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Chapter 4

I woke up to someone shaking me gently. I groaned and rolled over. Jake chuckled.

“Princess you gotta get up, i’m taking you to school today.” Jake said, that got my attention and i sat up

“Why are you taking me? I can drive myself,” I said. He sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on my shoulder

“I know but after yesterday your dad wants to make sure you’re okay so he asked me to take you and pick you up from school” Jake said gently, I sighed but nodded my head nonetheless. After that Jake left the room to give me privacy. I shook my head and got up slowly stretching my limbs and back. I decided to skip the shower today, I put on a simple t-shirt and jeans with vans and I left my hair down. I put on light makeup today not really wanting to put effort in my appearance today. After I was ready I threw on my horror hoodie which is a white hoodie with some blood splatter on it.i grabbed my back and head out the door. Jake was there waiting for me with a muffin and coffee in his hands, once he saw me he handed them over, I mumbled a thank you before taking a much needed sip.

We were in the car driving to school. It was silent for a while before Jake broke it “are you okay?”

“Yeah i just want to forget about it but sometimes i feel her presence near me” i whispered trying not to cry like I do every time I talk about her. He hummed in thought

“Maybe she’s trying to tell you that it’s okay and that you can move on,” he said. I tilted my head to the side thinking about it before shrugging

“Maybe” was all I said before we pulled up to my school. I said my byes before getting out and walking to the front of the school. I walked to my locker and pulled out the books I needed, when I turned around I saw Brittany and the gang there all smiling at me well, Vander was smirking. I rolled my eyes and walked to my first class without saying a word to them, I just kept reminding myself it was better this way they are safer without me. I sat at my usual spot Brittany came in with a frown on her face.

“What was that?” she asked standing in front of me with her hands on her hips

“Look, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression yesterday but I don’t want friends. I’m better on my own” I said nicely and sternly hoping they would get the idea. She didn’t look impressed; she was about to say something but thankfully the teacher walked in. After the class was over I packed up and rushed out of the class not wanting to talk. I walked into my second class being thankful that none of them are in there with me. Before I knew it it was lunch time.

I walked to the cafeteria looking for an empty table hoping that I would go unnoticed. Once I looked at the table that they were at I saw a brunette girl there hanging off of Vander. I looked away thinking that they would be distracted and not see my slip through the door to go outside for my lunch, I was wrong.

“Luna!!” Brittany shouted at me motioning over, I sighed and went over even though it was against my better judgement. I shouldn’t get close to them but something about Britt draws me to her. I sat down next to her. The brunette looked up at me and I saw her scowling while she looked my up and down.

“You must be Luna, the new girl,” the brunette said. I just nodded my head at that.

“I’m Heba Greens by the way” she said with a hair toss like i’m supposed to know who she is

“Well it’s nice to meet you Heba” I said with a fake smile, i just know she’s gonna be trouble but she’s nothing that i can’t take care of it’s not like this is gonna be the worst thing i’ve dealt with.

“Look i’m gonna get to the point you’re not welcome here, this table is only for the cool kids and you’re differently not one of them, loser” she said with a smirk, i just had a deadpan look. I rolled my eyes

“Look, I don’t care what you think of me Holly, and Britt called me over also by the looks on their faces you’re the one not welcomed here” I said calmly. I heard gasps around the cafeteria and snickers from around our table.

“How, how dare you speak to me like that!! And the names Heba not ‘Holly’ “ she said putting air quotes over holly

“Oh I know your name I just don’t care” I replied with a smirk. She got up with her water bottle in hand. I got up to know what she’s going to do. She was smirking at me when she came to stand before me, she lifted up her hand with the water bottle in it above my head but before she could dump it on me I grabbed her wrist and made her pour the water on herself. She shrieked.

“How dare you!! You just made a very powerful enemy!” she screamed before storming off

“I doubt it” I mumbled under my breath, rolling my eyes. I sighed and sat back down.

“What just happened?” I heard Britt whisper. I shrugged.

“Luna just stood what to Heba no ones ever done that before” whispered Zac like if they spoke any louder it wouldn’t be real

“What’s the big deal? I wasn’t going to let her do what she pleases with me” i said shrugging my shoulders again like it’s no big deal

“Luna you don’t understand that was Heba the queen bee of the school, no one has stood up to her before” Zac explained

“Well why not? It’s not like she can really do anything” I said

“No she can she’s mean a vicious she’ll find out what you fear most and use that against you” he said stressed

“Well good thing I don’t have any fears” I said.

“Luna that may be so but you’ll need back up when it comes to her so from now on you’ll be hanging out with us no ifs ands or buts about it, got it?” Britt commanded, well looks like i have no choice but to be friends about it, maybe Eriks right maybe it’ll be better for me to have friends and not worry about the past.

“Got it” I said with a smile while saluting her. After that the bell rang singling that Lunch was over. We all headed to our respective classes. The day went by fast and before i knew it it was the end of the day. I walked to my locker to put everything that i didn’t need in it, i kept my home work with me. I walked out the doors and waited for Jake to get here.

I was looking at my phone when I heard a little scream followed by laughter. I looked up and saw Lolla running toward me. I put my phone away and kneeled on the ground so she could jump into my arms which she did.

“Hey cutie where’s Amethyst?” I asked normally i would be tackled by two little girls

“She’s sick at home” Lolla pouted. I put Lolla down and grabbed her hand while Jake grabbed my back pack and started walking towards the car.

“Tell you what, why don’t I make my famous chicken noodle soup to help Amethyst get better faster and that way you don’t have to eat your dad’s cooking” I said trying to cheer her up, as I put her in the car. She nodded her head vigorously.

“Hey my cooking isn’t that bad princess” Jake said with a pout

“Keep telling yourself that Jake” I said before kissing his cheek and hopping into the car. Jake shook his head and walked to the drivers side getting in. we were finally driving back home. Little did I know we were being watched.

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