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Chapter 2

“My name is Luna,” I said with a smile. When she smiled back it took my breath away and she has the most breathtaking smile I have ever seen. She has sunkissed skin, with the prettiest light blue eyes i have ever seen, her lips are plump and covered in a sheer lip gloss. Man, I wish I could kiss those lips. Her eyelashes are coated in maschera making them longer. She’s wearing a simple pair of shorts and a white tank with a pink ghost in the middle of it, she had on a pair of black vans to complete the look.

“It’s nice to meet you Luna. if you want i can show you to the office” she said with a sweet smile

“It was nice meeting you too. And i would love that” i replied mentally kicking myself for being friendly towards her, she doesn’t deserve to be dragged into myself. I got to remind myself what happened to Violet when we got close. As that thought crossed my thoughts I made up my mind to stay away from Britt. I’m better off being a loner than watching innocent people get hurt.

Britt led me to the office while trying to make small talk. I answered her questions but other than that I didn’t really talk much. Once we reached the office I walked in without much of a bye or thank you. She frowned and walked away. I was conflicted with how to feel on one hand. I wanted to make her smile to replace that frown but on the other i was relieved she got the hint even though i felt like i was gonna miss out on an amazing friend. I walked up to the front desk and waited for the receptionist to notice me.

“Hello dear, what can i do for you?” she asked with a fake smile and a high pitched voice

“I’m here for my schedule please” i responded with my own fake smile

“Of course dear, what’s your name?” she asked turning to her computer ready to type

“Luna Moonlight” I said. Her eyes got slightly wider as she heard my name. I rolled my eyes hoping that if that was the reaction to my last name then I would prefer people not know it. She quickly printed out my schedule and map of the school as well as what locker I’m at and the combination for it.

“Here you go Ms. Moonlight everything you need to get around the school” she said slightly shaking

“Do me a favor and make sure the teachers and staff don’t call me by my last name ″ I asked as sweetly as I could. She nodded her head vigorously

“Yes Ma’am” she replied pulling the phone out to make a call to inform everyone. I walked out going to my locker first. Once I reach my locker I enter in the combo and read my schedule. Looks like I have english first then math, then lunch, after lunch I have science, history and my last class is PE. at least PE should be fun. I put the books and notebooks I don’t need into the locker along with a few extra things I don’t want in my bag. Once I have everything situated I close the locker and walk my way to class. I find it relatively easy and walk in. noticing I am a few minutes early I walk to the back of the class and sit by the window. I take everything I need out of my bag and wait. The bell rings a few minutes afterwards and people start filing into the classroom. I notice Britt walks in with a guy next to her chatting. He was around 6’0 with short brown hair and hazel eyes, handsome but not my type. Britt looked at me and gave me a tight lip smile, I slightly smiled back. I know she was hurt by my actions earlier but i just have to remind myself it’s better this way. To my surprise they sat down next to me. It looked like Britt wanted to say something but the teacher walked in.

“Alright class today we have a new student” Mr. Smith said. There were murmurs happening all around about this supposed new student. Mr. Smith shushed the class and once they quieted down he looked at me.

“Why don’t you come up here and introduce yourself” he said with a small smile. I rolled my eyes but stood up and walked to the front of the class.

“Hello I’m Luna” i said and walked back to my seat and sat down

“Do you want to tell us a little about yourself?” he asked

“Not really but I like reading, I love animals, I enjoy working out and i was homeschooled till now” I said still sitting

After that he went over the lesson. The periods went by fast and it was lunch time already.I walked to the cafeteria and got in line. I decided to get pizza with a small salad and water. I found an empty table near the back and sat down. I noticed people watching me walk to the table once I sat down. I could hear the whispers and me being a loner I just smiled at that hoping people would leave me alone now. But to my surprise I saw Britt and the guy from english walk to me followed by three more guys and three girls. They all sat down around the table.

“Look i know why you gave me the cold shoulder this morning” Britt said with such confidence that i was a little taken aback

“You do?” i asked trying to keep the shock out of my voice

“Mhmmm, you were nervous about making new friends with being the new girl and all and you didn’t know how to make friends since you’ve been homeschooled” she replied with a bright smile

“Yep that’s the reason why” I lied relieved that she didn’t figure out my secret.

“So we are gonna be your friends, you already know my name, sitting next to me is Kelly, next to her is Latisha, Melissa, Zac, Chris, and Vander.” Britt introduced me to each person pointing at each one as she named them off.

Kelly had shoulder length blue hair, her eyes are a deep chocolate brown color. She was pale but still gorgeous. She was wearing a gothic style skater dress with combat boots. Latisha had bright pink long hair, she also had deep brown eyes and pale skin, she was wearing a flowy summer dress with flats. Kelly and Latisha looked like sisters. Melissa had long brown hair with dark green eyes, she has a slight tan look to her skin. And she was wearing a pair of white shorts and a green top with vans on. Zac was the guy with Britt in english class. Chris has short blond hair and blue eyes, he was also pale but had a very slight tan. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with vans as well. Vander had shoulder length black and red hair, he had gray eyes and had a deep tan to him, he was muscular to the point where his shirt fit tight around him. He had luscious lips that were kissable. He wore a tight black t-shirt and ripped jeans with converse on and a leather jacket thrown on.

“Hello I’m Luna” I said with a polite smile. Everyone but Van smiled at me, he smirked. For whatever reason that irritated me. He was cocky for sure. After that we all had small talk then the bell rang. The day went by fast and it was finally PE. I got ready with the girls in the locker room. We had to wear shorts and white t-shirt. The couch just made us run laps around the track field. Once the bell rang I was happy to get out of here. I changed back into my clothes and walked out talking to the girls. The guys joined us later and we were all standing around my truck. We all said our byes and went our separate ways.

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