Animal Kingdom

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Two worlds, one night, and a bond that she didn't even know existed. A world with half animal people. Where three brilliant moons rises in the stary night sky, strange creatures inhabit the lands with their own cultures and beliefs, and the impossible meeting of two children. And as the story continues, and that long ago spark ignites into flame, will Mia realize the true horrors of the Animal Kingdom.

Romance / Fantasy
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This can be skipped straight to the first chapter and returned to later. Or read it all now to really catch an understanding of what's happening. Not everything here will make the appearance in the first book right now so expect some parts to be vague. This is also like my own cheat sheet to keep up with things too 😂😅


Xutashi Tribe (ZOO-TASH-E)- A feline like tribe Kai'Riba's father Ruro Chief's and rules. They have ears, tails, and even eyes of a panther feline. They are fast, flexible, cunning, and can see, hear, and smell exceptionally well. They also have large fangs (males larger than females) that helps them feed on blood which they mostly do with animals. Unfortunately their females are declined.

Their species also "mates for life" as Life mates, but was only known to mate with each other of their own species.

They live in the jungle

Chayenne Tribe (SHAY-YEEN)- Unlike Xutashi these are Canine like being, more aggressive and feral, is a tribe that are the closest to the feline tribe. Allies. They have the ears, tail, teeth, and ferociousness of a wolf. They like to fight, wrestle, and thrive on adrenaline. They mate for life.

They live in forests.

Maurea Tribe (MAR-RHEA)- known as the most craftiest, the small human-like species with the animal qualities of a Bunny. They have no fluffy tail, but all have pale skin due to living in cold rocky climate. Also have long floppy ears on head (rarely do the ears actually stand).

Hard to reach their village but sends Travelers/Traders from their kind to other tribes for trading. They live like Eskimos/Viking mixture, with fur clothing, but can thrive well in cold. They produce furs only found in mountains (that only they can access), hand crafted jewellery and bows. The only Tribe that does not mate for life.

Rhuzeche Tribe (ROO-ZE-CHE)- A group that lives in the forests and are known to live far from other tribes. With large, wide horns on their head and long, pointed ears. Males are decreasing meaning more females. Peaceful, calm creatures, they would rather talk peace rather than cause trouble and keep to themselves.

Kikera Tribe (KEEK-ERA)- A tribe that lives in a savanna like biome (the largest biome) in this part of the Lands in Syrira. They are completely Savage. Because of the lies as betrayal of another tribe, the Jamati Tribe.

Due to a terrible betrayal of their "allies", known as the Dark Times, these once peaceful feline Cheetah-like creatures (with very dark faded spots on their skin except for Chief's) are now mindless... Well, animals. Feral. These creatures will wreck havoc to any other Tribe species out of anger and anguish. They tend to stay in their territory... But for those who enter do not usually leave unscathed

Jamati Tribe (YA-MAUT-EE)- A strong yet cruel, selfish race, the Jamati are ugly and crude creatures that resemble the features of a lizard with scales, tail, and reptilian features. Does not mate and live near water, live filthily and wear bones of animals. Sheds their own skin similar to snakes.

Once the allies to the Kikera and lowered their guard they raided the poor Kikera, killing and raping their females even children was not spared. Leaving only the males.



Ikna (Ick-Na)- a type of herb that is consumed to make anyone drowsy. Depressant. Mostly given to the injured.

Pypire (Pi-Pire) Seeds- seeds put in herbs or can be chewed on to relieve mild pain. (Ex. Headaches)

Yumuja (You-Meyah)- a drug made from a bright purple plant that can be crushed, it can either be consumed or inhaled with a subtle sweet smell (ex. Vanilla). Causes increased senses and urges, including touch, taste, and smell. Causes people to do irrational things.



Snatcher- A large eight foot tall beast covered in thick, white fur. Bares the face of a canine with razor sharp teeth, stands on hind legs and uses it's long arms to reach for it's pray, and snatches it with it's long deathly talons. Only attacks those who wanders near it's territory and mostly resides in caves in the snowy mountains of Syriya.

Anak (Ah-Nahk)- The largest deer in the snowy mountains, larger than a moose with antlers to put theirs to shame. Passive creatures with either white, grey, or silver fur to keep them warm. Hunted by the Maurea but only occasionally, these beast are hard to find in the wilderness and only the most experience Hunters can track these creatures and successfully kill them. Females are smaller and are seen more frequently.

(Closest resemblance is the Megaloceros)

Dyanis (Dye-A-Nis)- A small, colorful species of bird that resides in the jungle. They mostly sing at dawn and dusk, and are the size of a cat.

Nahgua (Na-Gwah)- A large feline predator (similar to the mixture of a black panther and a tiger) as long as large truck (not counting the tail) and taller than an average person. With razor sharp claws and fangs, and a knack for climbing in the largest trees, they tend to live in the deepest part of the jungles and away from any Tribe. Beware entering it's territory, because foolish unwary travelers were known to be hunted and never return.

Gizalla (Gizz-Zahl-Ah)- A large furry primate that lives in the trees of the jungle, vicious only when provoked but passive when left alone.

Ruchin (Roo-Chin)- A very hairy type of cattle with long horns and is the most common domestic animal amongst the Chayenne, Rhuzeche, and Maurea as meat or travel.

(They resemble highland cows)


Deru- God of the Dark or shadows. Known to be the night. Symbol for theivery or dark deeds. Has no form.

Asta- Goddess of the Light. She is day. Symbol for good deeds. Has no form.

Serane- The God of Life and fertility, he is the one who is believed to bless children to couples or to any animal. He is known to look like an Elder Maurea.

Na'mer'an- The Goddess of Death. When one dies they believe that they go to the sky to join the other stars. Or to them other souls. The good ones. She lives in the night realm of the Goddess and continue to watch their loves one from the skies. She takes the form of The Canine people Chayeene.

Fern- God of Wrath. Holding the form of the Jamati, the Lizard people, any who worship him are known to be cruel and savage. The belief being only the strongest should lead.

Lerme- God of Honor and loyalty who has the identity of the Cheetah people Kikera.

Dannica- the Goddess of Deciet and the most troublesome of the Gods, once she caused havoc and twisted tricks on the other Gods. She whispers cruel words into the heads of others as the "voices" to cause them to lie, cheat, steal, or even go far enough to kill each other.

Her voice was able to convince the most strongest mind into suicide. She released strong creatures to spread fear and blood. She was locked away by the strongest God Keranni to keep her from doing further harm like the scrolls say today. And it's rumored that there is a crack in her prison to allow a few of her whispers to escape.

Kerrani- One of the oldest and powerful Goddess is the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. Nothing supposedly slides by her nor done without reason. Many worship her for hope and, of course, wisdom for trouble spots in life. Form unknown. Usually the largest moon of the three moons.

Ser'avi- Another powerful Goddess and just as worshipped as Keranni. She is a known to be a blond Xutashi and the Goddess of Love who has a biggest heart. The kindest of any, who even had to adopt an abandoned human baby from the Human world. This part is known to be just a story since there is little information on it. But all that was known was little girl was named Sooda, and is sometimes believed to be good luck.


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