At First Sight

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Chapter |5|

Amaira's pov

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to." I said to the person I bumped into. I didn't have the courage to look at the man's face. I looked at my heels as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

" No it's okay. I am sorry it was fault. Are you okay?" A deep and manly voice said. I slowly lifted my head and I saw a extremely attractive man. His jet black hair and black eyes increasing his manly look.

"Yes,I am fine. Thank you." I stuttered feeling extremely nervous which happens when you suffer from SAD. He offered me a small smile and moved out of the way do that I could walk past him. I was scared of what my uncle has to say to me. I saw my uncle sitting with my aunt with a angry look. I am sure I am not going to bed without a few broken bones.

"Uncle." I said standing in front of him.

"Oh yes! Here she is. Did you forget the rules, honey. I told you not to talk to anyone why did you talk to Mr. Malhotra and his wife?"Uncle asked in a low voice, so that nobody hears our conversation.

" They talked to me. I am sorry. "I said.

" Dad, oh! this whore is standing here. I saw here flirting with Mr. Malhotra's son." Devik said. My eyes widened.

"No, no sir. I bumped into him and he helped me. I wasn't flirting I swear." I said almost crying. I don't want anymore broken bones and scars on my body.

"You are never leaving the house again. I will make sure you don't repeat this when we get home." Uncle said. I shivered in fear. I nodded and walked away.

"Amaira dear. Have you met my son, yet? " Roopitha aunty called coming to me. I nodded no.

"Iyla go ask Iyaan to come here." Aunty said. Iyla nodded and walked away.

"Hey mom, Iyla said you wanted to talk to me." The man whom I bumped into asked Roopitha aunty. He also called her mom, so this is Iyaan.

"Yes, so this Amaira and Amaira this is my son, Iyaan." Roopitha aunty said introducing us to each other. He smiled at me which I returned.

"She was my - " Aunty's voice was cut off by a very excited voice.

"Iyaan." The unfamiliar voice said and hugged Iyaan. She was gorgeous.

"Damn, woman." Iyaan said and the girl giggled. They seem close.

"So missed me?" She asked looking at Iyaan with a smile.

"Lekisha, I don't wanna say it but I did miss you." Iyaan said his arms still around her, holding her close.

"I knew it. I am so full awesomeness to not miss." She said flipping her hair. Iyaan laughed at her tactics.

"So, this is my mom, Roopitha and mom this Lekisha. " Iyaam said introducing her to aunty. Maybe, I was going insane. I walked away when I saw Priyanka aunty glaring at me.

After a few minutes, the host of the charity ball who was a old man said it was time to have dinner. I walked into the washroom which was thankfully empty and washed my hands when Roopitha aunty and iyla entered the washroom.

"I don't like her. What's her name? Oh yes! Lekisha." Iyla said smiling at me which I returned. We were washing our hands and I forgot that my concealer on my hand has washed away, revealing something that no one should see.

"Amaira what happened to your hand?" Iyla asked. I looked down to see the evidence of self harm. It's been 2 weeks since I last did that to myself. I frantically tried to cover it which unfortunately did do anything. Roopitha aunty came close to me.

"Show it to me, Amaira. I won't do or say to anyone. I promise." She said. Iyla looked confused but nodded promising me the same. I shook my head and moved back.

"Fine, don't show me. You did that to yourself?" Aunty asked. I nodded my head slowly. It was only way I find some relief.

"Why?" Aunty asked. I know she loves me but I can't tell her the truth.

"I missed mom and dad. The only thing I could do at that moment was harm myself. I miss them so much that I don't want to live anymore." I said tears rolling down my eyes.

"I know, you miss them, Amaira and I also know that it's not the reason behind your self harm." I avoided her gaze and looked at the floor. Aunty moved closer to me and placed a hand on my cheek which naturally caused me to flinch. A look of realization dawned in her face. Tears started rolling down her face as well. She pulled me into a hug while Iyla stood there with utter confusion in her face.

"I am so sorry." Was the only thing aunt said. I don't know why she was apologising. It was not her fault. It was all mine. I didn't fight when they first hit me. I let them have their chances with me. I didnt fight. I just remained quite and weak.

The rest of the night was okay. I got to eat amazing food which happens very rarely. I was forced to eat two slices of bread at night every day and morning I can have the remaining breakfast that is if anything is left after my aunt, uncle and cousins are done. Lunch, well, I eat porridge everyday. As my uncle said, the moment we entered the house, I was slammed against the wall then he kicked and punched me.

"You are a whore, just like your mother. You are worthless and pathetic." My uncle screamed and punched my stomach. Tears rolled down from my eyes when he mentioned my mom. She was an angel. After taking all his frustration and anger on me, he left me just like that. I somehow crawled to my room and laid on the mattress. Not even 5 minutes passed, before my cousin Devik entered the room. This can't be good. He kicked and punched me like his father did and slapped me hard that blood spilled from my mouth.

"You won't even look at any other man, got it? You are mine." He said and smashed his lips into mine. I don't fight anymore. I used to push him away, I used to struggle but now I don't but I didn't kiss him back, I never did and I never will.

"Still won't kiss me back, Ammu?" Devik asked. I nodded no. Let's just say I got a few more punches and kicks.

Today was a really long day.

Hey guys,

Early update because I won't able to update tomorrow. I freaking hate Devik,though I am the one who gave him this personality. Amaira has been through a lot and please don't expect her to be a strong female outside. She is definitely strong inside,though. It's going to take sometime for her to fight and talk back. Don't forget to like and comment.

Ishaani ❤️

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