At First Sight

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Chapter |6|

Amaira's pov

I week passed after the charity ball. Everything thing has returned to its place. I as usual woke up at 5am and started preparing the breakfast. Once, I did that I arranged all the food on the table. It was 7am when uncle and aunt came down from their room.

"Today we are going to have guests for dinner. Make sure everything us perfect, is that clear Amaira? I don't want you to mess up anything." My uncle said. I nodded, my eyes still casted on the floor. After a few minutes, Deliha walked down the stairs wearing a black off shoulder top with blue shorts and a ton of makeup in her face.

"Good morning, honey." My aunt said as Deliha sat down next to her on the dining table.

"Good morning, mom." Deliha said, placing a kiss on mom's cheek.

"Where are you going this morning?" Aunt asked.

"I am going to Abi's house. We are having a party there." She said. Aunt nodded.

"Where is Devik?"Uncle asked.

" That idiot is still asleep. "Deliha said. Oh God! Please don't ask me to wake him up. Please don't ask me-

" Amaira, go wake Devik up. "Uncle said. My whole bist shivered in fear but I can't do anything. I wanted to fight but I can't. I walked towards Devik's room and slowly knocked in his door. My heart beating 100 times faster. My hands were sweaty and I was feeling slightly dizzy. I slowly breathed in and out and controlled my breathing. I rubbed my palms on my dress to remove away the sweat.

"Come in." I heard Devik's raspy voice say. I slowly opened the door and walked inside. I stood beside his bed.

"Sir, it's time for breakfast."I said. Devik was laying on his bed shirtless. He opened his eyes and looked at me. His lips curled into a smirk.

" Good morning, Ammu. "He said. My eyes as usual was casted on the floor. He sat up and held my wrist pulling me into his naked chest. I tried moving away from his hold but he was stronger than me.

" Stop struggling, you know what happens when you do that. "He said. I perfectly remember what happened last time when I struggled to get out of his hold.

" You want that to happen again? "He asked. My eyes filled with tears thinking of what happened. I nodded my head and stilled in his arms. He laid me on the bed and hovered over me. I closed my eyes tightly. I felt him placing sloppy kisses in my cheeks then in my neck and down to my clothed chest. Finally he kissed my lips. I didnt return the kiss as usual. He walked into the bathroom after giving my left breast a tight squeeze. I hate this. I hate his lips on mine. I hate his lips on my body. I hate his touch. I hate him.

I wiped my tears and walked out of the room. My uncle and aunt didn't know about Devik touching me inappropriately and even if they knew they wouldn't do anything. The people who cared for me left in me alone in this cruel world. I walked to my room and walked into the bathroom. I bend down and took a brown box from the storage cabinet under the sink. I closed the bathroom door and locked it.

I opened the box and saw a bunch of photos that brought a smile to my face. It was some photographs of mom, dad and me that my dad had captured during some special moments in our life.

"You worthless idiot open the door and start doing your chores. If anything goes wrong tonight, you will suffer." I heard my uncle's booming voice. I placed everything back in the box and hid it under the sink cabinet. I opened the door and walked out of my room. I walked straight into the kitchen and started preparing lunch.

After that, I cleaned the entire mansion and took a bath and started making dinner. After 4 hours, I was done. It was 7pm already. My uncle comes back in 30 minutes and I still have desert to make. I decided to bake cake for desert. I was picking the eggs from fridge when Deliha entered kitchen and bumped into me causing one of the egg to fall down and break. The next second, a hand met with my cheek. Tears filled my eyes and my hand went to my left cheek.

"Useless thing. Can't you see where you are going? You touched me. Digusting." Deliha said and walked out of the kitchen. Tears rolled down my face as I started cleaning the floor.

Am I really worthless?

Am I really digusting?

"Is the dinner ready?" Aunt asked.

"Yes ma'am." I said. She nodded and left. I washed my hands and walked into my room. I looked in the mirror and saw red handprints on my left cheek. I quickly applied some foundation and covered it. I heard the doorbell ring and noises from downstairs. I walked down the stairs and met with Devik's best friend, Karthik. A shiver of fear ran across my spine. Karthik looked at me and licked his lips as if I am his next meal to eat.

"Come on, let's have dinner." Uncle said. Everyone walked towards the dining table. I was treated as an equal in front of our guests. Neither Karthik's parents nor him know about the abuse that takes place to me in this house. The reason why I am scared of him is he once tried to force himself on me but Devik stopped before he could go any further. For the first time in my life, I was thankful to him. Unfortunately, today, Karthik sat next to me in the dining table. As soon as he sat down his hand made contact with my thighs. My hold on the spoon tightened and tears pooled in my eyes. I don't want this.

"Aravind, I am here to talk as a friend rather than your business partner. As we both know that, we have been partners in business for almost 5 years now and there is no benefit for me in being partners with your company and also you know that your company is going to collapse if you don't take the required measures. You have already lost a couple of deals with other companies and if this continues you know what happens. So, I have a deal for you. "Karthik's father said. Everyone was silent absorption the new information. The company was going in a good way but I was shocked to find that it was now in the verge of shutting down.

" What is it? "Aravind uncle asked.

" I will help you with everything. I will get you back the deals you lost and get you more deal. If you give me something in return. "Karthik's father said.

"Anything. Just name it, Dinesh." My uncle said. Dinesh, Karthik's father smiled.

"My son openly said to me that he likes a girl and that girl actually lives here." Dinesh said. Is he talking about Deliha? Is Karthik in love with Deliha?

"Are you talking about Deliha? We never knew he had a romantic interest in her." Priyanka aunty said.

"No. I am not talking about Deliha. I am talking about her." Dinesh said pointing to me. My breath hitched. Karthik squeezed my thigh, not in a comforting manner but more of a sexual manner. I won't marry him. I can't marry him. I don't love him and I never will.

" Aravind uncle, I like Amaira. I wish to marry her and in this case you are also getting some profits as well. " Karthik said. Tears started rolling down my face.

"So, Aravind, what do you say?" Dinesh asked.

"I am okay with his marriage." Aravind uncle said without thinking twice. Dinesh nodded and Karthik had a victorious smirk in his face. I quickly wiped my tears before anyone noticed and looked at my barely eaten plate. Once the dreadful dinner finished, Dinesh and Karthik decided to leave but before leaving Karthik leaned his face so that his face was near my ear.

"You are mine now, Amaira. Nobody is going to stop me from touching you from now on." He whispered and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek. Once they left, I let my tears fall.

"Sir, please don't make me marry him. I will do anything. Please just don't make me do this. I promise to do every chores and work given to me properly. I won't mess up. Please dont do this." I said crying.

"I don't care if you want to do this or not. I dont want my company to shut down. You will marry that boy." He said. I shook my head. I don't want to marry him.

"No. I won't. I don't want to. Please, please." I said crying hysterically.

"Did you say no? Did you just talk back to me, slave?" He asked and slapped me. I fell to the ground due to the impact. After a series of kicks and punches later, I was lying on the floor all bruised and covered in blood.

"You are going to marry him, got it?" He asked.

"Yes sir." I said in a feeble voice.

I wish someone will save me from this mess.

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