At First Sight

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Chapter |7|

Adith's pov

This is not supposed to happen.

I have to do something quickly. I have to save her. I can't let this happen to her. I walked to my car where the driver was already waiting.

"Where to sir?" Santosh, my driver asked.

"Take me home." I said. I have to think of something quickly. It took 20 minutes to reach home. Roopa is in the house as it is Saturday and its her day off. I walked into the house and my eyes immediately met with my wife's. She smiled but it turned into a frown when she saw my face.

"Whats wrong? You look dull." She asked as she removed my suit jacket and I loosened my tie and sat on the couch. She sat beside me, waiting for an answer.

"Aravind Madan, Amaira's uncle, has arranged her marriage with Dinesh Gupta's son for the personal benefits of their companies." I said.

"What? How can he do that? I don't want her to marry someone for a business deal. Goodness! Why is that child still staying there?" Roopa exclaimed.

"How did you know about this?" she asked. I sighed running my hand through my hair.

"It's been almost a week since they arranged on this deal. I got to know today. The marriage will take place soon." I said.

"We can't let this happen." Roopa whispered to herself. I still remember how sad and worried Roopa was at the charity ball after she saw the cut in Amaira's hand.


"You okay? You look pale."I asked with concern as I saw Roopa exiting the ladies washroom. She nodded and gave me a forced smile. I looked unconvinced by her poor acting skills and dragged her away from the crowd. I stooped walking when we reached a empy hallway and I looked at her waiting for an explanation.

" Adi, I and Iyla saw Amaira in the bathroom.... " Roopa started. She kept my eyes down until she completed the story. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and I patiently listened to her. Once she finished talking, she looked at me. My hands were fisted and I was controlling my anger.

"Amaira is 21 years old and she can move out from that house but I don't think she will or they will let her do that. We can't just brag into their house and take her, we need to have some control over her legally to do that." I said thinking deeply.

" Why can't she just run away? I don't care how, I need her to be away from those people. "Roopa said wiping my tears.

" We will help her, I promise. "I promised hugging me.

" She hurt herself. "Roopa whispered. My hold on her tightened. The rest of the night I was worried. I just want to drag her from that monsters who hurt and keep her safe. We left the party around midnight, Iyaan drove to his home while Roopa, I and Iyla drove to ours.

**Flashback ends**

"I think I know how." I said as an idea popped in my mind. Roopa looked at me, giving me me her full attention.

"What is it? " Roopa asked curiously.

"Aravind agreed on this deal because his company is falling apart. As I have heard, he lost some of the foreign deals and his company is now at the verge of closing down. " I said.

"Okay. What is your point? ?" Roopa asked.

"I am saying that Dinesh's company is not that established as our company and our partnership will provide Aravind more profit. So, if we create a partnership with them, he will get more deals and hence, we can save his company from falling apart. I am sure he would love to form a partnership with us. "I said.

"So if the deal is off then she doesn't have to marry him, right?" Roopa asked. I nodded.

"For now." I said. She looked at me confused.

"What do you mean for now? You mean he will try to marry her off again?" Roopa asked. I shrugged.

"Not sure but he can." I said.

"What are you trying to say?" Roopa asked.

"All I want to say is that luckily we are able to save her this time but what will we do when this repeats. So, the only thing we can do is take her away from that family of abusers." I said.

"What do we do?" She asked.

"Roopa,I got a way to save Amaira. I don't know if you will like it but the only way is...." I cleared my throat and looked at her. "Iyaan." I said.

"Iyaan? How is Iyaan going to help her?" Roopa asked.

"Iyaan is going to marry Amaira." I said seriously. Roopa was silent for 2 minutes but then she smiled.

"But what if Iyaan and Amaira doesn't want to marry each other?" She asked sadly.

"Roopa, I know that Iyaan is never going to agree to this marriage but we both knows that Amaira is going to be a perfect wife for him." I said.

"But for now, we have to hide the fact that we are getting him married to her because she is getting mistreated in her house. I don't want him to think that we are using him to save her. Let him think this as a normal arranged marriage for now. When the right time comes, we will tell him. " I said and Roopa nodded.

The next morning, I visited Madan Companies. As I have an appointment with him I was directly sent to his office. He welcomed me with a smile which I returned with a fake one.

"Mr. Madan, I wanted to discuss a few things with you regarding your company." I said professionally. Mr. Madan nodded and looked at me waiting for me to continue.

"I have heard that you are company is actually at the verge of shutting down. I have a deal for you." I said. Eventhough, I know he had confirmed the deal with Dinesh, I know he will surely consider my deal because the reputation of Malhotra enterprises is much better than Dinesh's company.

"I will help you bring your company back to its position but I want my son to get married to your niece Amaira." I said.

"I don't find any reason on why I shouldn't accept this deal. Amaira will be happy to hear this news. I am happy to say that my niece is going to be a part of Malhotra family." Aravind said. He held his hand out and I shook it again offering him a fake smile. I left his office, feeling extremely happy and relieved that I am going to take Amaira away from these monsters. The next task is to talk to Iyaan about his marriage.

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