When dreamers collide

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This is a story about the second female lead that everyone cheered for but never got a happy ending. About unrequited love and learning when to give up. Isabella is a 26 year old that has moved from Albania to New York when she was 22, changing her life completely. She has a lot of plans for the future to help her home country, but she need money in order to do that. That's why she's been working as an architect in America trying to save up money and finalizing her projects in order to find investors. Alex is 30 years old, a doctor and has gone through a lot in his life, which is why he had to give up the only thing that could have been good for him. Bella. What happens when a one night stand four years ago turns into something more when Alex reaches out to Bella again. And this time he isn't planning to leave. But will he be able to, when life throws another cannon ball his way? Ps. I submitted this story to another app and the editing team thought that it wasn't good enough for their app, so i am leaving it here up till chapter 16. If any of you like it and would like me to work on other chapters let me know.

Romance / Erotica
Loving soul
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