At First Sight

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Chapter |8|

Iyaan's pov

"Iyaan, your mom and I have something to talk with you. We will come to your house by 5pm, if that's okay?" Dad asked me.

"Yes dad, I will home by then." I said and ended the call after saying 'bye'. I sighed and walked out of my office. I walked past my secretary who seductively smiled at me but I didn't even return the smile. I don't like her then why should I smile.

I entered my Grey Porche and drove to my house. I reached within 15 minutes. It was only 4:05 Pm by then. I quickly took a bath and wore a dark blue sweatpant and a white t-shirt and started scrolling through my phone. Soon, I heard the doorbell ring. I walked towards the door and opened it to see my parents standing in front of me with a worried look. I moved aside for them to enter.

"Is everything okay?" I asked with concern. Mom and dad looked at each other and then at me.

"Iyaan, we needed to tell you something. I am sorry that we both didn't ask about your opinion on this." Dad said. I nodded feeling unsure about what is going on.

"We fixed your marriage with Madan Companies's CEO, Aravind's niece, Amaira Mandan." Dad said. For about 2 minutes, I was still. My brain processing what my dad just said.

"What?" I asked mostly to myself.

"We arranged your marr-" I interrupted before he could finish that sentence.

"Please, just tell you are kidding." I said still shocked from the new information.

"Iyaan, I know it's so much to talk in but we are sorr-" I cut off mom.

"Of course it's so much,mom. You guys didn't even ask if wanted to do this. I can't, mom. I can't just marry some random girl you chose." I said calmly. Although, I was boiling with anger on the inside.

"Iyaan, we have never asked anything to you. We have never forced you to do anything as well. Please just do it for us." Mom said, her eyes pleading for me to agree. It was true that my parents never forced me or Iyla to do anything. They always accepted our choices when we became adults. Though, mom was not happy when I decided to go to Australia, she still accepted my decision to go abroad for studies. Dad always made sure that I was not forced on talking after the family business. They always loved and cared for me and never asked anything in return. I love them and I will do anything for my parents.

"Okay. I will marry whoever you guys want." I said with a heavy heart. My parents happiness is important to me and I will go to any extent to make them happy.

"Thank you, son." Dad said relieved. I nodded smiling slightly.

"You guys staying for dinner?" I asked changing the topic.

"Dinner that you are cooking? No thank you. All you can make is coffee and bread toast." Mom said.

"Hey, my bread toast is amazing, mom. Just accept it." I said smirking proudly.

"You are just like your father and it scares me sometimes." Mom said.

"He is mothing like me. I can cook. He can't do that, can he? That's why he is still single." Dad said kissing mom's cheek. Mom giggled.

"Yes,Iyaan, I have always wanted to ask you this. Why are you not interested in a relationship? You never had a girlfriend till now." Mom asked. It's true that I have never had a girlfriend. I was never interested in a relationship, mainly because I was not ready for a commitment. I still am not ready for commitment, I am only marrying this girl for my parents. When I was in college, I only concentrated in my studies. The only people I hang out with are Lucky and Charan.

"Are you a gay?" Dad asked with wide eyes. I choked on air and started coughing violently. I heard mom gasp.

"Oh my goodness! You couldn't have told us, Iyaan. We would have accepted your sexuali-" I cut off mom.

"Woah! Woah! No I am not gay." I almost forced the word 'gay' out of my mouth. I saw dad's shoulder slump down in relief. Mom rushed into the kitchen. Mom came back holding a cup of water and directed it to me. I drank it and placed the class on the table.

"I am sorry, Iyaan. I shouldn't have asked that." Dad said awkwardly.

"It's okay, dad." I said.

"Okay, Adi let's leave. My son has to cook his amazing dinner." Mom said. Dad nodded and they both stood up from the couch.

"Yeah, take care, son. Goodnight." Dad said.

"Goodnight, Iyaan. Sleep tight and kill the bed bugs if they bite." Mom said. My cheeks turned red in embarrassment because I was the one who changed 'don't let the bed bugs bite' to 'kill the bed bugs' when I was 5.

"Is my son blushing? Awww!" Mom asked pinching my cheeks.

"Mom." I said embarrassed, moving her hands from my cheeks.

"Roopa, stop embarrassing that boy." Dad said. I smiled thankfully at him.

"Okay bye, baby boy." She said. I waved at her and dad. I closed the door when they drove past my house. I walked to my kitchen and made bread toast and coffee. I don't want to appoint a cook because I like to maintain my privacy in my house. I only have a security and a driver in my house other than me.

After eating my food, I walked to a room into my art room. I painted for the next two hours but before leaving the room, I looked at my first and only portrait that I drew. A portrait of a person who means a lot to me. I wish she was here with me.

I miss her. I miss her a lot.

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