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Chapter 9

Luna’s POV

I woke up next to Erik, groggy as all hell. I slowly got up careful to not disturb him. I walked to my room to get ready, after my quick shower I put on a simple black dress that stopped slightly above my knees. I left my hair to air dry and my face blank to lazy to style my hair or put on makeup. I slip on my vans and walk out of my room. I decided to skip breakfast and just headed to my car. I stopped by Thorny Rose for my usual, Vanilla caramel coffee. As soon as I walked in I was engulfed in a hug.

“Hey babe!!” Someone shrieked in my ear. I groaned and pulled away

“Rosa it’s way too early to be shrieking,” I said rubbing my ear, she just chuckled

“Sorry babe it’s just been a while since you’ve been here, you want your usual?” she said while going behind the counter to get my drink ready. I nodded my head.

“Is that Luna that i hear?” Antonio said coming out of the back door

“Antonio! It’s so good to see you again” I said hugging him

“And it’s so good to see my favorite niece.” He said hugging me back, Antonio is my Uncle from my moms side, after she died Uncle Antonio stayed with dad and I. Grandma Daisy blames us for her death.

“Here’s your coffee babe” Rosa said, handing me my coffee. I opened my bag so I could pay for it but a hand on my shoulder stops me, I look up and see Antonio shaking his head indicating I don’t have to pay, I roll my eyes. I zip up my bag.

“Thanks Rosa, and thank you Antonio” I say kissing his cheek before heading out the door. I head back into the car and before I know it I’m at school. I should of skipped today but i have this stupid test, i sigh and get out of the car only to see people pointing a whispering. I frown not being in the mood to be messed with and judging by the looks and whispers I would say Heba did something. Once i reached my locker i can say i was right, right there on my door was a dead rodent on my door. I frowned at the site.

“You poor thing” I whispered to myself while I pulled it off my door. I threw it in the trash and opened my locker. I was not expecting the Tarantula that was in my locker.

“Well hello little guy” I chuckle while holding my hand out for it to crawl on, once it was on my hand I lifted my hand up

“Why don’t we get you outside?” I say as I close my locker books completely forgotten. As I reach outside I see my friends walking up. I let the tarantula go just as my friends reached me.

“Hey what’s up with the spider?” Britt asks as

“Heba put a dead rodent on my locker door and the Tarantula in my locker probably trying to scare me” I said with a shrug

“She what?!?” Britt said getting mad, i put my hand on her shoulder and chuckled

“No need to get mad cause that’s what she wants plus it really doesn’t bug me, Erik and I used to pull pranks like these on each other all the time” I explained waving my hand in dismissal.

“Speaking of Erik, how is he?” Kelly asked

“Hes fine in some pain but hell be fine as long as he rest and takes his meds, hell be pouty when i get home since i left her” I chuckle

“Come on we should get to class before we are late” I said walking back into the school. We walked to our classes. Now we are all sitting in history taking the test. The test was easy enough and I finished in 20 minutes leaving 25 minutes left of class. I just stared out of the window till class was over. Finally class is over and we are all heading to lunch now.

“Ugh that was a hard test” Britt groaned when she sat down.

“It wasn’t that bad Britt” I said quietly sitting next to her

“What do you mean not that bad?!? I saw you looking out the window 20 minutes into the test” She said back.

“Well yeah i finished i had nothing better to do” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Seriously you finished that early” Zac asked surprised

“Mhmmm” I hummed eating my lunch. Just as i took my first bite a voice i didn’t want to hear spoke behind me

“How did you like my presents that I left you?” Heba asked laughing along with her friends

“You mean the dead rodent and Tarantula?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. She nodded her head with a smirk

“Well the rodent is in the trash and i let the Tarantula go outside” I simply said before continuing “look you got to try a lot harder than that to ‘scare’ me” I said with air quotes around scared cause she seriously can’t do that especially with what i’ve been through. Heba just frowned and walked away.

“How do you do that?” Chris asked

“Do what?” i asked tilting my head slightly

“Make Heba just walk away” He clarified and I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to eating. The rest of the school day went by in a blur. Now we are all standing around my car discussing what we want to do.

“Why don’t you guys come to my place?” I offer. They all look at each other then smile at me while nodding their heads

“That works, we would love to go to your place” Britt says with a huge smile on her face. We all get in our respective cars, Britt is with me, Kelly, Chris, and Latisha are in another car, Zac and Melissa are together and Van goes in his own car. Once we all make our way to my house I order a pizza not feeling like cooking anything. I go upstairs after placing the order to check on Erik.

“Hey how are you doing?” I ask handing him the glass of water and some pain meds

“I feel better” He said gruffly

“That’s good, my friends are over and i ordered pizza, i’ll bring you some when it gets here” I said ready to leave the room

“No it’s fine i’ll come down” He said standing up. I nodded my head and walked out. Once we reached the living room where my friends were. They were sitting around eating the pizza, it must have come while I was upstairs with Erik. I introduced Erik to everyone and everyone to Erik. We just talked and laugh for a while but at some point Erik decided he wanted to play spin the bottle and everyone agreed so now we are all sitting in a circle with Erik to my right and Britt to my left, next to her was Kelly then Chris then Latisha, Zac, Milessia, and finally Van. I spun the bottle first and we watched it spin around and round till it finally stopped on...

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