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When Luna Moonlight is forced to go to a School, she isn't happy about it. She rather stay home and continue doing what she is doing. When she gets to the school she is surprised to make friends with an unlikely group. Shes stuck between her past and moving forward, will her new friends be able to help her move forward from her past hurts or will they just add to it? Will she be able to face the challenges of high school or is this one challenge she can't over come?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I groaned as Jake bursted into my room slamming the door wide open and very rudely opening my curtains so the sun light shone right into my eyes.I cracked my eye open feeling around for my phone to check the time, it was 6 am. Rolling over so my back is towards my window I pulled my blanket over my head trying to go back to sleep, but Jake had other plans as he chuckled softly and yanked the blanket away from me.

“Now, now princess you need to wake up and get ready for school, you wouldn’t want to be late on your first day now would you?” Jake said with a knowing smirk on his face. I just slowly sat up and glared at him.

“Ughhh why do i have to go to school now?” I asked irritated that not only am i going to a new school all of a sudden when i’ve been homeschooled for 17 years of my life

“Cause your father said this would be good for you to actually live a normal life and to have normal friends princess” Jake said with a soft smile offering his hand to help me out of bed. I took it and he yanked me up.

Jake is my bodyguard, even though i don’t need one but i do like his company, he is in his mid 30s with short black hair slicked back and green eyes, he stands at 6’1”, tanned skin, and a chiseled jaw. He has a wife and two kids, his wife named Venes is in her late 20s and she’s 5’5” with luscious long blonde hair and blue eyes, she has a pale complexion and a heart shaped face. She’s also the most amazing chief we have here and she’s really friendly. Their two daughters are Lolla and Amethyst, they are so adorable with Lolla being 5 years old with light blue eyes and black long hair that’s always in pigtails or a braid of some sort with bows in it, her sister Amethyst is only 4 years old and has green eyes and blond hair. They are too cute!!!

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower thinking about what school life will be like for me, will I make friends? Do I even want friends? While I pondered question after question I stepped under the shower head letting the hot water consume me. I sighed in relief when the hot water started losing my muscles. I quickly washed up and stepped out of the shower knowing I would just sit on my bed in a towel for a while before I got ready. When i finally decided to get ready i walked to my closet and pulled out black ripped skinny jeans and a gray short sleeve crop top with a little alien in the right corner. I threw on my matching black lingerie set. Once I was dressed I walked to my vanity to do my hair and make up. For my hair I just put it in two dutch braids, for make up I settled with light foundation, winged eyeliner, massacra, and lip gloss.

Once I was ready I slipped on a pair of black combat boots and grabbed my bag before walking out of my room. I walked to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and a poppy seed muffin. My father was sitting at the dinner table talking harshly into the phone.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY SCREWED US OUT OF MONEY?!?” he paused listening to the other person talk before continuing “you were the one that finished the deal, you should know better than just to walk away without making sure you have the correct amount and you are the one that is going to fix this however you can or it’s gonna be your head got it” he finished yelling and hung up the phone presumably without hearing a response.

“Hey dad” i said walking over with my coffee and muffin sitting next to him

“Hey sweetie. Are you excited for school” he asked relaxing a bit

“Ughh not really but i don’t really have a choice do you? So i’m just gonna try to make the most out of it” i said shaking my head slightly

“No you do not and you’re gonna be fine you’ve been in worse situations than going to a new school” he said with a chuckle. I just smiled up at him finishing my breakfast. I checked the time and noticed it was 7:15 i better get going, i got up and kissed his cheek before walking out to the garage. I looked at my bike or my truck. I decided on my truck for today because it draws less attention. I grabbed the keys and unlocked the truck. I threw my bags in the passenger seat before turning on the car. I opened the garage door and pulled out, closing the door as I drove away.

The drive to school was a short 20 minute drive. I pulled into a parking spot at the back of the parking lot. I turned off the truck and grabbed my bag before jumping out and locking the truck. As I was walking into the school I noticed a lot of eyes on me. I rolled my eyes at that so much for going unnoticed. As I was walking I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I pulled it out to look at it, it was a text from my best friend Erik.

Erik 7:35

Hey baby girl have fun on your first day of school ;)

Me 7:35

I’ll try, there’s no promises of that happening. You know how much I hate being the new girl :(

Erik 7:36

I know baby girl i know but you’ll be fine you’ll have new friends in no time ;p

Me 7:36

Ughh i don’t want any new friends especially with the kind of life we live hun

Just as I hit send I ran into someone. I heard a squeak and before they could hit the floor I dropped my phone and bag and grabbed them. I was holding their waist. I noticed it was a petite girl with long colorful hair, she looked gorgeous. I took a step back and put my hands on her shoulders to help steady her. Once she was steady I let go and picked up my phone and bag, I checked to see if my phone was cracked. It wasn’t, which was good.

“Sorry about that, I was texting and wasn’t paying attention.” I apologize while rubbing the back of my neck.

“It’s no problem, I wasn’t paying attention either, I was reading.” she said sheepishly. We stayed silent for a while before she spoke up

“I’m Brittany but you can call me britt. You’re new here right?” Britt introduced herself extending her hand. I shook it

“Yeah I am, is it that obvious?” i asked sheepishly

“Kinda” she chuckled softly “and you are?” she questioned

“Oh yeah I’m….”

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