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Author's Note


So, you maybe confused as to why I published an author note just to tell you about my updating schedule but the thing is I am taking a break from writing because as you know, I am in grade 12th and my board exams are in just 2 months, so yeah, I have to completely concentrate on my studies now. So, I will be taking a break from today and I promise I will be back and I will complete the story.

My exam will end on 1st June and that means, I will be taking a break for almost 3 months. I don't know if I will have all these amazing readers when I come back because 3 months is a long time, you guys will probably forget about the story of this book by then but for all those who are planning to wait for me for the next 3 months, I won't disappoint you guys. After my exams, I will be free for a long time, so I will be updating a chapter each day. I will end this book soon after my exams.

I have planned a lot for this book. There are going to be so many cute moments of Iyaan and Amaira, emotional scenes, revelations of Amaira's past, love confession, drama, action and much more. So, do stay if you wanna know what happens further in the story.

I won't leave this book incomplete but this book will be on hold for 3 months. Once, I will come back, be ready for a roller-coaster ride. I love you readers so much. Take care and be safe. Also, good luck to all those who are going to attend their boards this year.

Ishaani ❤️

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