach Iyaan's house. Nonetheless, I started walking. The road was quiet other than the occasional sound of the cars and crickets chirping. I wrapped my hands around myself and walked. After walking for 20 minutes, I was tired and was completely soaked due to the heavy rain.

Suddenly, a dark blue car stopped in front of me.


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