At First Sight

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Chapter |37|

Amaira's pov

A blue car stopped in front of me and I stilled.

I sighed in relief as I saw Iyaan exiting the car and walking straight to me.

"Do you have any fucking idea what the time is?" He shouted causing me to flinch.

"I a-m sor-ry. I had to fin-ish the wo-rk and I mis-sed the bus." I stuttered. We both were completely wet now and I was shivering due to the cold. Iyaan looked at me and sighed.

"Get in the car." Iyaan said and turned around. I followed him to the car but hesitated to get in. Iyaan looked at me and raised an eyebrow at me.

"I do-n't wa-nt to ru-in the car se-at." I said softly.

"Well, you have to if you don't want to stand in the rain for the rest of the night." Iyaan said entering the car. I opened the car door and sat in. The AC was turned and I shivered. Iyaan looked at me before pressing some buttons on the car and soon hot air made contact with my body instead of the cold air.

"When did you finish your work?" Iyaan asked without taking his eyes from the road.

"8."I said fiddling with my fingers.

"And what were you doing for the whole 1 hour? Couldn't call a cab or something? I was fucking tired and in bed and then I realized that you have not reached home yet. Can't even get a fucking rest because of you." He said angrily but murmured the last part to himself, however, I heard it.

"My ph-one di-ed, so I cou-ldn't call the cab. I am sor-ry for being a burden. "I said as tears rolled down my cheek.

"Just stop crying like a baby. It's irritating. " Iyaan said with a hint of anger in his voice. I sniffled and wiped my tears. It only took 20 minutes to reach the house and I quickly walked to my room before Iyaan could say any more hurtful things. I removed my clothes and wore one of my comfy t-shirt and pants before exiting my room and walking into the kitchen. I made vegetable oats porridge for myself and left the kitchen. I don't make food for Iyaan anymore because he doesn't eat it and I have to throw that food later. I don't like wasting food, so I stopped making him food.

I transferred the porridge into a soup bowl and walked to my room. I entered my room and placed the bowl on the nightstand and that's when I realised that I forgot to take a spoon. I sighed and walked out of my room. As I entered the kitchen I got the smell of something burning. That's when I saw the burnt bread in the toaster. Before I could do anything, Iyaan entered the kitchen and rushed to the toaster.

"Oh shit!" He cursed as he took the burnt bread with his hand. He put the burnt pieces of bread on a plate and sighed then his eyes met mine and I looked down.

"You were standing there while the bread was burning?" He asked.

"No, I was abo-ut to take the bre-ad out but th-en you wal-ked in."I stuttered. He dumped the bread in the dustbin and put the plate in the sink.

" Are you going to stand here looking like an idiot?" Iyaan asked as he placed two new slices of bread in the toaster. I quickly took a spoon from the kitchen and ran to my room. I could feel my cheeks heat up due to embarrassment. I sat on my bed and started eating my food. I finished half of the bowl and decided to place the rest in the fridge so that I can eat it in the morning. I exited my room and entered the kitchen. I placed the bowl in the fridge and drank a glass of water before going back to my room. Iyaan was not in the living room or kitchen, so he is probably in his room.

I changed into my pj's and laid on the bed. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.

▶The next day◀

I woke up the next day and got ready for work. I wore black color pant and a black blouse that had white polka dots on it. I tied my hair into a ponytail and applied some makeup. I wore flat black sandals and took my handbag before walking out of my room. As I walked into the living room, I saw Iyaan sitting on the couch with the laptop on his lap. I quietly exited the house and walked to the bus stop. I reached the office at 8 am and saw that Priya wasn't behind the reception desk as usual.

"Hey Nugget." a voice said from behind me. There is only one person who calls me that and that is Abhi. I turned around and smiled at him.

"Hey Bee. Where is Priya?" I asked. That's the nickname I gave to Abhi. Over the past two months, I have come out of my shell a little bit, and all thanks to my friends. The reason why he calls me Nugget is because one day Priya bought some nuggets to the office as her snack and she shared it with us. I fell in love at the first bite of that delicious food. Hence the name, Nugget.

"She might be in the washroom, probably scrolling on her phone and looking at the dating apps." Abhi said chuckling at the end. I giggled and we both walked towards the elevator. Abhi is another person other than Shweta who can help me control my breathing when I am in an elevator. He doesn't any experience helping a claustrophobic person but he can somehow calm me down. Maybe it's because I trust him.

"Okay Nugget. See you at lunch." Bee said. I waved and walked towards my cabin. Bee works two floors above me and he makes sure to fetch me from this floor before going to the cafeteria during lunchtime. Shweta had moved to the 7th floor which was where she worked before she filled in as Iyaan's PA.

Now that I was appointed as his PA, Iyaan told her that she could move back to her old workspace. I as usual greeted Iyaan who came to the office by 8:30 am. After informing Iyaan about his schedule for today, I returned to my cabin. Hours passed and finally, it was lunchtime. I stood by the elevator waiting for my best friend. The elevator door opened and there stood Bee who grinned as soon as he saw me. I entered the elevator and held onto his hand tightly. When we reached the cafeteria, I looked at our regular table with a frown.

"Where are Priya and Shweta?" I asked Bee.

"Shweta is on leave today as Nithya isn't feeling well. I don't know about Priya." He said. Nithya is Shweta's 4-year-old daughter. She is a chubby little girl who looks a lot like her mother.

"Oh! Okay." I said and sat down. Bee sat beside me and we started eating our lunch talking about random stuff. Mostly Bee talked while I listened to him. He was talking about a movie that he recently watched. After like 10 minutes, Priya rushed into the cafeteria.

"Hi, I am sorry I just had some work to do." She said sitting opposite Bee and me.

"It okay." I said and we continued eating lunch occasionally making some small talks. Once the lunch was over, we all returned to our respective floors. I didn't have much work to do and so I will be able to leave at the right time today.

I was packing my back that's when I felt an urge to use the bathroom. I was about to walk out of my cabin when the cabin door opened and Bee walked in.

"Hey, Nugget. Ready to go? " He said plopping down on the couch present in my cabin.

"Yes I am but I need to use the bathroom before we leave. So, can you wait here?" I asked as I zipped my bag.

"Of course I will wait for my bestie." He said.

"I will come quickly." I said before exiting the cabin. I walked towards the end of the hallway where the ladies' bathroom was located. There were 3 people in the bathroom and one of them was reapplying her makeup while the other two were tying their hair.
I quickly got into one of the bathroom stalls.

Once, I was done. I got out of the stall and washed my hands. I wiped my hands in a tissue paper and exited the bathroom after throwing the tissue in the dustbin. As I entered my cabin, I saw Bee was sleeping on the couch like a baby. How can he fall asleep within five minutes? I walked towards him and I shook him gently.

"Bee, come on. Wake up!" I said.

"Go away, Nugget. Let me sleep." He whined. He was only about a foot taller than me and was lean, so he fit on the couch perfectly. He started to make himself more comfortable on the couch and started turning on the couch so that he was laying on his stomach. His face was tired towards me and he looked like he is in a deep sleep. I sighed. How am I going to wake this sleeping beauty up?

He was already laying at the end of the couch and if he again tries to move, he will surely fall on his bum. Suddenly, he turned and the next then I know is, Bee laying on the floor groaning.


I walked towards him and helped him get up. I held his wrist and started pulling him up but he didn't move because one, I am smaller than him and two, his attention was somewhere else. His gaze was fixed on my wrist and I looked at my wrist to see what he was looking.

As soon as I laid my eyes on my wrist, I froze.

So what do you think? What happened to her wrist? Any guesses? Do you want Bee to find out everything?

I promise you the chapter you all are waiting for is going to be soon.

Iyaan will know everything soon.

Then, there will be cute scenes.

After that, they will have their first kiss. *Sighs dreamily*

It's all going to happen, soon.

So, that's it for today. Stay safe and healthy.

Love you. I will update on Thursday.

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