At First Sight

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Chapter |43|

Iyaan's pov

Why hasn't she called me yet?

Did the meeting not end?

It is 6 pm now and the meeting shouldn't take more than an hour. Maybe she forgot to call me after the netting ended?

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair before getting up from my chair and wearing my jacket. After I took my phone and laptop, I walked out of my cabin.

I got into my car and drove out of the parking lot. My heartbeat increased at the thought of seeing a certain someone. I have missed her, though, it's been just 3 hours since I last saw her. I felt angry at myself when I asked her to handle a meeting by herself and on top of that, she was informed about it at the last minute, all because I couldn't remember my schedule.

My wife, Amaira is is one of the most adorable people I have ever met. Everything from her cute little stutters to her beautiful pink dusted cheeks awakens foreign feelings in me. Now that I realised that Amaira is not after my money, I feel guilty for how I behaved with her initially. So, I decided to apologise to her by taking her out for dinner tonight.

Tonight, I will apologize to her and will try to get to know her more. Though we have been married for almost three months, we know nothing about each other. I mentally promised myself to never yell at her or make her cry.

I will make it up to you Amaira.

Not only because I feel guilty but she doesn't deserve any of the yelling or hurtful words I said to her. If it was any other woman in place of Amaira, they would have fucking enjoyed seeing me in pain while I was ill. Amaira is truly an angel sent from heaven just for me.

I expected my wife to be a strong yet fierce and independent woman. But Amaira was different from my expectations. She was a woman who needed to be protected from the evils of the world. She was a tiny little woman that was nervous and shy about everything. But she is perfect the way she is. She had the power to make me fall for her.

Holy shit! Did I just think that?

I have fallen for her?

Of course, I have. Who am I kidding? I have always stolen glances at her even when I hated her. I would secretly stare at her beautiful face when she is busy doing something or I would secretly check her out and have thoughts about what it would be like to kiss her plump lips or how I felt my heart break when I see her beautiful eyes fill with tears. I had feelings for her since the day I saw her at our wedding. She managed to capture my heart the minute I laid my eyes on her.

I love her.

I love my wife.

I love Amaira.

I am sure I was smiling like an idiot because the security had a shocked look on his face as he opened the gates for me. I drove past him and parked my car before entering the house with a bright smile.

"Amaira." I called out as I entered but was met with silence. My smile vanished as I saw a tiny figure laying on the floor. I placed my laptop on the coffee table before moving towards the figure that I knew was my wife. I kneeled beside her before gently removing her hair that was covering her face.

My throat tightened as I saw the bruises on her face and her neck. Her bottom lip was busted and was covered in dried blood. Her cheeks had handprints and her neck was badly bruised that it appeared red.

"Ama-ira." My voice cracked as I caressed her bruised cheek gently. I picked her up and placed her on my lap gently trying not to hurt her even more. I placed her head on the crook of my neck and sighed in relief as I felt her hot breath on my neck.

"You are going to be okay." I said softly and kissed her cheek. I stood up while holding her in bridal style before walking out of our house. I gently laid her on the backseat of my car before I got into the driver seat and rushed to the hospital.

The hospital that is nearest to our home is mom's hospital. In a record time of 10 minutes, I reached the hospital and some hospital staff brought me a stretcher to lay my wife. They quickly took her to the ER.

"Sir, please wait here." A nurse said as they entered the ER. I sat down on one of the chairs and ran my hand through my hair feeling worried and angry. Worried for her. My wife. Angry at the person who is responsible for this.

I swear to God the person who did this to her will pay.

Nobody hurts my wife.


I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt someone touch
9shoulder. I looked up to see my mother looking at me with confusion. Without wasting a second, I stood up and hugged her. I needed her motherly touch and the comfort she provided.

"Iyaan, are you okay? What are you doing here?" Mom asked.

"She is in there, mom." I said. My voice barely above a whisper but I knew she heard because her body tensed up in my arms.

"Who?" She whispered back.

"Amaira." I replied. Mom took a deep breath before pulling back and looking at me with anger and sadness.

"What happened?" Mom asked.

"I don't know, mom. I reached home and she was lying unconscious on the floor. She was all bruised. Her cheeks and neck." I mumbled.

"Oh, honey! She is going to be okay." Mom said caressing my cheek. I nodded and she walked into the ER. I again sat down on the chair as I waited for my mom to come out and tell me that my wife is fine.

An hour passed, I started to get impatient. What's taking them so long? Is Amaira going to be okay? Is she hurt anywhere else? All the negative thoughts clouded my mind. I don't want to lose her. I can't lose her. I haven't even confessed to her. What if I never get a chance to say her that I love her?

No, no, no. She is going to be okay. She can't leave me.


"Dad, what are you doing here?" I asked as he sat beside me.

"Your mother asked me to come." He said looking at me with a sad smile. I nodded. Suddenly, the door opened and mom walked out. I stood up and looked at her. She gave me a sad smile before looking at dad and nodding. I looked at them with confusion.

"Iyaan, we need to talk." Dad said. I frowned but nodded them to continue.

"Let's go to my cabin." Mom said walking towards her cabin while dad and I followed her. Dad and mom sat on the love seat sofa on her cabin as I sat on the single chair sofa.

"Iyaan, can you tell me if Amaira went anywhere from the office?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, there was a slight mix-up in my schedule. I had two meetings at the same time, so I asked Amaira to handle one. " I said.

"With whom did she have a meeting?" Dad asked. I was confused as to why dad and mom were asking me all these questions but still answered.

"As I know that it's her first meeting, I asked her to handle the meeting that was scheduled with her uncle. Why are asking me all this? Is Amaira okay?" I asked concerned.

"It was all our fault, Adi." Mom said as she cried on dad's shoulder.

"It's all our fault." Mom said again. Dad tried to console her and I looked at them in confusion.

"Dad, mom, what is going on?" I asked slightly irritated. Dad looked at me with sadness while mom was silently crying.

"Iyaan, there are certain things you need to know about your marriage with Amaira. I don't know, how you will react after we tell you everything but just know that we are sorry for hiding it from you." Dad said.

But the next few things he said made me realise that Amaira is one of the strongest women I have ever met and behind her every tiny bruise there was a heartbreaking story that I am yet to know.


How are you all doing? It's been so long and I know I said that I won't post for another two months but as many of you know 12th exams are postponed and new dates have not been announced yet, so I decided to celebrate the amazing news by posting a chapter.

I know this one is a short one and nothing other than Iyaan realizing his feelings has happened but that's all I could include in this chapter. Next chapter, Iyaan will know about Amaira's abusers and her bruises. I will try to post one more chapter before I put this book on hold again.

So, what are your thoughts on this chapter? How will Iyaan react after knowing the truth? How is Amaira going to react after realising that her secrets are out?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Also, do comment and vote.

Lots of love,

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