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Chapter 8

I woke up to a weight on my chest. I looked down and saw colorful hair. I smiled knowing we all feel asleep. I closed my eyes again till my phone rang waking us all up. I saw Eriks name on the screen and I frowned . He normally calls me when he’s in trouble. I answered the phone.

“Hey baby girl i need your help” He said before i could even say hi

“What happened” I asked sitting up

“I’m at the hospital and they won’t discharge me till i have someone here to pick me up” he said like it wasn’t a big deal, i growled and got up ignoring the questioning stares.

“What the fuck happened?” I growled out and I was beyond pissed. One he got himself sent to the hospital two someone put him there that much i knew, i know Erik he doesn’t hurt himself enough to get sent to the hospital unless he was in a fight, he’s not like me, he doesn’t hurt himself on purpose.

“Well funny story I ran into Derek and his buddy and they were talking mad shit about you so I….” he trailed off when I growled out again.

“YOU FUCKING WHAT?!? YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO CONFRONT THEM! WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING” i screamed into the phone. I was full on raging. I cut the call once I reached my bike not caring that they were still in the house. I speed down to the hospital. Erik was so gonna get an earful.

Britts POV

I looked at everyone here, we were all confused with what happened but we knew one thing whatever happened it wasn’t good Luna was pissed. I pray for the soul that pissed her off seeing her like that with that fire in her eyes scared me a little. But for whatever reason i knew deep down that she would never be that mad at me or any of us for that matter. I was always good at reading people and even though i know she’s hiding something from us i can’t figure out what it is but i do know she wouldn’t hurt us.

Lunas POV

I reached the hospital in record time. I parked my bike and went in. It was weird being here where my mom used to work. It brought back bad memories. I walked to the reception desk and put on a fake smile even though I was still mad.

“Ms. Moonlight what can i do for you?” the girl behind the counter was shocked to see me.

“Erik” was all I said. She nodded her head and gave me his room number. I walked to his room when I was there. I found him sitting on his bed with a scowl on his face. I walked in and smacked him in the back of his head.

“Ow what was that for?” he whined. I just glared at him. He put his hands up in surrender.

“Okay okay i’m sorry but i couldn’t just let them talk shit about you” he said and i sighed

“They talk shit about me all the time and you should have cause then you wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital.” i sighed, just then the doctor came in with his discharge sheets and his painkillers. I took both of them and quickly signed the discharge sheet. After that the doctor left and I was helping Erik to my bike.

“You know you are a fucking idiot right? But thank you for trying to save my honor even though you got stabbed” I said kissing his cheek before getting on the bike. He chuckled softly, saying he knew before sliding on the bike behind me. Once he was secured I took off. We made it home in no time, I helped him up the stairs to his room and made him lay down while I got hum water so he could take his pills.

When I walked downstairs to the kitchen I noticed my friends still there looking at me. I got his water then justered for them to head to the living room. I walked to Eriks room and gave him his pills and water.

“Get some rest you need it” I told him, he just grunted knowing not to argue with me.

I walked out to the living room where all my friends were waiting for me. I sunk into the seat next to Britt and sighed. We sat in silence for a while now.

“So...what happened?” Britt asked, putting her hand on my shoulder and slightly squeezing it. I sighed again

“Erik got in a fight and he ended up getting shot.” I said. They all looked shocked

“Shouldn’t we go to the cops?” Kelly asked shocked. I shook my head

“No there’s no point there were no cameras in the area and Erik doesn’t remember what they look like” I lied, well it was a partial lie. They all collectively sighed not knowing what to say or do. After a while they all left and I walked up to Eriks room and curled up next to him.

Britts POV

After we all left Lunas house we all looked at each other not knowing what to do. We all decided we needed coffee so we headed to our favorite Cafe, The Thorny Rose, a weird name for a cafe but they have excellent food and drinks.

Once we all got there we all ordered our usuals, Zac with his caramel ribbon frappe, Kelly with her lavender latte, Latisha with her pink hot chocolate, Chris with his chocolate chip frappe, Melissa with her green peach tea, and me with my white chocolate hot chocolate. We all sat in our original seats.

“Man Luna looked defeated” Zac said

“Yeah, and when she stormed out she looked terrifying, like she was ready for murder” Kelly said.

“Yeah she did” I mumbled thinking about what we know about her, which isn’t a lot, she’s trying to distance herself from us or at least she was, but she’s still not giving up a lot of info...hmmm. I mentally shrugged my shoulders thinking she takes a little bit to open up. I’m the same way so i can’t fault her for that.

“I hope she’s okay and I hope Erik makes a speedy recovery, she seemed so worried about him, hmmm i wonder if they are together.” Latisha said looking at her drink

“Hmmmm no i think they are just best friends but i don’t know, Luna strikes me as someone who protects the people she cares about violently, like you don’t want to cross her” I said my thoughts out loud. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Let’s change the conversation, it’s getting depressing” Kelly suggested and we all smiled and nodded our heads.

“Is everyone ready for the history test tomorrow?” Zac asked and we all groaned. We all decided to get up and go study so we were all heading back to my house. I thought about texting Luna but she has her plate full right now so I left her alone.

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