At First Sight

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Chapter |3|

Roopitha's pov

I saw her. A child who I once held in my hands. A child whose brown eyes had sparkle and a lot of happiness in them but now they don't. Her eyes are empty and hollow.

"6 years and I missed you so much." Amaira said, her eyes shimmering with tears. I kissed her forehead and smiled at the little girl who I adore and I love like my own.

"You have grown. You are beautiful just like your mother. She would be proud, sweetie." I said. Amaira smiled sadly and wiped her tears. She truly looks like an angel. The exact eyes and nose of her mother,Mira.

"Roopa, oh my God! I searched for you in this entire hotel. Please stay close to me." Adi's worried voice brought both of us from our thoughts. Adi has been like this since I was kidnapped about 24 years ago. Since then I was practically handcuffed to him in every function.

" Adi, I am fine. Guess who I found? "I asked holding on to Amaira's left hand. Adi looked at Amaira for a second before pulling her into a warm fatherly hug. I could hear Amaira's cries while Adi rubbed her back soothingly.

"Is that really you, Amaira? My goodness! I can't believe my little peanut has grown into a beautiful lady." Adi said. Amaira's parents and we shared a unbreakable relation. I and Adi met Amaira's parents on our trip to Paris for our first anniversary. I and Mira, Amaira's mother had became extremely close within few minutes of her conversation. However, Adi and Amaira's father,Madhav has met in a couple of business meets but never got a chance to talk with each other. Her parents came to Paris for Mira's birthday. Since that day, we became best friends.When Amaira turned 3, her parents shifted to another area which was quite far. We still kept in touch with each other, though. That is, before her parents died when Amaira was 5.

Amaira was a premature baby and was small and underweight for her age in her childhood days. She used to look like a peanut wrapped around Adi's large arms and hence the name, 'little peanut' which was obviously given by Adi. She still looks thin and underweight. I could clearly see her cheek bones.

"I missed you guys, so much." She said looking at both of us after pulling away from Adi who instantly wrapped his hand around my waist as if I am going to run away.

"We missed you too, little peanut." Adi said smiling at her. We have lost our connection with Amaira when she moved with her uncle and aunt after the death of her grandmother, who took care of her after her parent's death. When 6 years ago, I met Amaira I instantly recognized her due to her familiar features with her mother. Thats the first time I have seen her since she was 10. The day she left with her grandmother, I cried because I lost my bestfriend and her child who never got to know how amazing her mother is. It was so difficult for me to say a goodbye to the child I considered as my own.

"Ma, there you are. " My 18 year old daughter said. Amaira turned towards the sound and her eyes widened.

"Amaira, this is my daughter Iyla. Iyla, this is Amaira a person who is very special to me and Adi." I said.

"Hi." Iyla waved with a smile which Amaira returned.

We talked for a while then Iyla walked away, giving Amaira a hug.

"Amaira." A boy around Iyaan's age said coming closer to us. Amaira stilled at his voice and I look at her with concern. She smiled at me but I saw the fear in her eyes. I know that fear. It's not the casual fearp. It was the fear for a person and I out of all people knows that.

"This is my cousin,Devik. This is Mr and Mrs. Malhotra." She said. Her sudden change if behaviour was very clear. She was acting more professionally than casually. Devik however had a smile on his face. He shook Adi's hand and smiled at me which I returned. Maybe, I am just overthinking.

" It was nice meeting but I am going to steal Amaira since my dad is worried about her." He said. Amaira's face morfied into fear for a second before she masked it with a forced smile. She gave gave us one last smile and she walked away with him.

" Did you see a tiniest bit of fear in her eyes when that boy said to Amaira about her uncle?" Adi asked. I nodded confirming that it is not his vision problem.

"Do you think something is wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know." Adi said tightening his hold on my waist. I saw Iyaan walking towards us.

"Mom, dad, can I go home?" Iyaan said almost whining like a baby.

"Hush! Go talk to some business man or something. Once, Adi retires you have to come alone for all these function, you are aware of that right?" I asked. Adi nodded.

"Goodness, I don't even want to think about it." Iyaan said with horrified expression on his face.

"You will get used to it." Adi said and patted Iyaan's shoulder.

"Dad all they are asking is when I am getting married. " Iyaan said with a annoyed expression.

"Yeah, about that, when are you getting married? You know in your age I was married and your mom was pregnant with you." Adi said seriously. I tried to bit my lips to avoid bursting into laughter because Iyaan is 23 and Adi married when he was 24. Also I was pregnant after 1 year of our marriage.

" Dad, seriously? You married when you were 24. I just don't want to get married now. I am only 23, dad." Iyaan said.

"Hey, that is typical Indian parents' line. My father told the same thing to me. So when I got a chance, I used it on you." Adi said and I laughed.

"You guys are weird." Iyaan said and shook his head.

"Hey, if we are weird then you and your sister are weird too." I said. Adi nodded agreeing with her.

"You know what, I am going. Talking about marriage to a stranger is better than talking to you guys." Iyaan said and walked away.

"He grew up so fast, didn't he? I still remember you screaming at me in the labour room for making you pregnant." Adi said smiling at me.

"What if I screamed? You made me pregnant again. " I said looking at him with fake anger.

"What can I say, I love looking at your swollen belly." Adi said smiling.

"But I was the one who had push two gaint babies out of me and handle the pain." I said.

"Excuse me, you broke my wrist while giving birth to Iyla saying that I should feel the same pain as you are feeling." Adi said fake glaring at me.

"I love you." I said sweetly because it is true.

"I know it is impossible for not to fall in love with me." Adi said with smirk and intertwined our fingers. I wish I could punch that smirk off his face.

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