At First Sight

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Chapter |44|

Iyaan's pov

"We have known Amaira since she was a little girl. Your mother and I met Amaira's parents on a trip to Paris. They were just like Amaira, kind and down to earth. Her father, Madhav Madan was the owner of Madan companies back then. Just within hours of talking to her parents, we were able to create a strong bond of friendship with them. As the months passed, our friendship strengthened. We started visiting each other on weekends and became business partners. We were happily living our lives, then you were born and two years later Mira gave birth to Amaira. You and Amaira used to play together when you were little kids. But when Amaira turned three, Madhav and Mira moved to another house which was quite far from ours but we still had contact with each other that was until her parents died two years later in an accident. Amaira was only 5 at the time. " Dad said sadly but I didn't miss the tear that slipped from his eyes when he mentioned his friend. My heart broke at the thought of the 5-year-old Amaira. How how much pain she must have endured at a tender age. My heart ached for her.

"After the death of her parents, Amaira was sent to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother knew us and she allowed us to call Amaira occasionally. About 5 years later, her grandmother passed away and this time she was sent to live with her father's brother, Aravind Madan. We lost all contact with her as soon as she shifted with her uncle. We thought that they were taking care of her and she was fine. After 4 years, we saw her at a business party. She looked happy and we thought that she was finally living the life she deserves. But that was not the situation. "Dad said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Amaira was being abused by her uncle and his family when we were happily spending our days believing that she was living the life she deserves." Dad said with a sad laugh at the end. My heart dropped to my stomach.

She was abused.

My Amaira was abused.

"We only realised it when we saw her at the business party that was held a few months back." Dad said and looked at mom.

"After today, I can surely say that she is abused. Her whole body is littered with scars that are new as well as old. There are also cuts that are probably from self-harm on her arms and thighs." Mom said trying to control her tears.


"As soon as we realised that she was getting abused, we wanted to help her out of that fucking place she was living. So, we realised to help her by making her uncle's company our partners because they were on the verge of shutting down and they needed help. So, I offered help and in return asked Amaira's hand in marriage. " Dad said.

"W-we didn't want you to feel like we are using you to save our friend's daughter. We wanted you to think of this as a normal arranged marriage and thought of telling you when the time is right." Mom said.

"Right time?" I scoffed. Mom and dad looked at me guiltily.

"I would have understood if you told me about this before our marriage. I would have given her the life she deserves if I had known about what she went through. I would have been there for her when she needed someone to talk to. Most importantly, she wouldn't be laying in the hospital if you have given me a small hint on what she's been through. Anyway, thank you for telling me at least now." I said angrily and walked out of her cabin.

My hands were balled into fists and I felt the need to punch the shot out of her uncle and his fucking family. I got into my car and the engine purred into life, giving me an adrenaline rush. I drove out of the hospital trying to control the anger I felt towards my parents, her uncle, his family and lastly on myself.

Maybe, if had behaved nicely with her, she would have told me about what she was going through. She would have trusted me enough to tell me her secrets.

"I should fucking kill you for ruining my life. You are disgusting."

"I will never accept a gold digger like you as my wife but for now, we act as we are in love and that we are happy with each other, got it?"

"I am sure you can act pretty well. After all, you did deceive my parents with that innocent-looking face of yours but only I saw the manipulative bitch behind that."

"Aww! Is uncle's little niece crying? Please stop crying. I am not here to see your crocodile tears."

"Keep your gold digger behaviour in check, darling."

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why did I have to say all those hurtful things to her? She didn't deserve any of it. I parked my car on a deserted road and closed my eyes as I rested my head on the headrest.

"I-I a-m sca-red."

"Yo-u a-re hur-ting me."

"pl-ea-se ca-lm do-wn."

"I-t's s-o i-n da-rk he-re. He-lp m-e, ple-ase."

My hand hit the steering wheel in anger. Aravind Madan and his family are going to fucking pay for what they did to my wife. Amaira is going to live the life she deserves. She going to receive the love and care that her uncle and his family denied for years. She is going to be pampered from now on.

After hearing that Amaira was abused made me feel protective of her. I just want to hug her and tell her that no one is going to hurt from now on. I fell in love with her more after realising how strong she is. I love everything about her including her scars and bruises. She makes me happy without even trying. All I want for the rest of my life is to have her tiny body safe in my arms. I even love how tiny she is. My little wife can't even reach the cabin without standing on the counter. She is like a tiny bug compared to me.

She is my tiny bug.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my phone ringing. A small smile made its way to my face as I saw the caller's name.

"Hello." I said as I accepted the call.

"Uwcle Iwaan!" The excited voice of a little girl blasted through the phone.

"Well, hello princess." I said.

"Hewo."She giggled adorably making me laugh.

"Daddy and I come to see Uwcle Iwaan." She said excitedly.

"No, no, Jiya, you were supposed to keep that a secret. We were going to surprise Uncle Iyaan." I heard Veer say.

"Oh! Me sorry daddy. I say the swecret to Uwcle Iwaan." Jiya said sadly.

"It's okay. Let me talk to Uncle Iyaan." Veer said before I heard some shuffling.

"Hey man." I heard Veer say.

"Hey, so your coming to India, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, my mom called a week back and then gave me an earful for keeping her grandchild away from her." He sighed.

"It's been almost 3 years since you left India, man. The last time your mother saw Jiya was when she was 2 or 3 months old." I explained.

"You know why left India. It was difficult, Iyaan." He said.

"I know, Veer."I whispered.

"So, how is your married life going on? "He asked. Veer is mine and Charan's schoolmate. We were best friends in school but then he went to another college. We still kept in contact with each other though. When Charan and I decided to start a business, we asked Veer to join us as well. He maintains the US branch of our gaming company while Charan handles the Indian branch. I try to visit both the branches occasionally and when I travel to the US, I will always visit Veer and Jiya.

"It's going great." I said. A smile touched the corners of my mouth as I thought of my wife.

"Is the bad boy in love with his wife?" Veer teased.

"Fuck you!" I groaned and Veer started laughing.

"I will be coming to see you and your wife soon. Take care till then." He said.

"Okay, bye. Take care of yourself and my princess." I said.

"I- Okay, okay, Jiya. I will give it to you, hold on." I heard Veer say before Jiya's voice reached my ears.

"Bye-bye, Uwcle Iwaan. I wove you."

"Bye, princess. I love you too." I said. After ending the call, I drove to the hospital. I should also apologise to my parents for how harshly I behaved with them. No matter what they do, they will always be the people who made the man I am today.

Today was an eventful day!


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