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Chapter 7

I woke up to Jake shaking me awake. This has become the routine for us. He wakes me up in the morning so I can get ready for school. I sighed softly. It’s Friday at least I’ll have two days to sleep in. I smiled at Jake and thanked him before leaving my bed and heading to the showers. I heard the door close indicating Jake left the room. After my shower I quickly dried and straightened my hair. For my outfit I slipped on a black skater dress with the sides cut out, for makeup I did a black smokey eye and winged eyeliner, and blood red lipstick. I put on my combat heeled boots. I walked out of my room with my bag on. I walked to the kitchen for my usual breakfast. I noticed my dad in a suit and tie.

“Hey dad, are you going on a business trip?” I asked, he looked up from his phone and smiled at me.

“Yeah i’ll be gone for a few weeks Jake is coming with me” He said pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead. I nodded my head.

“Okay i’ll see you when you get back.” I said smiling at him and kissing his cheek. I grabbed my breakfast, said my final goodbyes and I was off to school. I parked my car and started walking towards the building. There were whispers about what happened yesterday how everyone can’t believe that Van’s Uncle was a drug lord. I got to my locker and all my friends were there still no sign of Vander.

“I still don’t believe that Van’s Uncle was a drug lord” Zac said, I sighed

“Some people hide things from their loved once to keep them out of their world, I know it’s hard to believe but if the cops are saying that he was one then maybe he was a drug lord” I simply said with no emotion on my face before turning to open my locker to get what i need out. Once I had everything I needed I closed my locker and turned around. Everyone was looking at me shocked.

“Wow did you have to be a bitch about it” Chris said, shocked. I shrugged my shoulders

“I’m not gonna sugar coat anything, the sooner everyone gets the through their heads the better sometimes people aren’t who they seem to be” I said. At that moment the warning bell went off. We all went our separate ways. It was math class and I sat at the back of the room. We are going over something I already know so it’s really boring. I decided to pull out a book to read. I got a quarter of the way through the book when the teacher called on me. I looked up and raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know where you think you are but when you are in my class room you pay attention” Ms. Copper said with her hands at her hips

“I know i’m at school but i already learned this so i don’t see the point in paying attention” i said shrugging and going back to my book.

“Well if you already know it then solve the problem on the board” she said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and got up to walk to the board. I picked up the marker and quickly solved it, then turned around and sat back down. Ms.Copper looked at the board and her face went ride

“That’s correct Luna, i’m sorry” She said with her head down

“It’s fine this time just don’t do it again” I said nonchalantly and a smirk on my face as her face paled. I went back to my book as she continued to teach, i guess that’s one good thing about the reputation I have. People fear me, even the pathetic teachers that are supposed to be in charge of me. Once the bell rang I got up and headed into my other class sitting in the back by the window again. This class went by faster than the first class and now I am sitting at the table with my friends.

“Hey we should go to the movies this weekend” Britt suggested, everyone agreed with that.

“We could go to the movies and spend money or we can watch it at my place” I said, they all looked at each other

“Sure that would be fun.” Britt said

“What will we do for snacks though?” Kelly asked

“Don’t worry about that, I have everything we need,” I said, smirking.

“Okay that settles that then we are having a movie night at Lunas tomorrow” Britt said. After that I texted them my address so they have it.

“So Luna are you ready for gym class?” Britt asked

“Yeah we are playing dodgeball this week right?” I asked with a grin. She nodded her head. Before we knew it it was time for PE. we had PE with the boys this week so it’ll be boys vs girls for dodgeball. Once everyone was ready we went to our sides to get ready to play. Each team stretched first. The couch blew his whistle indicating us to get ready. Once everyone was ready he blew his whistle again. Everyone rushed forward to grab a ball but me.

I saw this kid named Ryan smirk at me thinking I was an easy target since I was just standing there. He chucked the ball at me and I caught it with ease. He cursed and left the field. I threw the ball hitting another kid in the head. That’s how I played the game for the rest of the round and the next round. We all sat around my car trying to decide what time everyone will be showing up. We decided for 8 pm. After that we all got in our cars and drove home.

The next day I woke up earlier than normal. I got my coffee then I put on my favorite music and began cleaning the house. After I cleaned the whole place I took a shower and got ready. I chose to wear jean shorts, and a tank top, for my hair. I just put it in a side braid. I looked at the time and noticed it was only 7. They would be here in an hour. I ordered pizza for us and told them to have it be here by 8:15. After that I made sure the drinks are in the coolers and that the popcorn is ready to be popped. At exactly 8 I heard the doorbell rang. I answered the door to see Britt, Kelly, Latisha, and Melissa standing at my with their jaws open. I probably should have mentioned I live in a mansion. I laughed quietly and ushered them inside. I brought them to the living room so we could wait for the boys and the pizza.

“Welcome to my house” I said smiling

“THIS IS NOT A HOUSE IT IS A MANSION!!!” Britt screamed, shaking my shoulders. I laughed getting out of her grasp. I rubbed the back of my next and shrugged.

“Why did you say you were loaded?” Latisha asked, tilting her head.

“It never came up plus I don’t like boasting that I’m wealthy, that’s just asking for trouble” I said like it’s not a big deal. They started at me like I was crazy, if they only knew how much I hid my craziness. Just then the doorbell rang again and this time it was the boys turn to be shocked. Before they could say anything I did.

“Yeah yeah i live in a mansion i know but welcome” I said not wanting to go through that conversation again just before i closed the door i noticed the pizza delivery man coming up i looked at the time 8:15 exactly good. I grabbed the pizzas and thanked him while handing him the money.

“Come on let’s get set up well have pizza and snacks while we watch the movie” I said walking away, i didn’t get very far before i realized no one was following me. I back tracked and looked at them.

“Aren’t we going to watch the movie here” Chris asked

“Oh no I have a theater room we’ll watch it there” I said, they all had shocked faces again and I rolled my eyes before motioning them to follow me. They all followed me to my theater room and by theater room I really mean mini movie theater. It has the concession stand and everything plus two or three small rooms. I heard gasps coming from them.

“You know when you said theater room I was thinking a room that had a projector or some shit not an actual mini movie theater” Britt said once again shaking me by my shoulders. We all got the snacks and drinks we wanted and some popcorn, I’m so glad it had a timer for when to start popping and that I set it to start at 8. As soon as we were situated in our seats which were leather recliners with a pull out table so you can eat. The movie started to play and of course I had the latest movies being played even if they are still in theaters. I can watch them within the comfort of my own house. At some point during the movie Britt started cuddling with me, not that I minded at all, she fit so perfectly in my side like she was meant to be there, how Violet fit so perfectly next to me. I shook those thoughts out of my mind. I can’t let myself fall for her. I can’t let her get hurt like Violet did. I can’t go through that again.

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