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Chapter 6

“Alright, listen up everyone i just got a call from the chief of the police department.” Dad said. Looking at everyone in the room. Which consisted of Jake, Erik, Wes, Venes, Jay, Tyler, and me in the room. We all stared at dad waiting for him to say what we need to do.

“They need our help with busting a drug deal, but this isn’t an ordinary drug deal, this is with the most notorious drug lord, El Diablo, it is said he doesn’t show mercy so we won’t either! He is wanted dead or alive” Father finished and everyone nodded their heads.

“What’s the plan James?” Jake asked

“The plan is simple, we do damsel in distress” my dad said grinning looking at me. Damsel in distress is where I look like I’m trying to get away from someone, I wear ripped clothes, my hair is messed up, and my make up is running like I’ve been crying. I also have a few bruises showing to look like I’ve been beaten. But I have a hidden knife and gun.

“I thought you said he was merciless? Wouldn’t he just kill her” Erik said

“No he likes helpless girls, they’re easy targets for him” my dad said, I rolled my eyes. Erik looked confused

“He makes them his whores” I said simply, there was a light bulb that went off in his head.

“Erik, we’ve done this many times before, I’ll be okay” I said lightly putting my hand on his arm, he nodded his head. Erik always has my best interest at heart. And even though we’ve done this a hundred times he still worries.

The plan took place around 11 at night. I was running in the streets in my ripped clothes, messy hair and make up with a terrified look on my face. I saw my goal in front of me. I looked behind me to see Erik running after me with a crazed expression on his face. I reached my goal and started pounding and screaming for help. Someone opened the door and I threw myself at them.

“P-please help me, i’m being chased” i said crying. They looked at me with pity then brought me inside. I looked behind me at Erik with a smirk and mouthed show time. The door closes and the person brings me to a room away from hustle and bustle.

Before he could close I said “excuse me sir, i just wanted to know something?”

“Hmm” he said, raising an eyebrow, opening the door so he could lean on the frame. I walked up to him and slid my hand down his chest.

“I just wanted to know have you ever been to hell” I asked tilting my head to the side with a wide smile on his face. At this point his face paled when he recognized me but before he could say anything I pulled out my knife and slit his throat, his blooded sprayed on my face. As soon as he hit the floor i pulled out my gun and crossed my arms so the arm that i was holding the knife with was supporting the arm that i was holding the gun in. By the time I got to the area where they were getting the drugs ready for the deal my team came in with guns blazing. I looked around the room and saw Erik and Jake take down a couple of guys, I looked to my left and saw Wes shoot another guy. I heard footsteps approaching me from behind, I spawn around and stabbed the guy in the throat. I rolled my eyes. They are really easy to take down. I saw someone aim their gun at Erik and I threw my knief at them, it landed in their right eye, they dropped to their knees and that’s when I shot them. I walked over and took my knife out of their eye.

“Thanks baby girl,” Erik said, coming up to me. I just smiled at him. Him and I fought back to back like all the other times. I noticed El Diablo try to escape through a side door. I quickly cartwheeled and hand flipped my way there.

“Where do you think you’re going?” i asked him as i threw a knife at his hand that was on the door knob. The knife landed in his hand and he groaned with pain. I smirked. I noticed he started pulling out his gun but I was quicker and shot him between the eyes.

“It’s done,” i said into the coms the police gave us, once i said that the police stormed the building and arrested everyone that was still alive. After that’s ordinal we all headed home and I took a nice hot shower and crawled into bed ready to sleep.

Later at school I was sitting at the lunch table and I noticed Van wasn’t here at all.

“Hey where’s Van?” I asked

“Oh right you’re not on the group chat we have, Vans Uncle died last night, the police said he was El Diablo the notorious drug lord but that’s impossible Vans uncle was super nice when we last saw him.” Britt said. My eyes widen slightly but not enough people noticed

“Oh that’s terrible” I said, faking sadness. After that no one talked and we all went about the rest of the school day. By the end of the day I was added to the group chat and we made plans to hang out this weekend.

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