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Beaujour, the son of Aurore and Ingénu was kidnapped when he was young by a pirate. But after a shipwreck, he was saved by the pirate's wife that had taken care of him till his parents found him back. Now at the age of 18, he was kidnapped again by another pirate. And as his grandma, the old shepherdess said, "God permits misfortune only for the benefit of the unfortunate person" ◇♧◇ This one shot is from a French fairytale, known as Aurore & Aimée. ◇♧◇ A short manxman story fluffed-filled with less than 1.5k words. Read at your own risk!

Romance / Other
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Beaujour struggled to get his hands out of the tight ropes that had bound him to the bed post. He couldn't believe it. He was the best warrior of his kingdom and yet his ship got attacked and captured by a handsome corsair.

He was supposed to be back home in two days time and have a nice cup of tea with his old wise grandmother who loved spending time teaching him all the knowledge that she possessed.

Tears beamed on the edge of his eyes as the thought of never be able to see his family ever.

"Oh my dear Beaujour! Why are you crying?" A familiar motherly voice asked him in concerns. Titling his head towards the door, he spotted an elderly woman. Rushing to him, the woman cooed some soothing words to calm him down which was successful.

"W-who are you?" His voice cracked as he asked the woman.

Smiling softly at his question, the woman replied, "Oh my dear Beaujour! Don't you remember me? I'm the mother who was taking care of you all the time after my cruel husband had abducted you."

Indeed he now remembered everything. When he was a toddler, a corsair had kidnapped him but unfortunately for the corsair, they were shipwrecked which caused everyone to die but Beaujour since he was saved by his Mama Bernadette. The latter had spent 4 years of her life taking great care of Beaujour till his own parents found him. But after that he held no memories of what happened to his mama Bernadette.

"Mama Bernadette please help me! I'm bound here! Please help me escape from this corsair!" Beaujour begged the woman who only stroked his face in affection.

"Don't worry my son, this corsair is a good man," Mama Bernadette reassured him, though this didn't calm down his pounding heart.

"Axel! Come here!" The woman screamed and after a few minutes, footsteps can be heard approaching the cabin he was in before the door was slam-opened.

There at the entrance stood the godly looking corsair. His long dark hair was tied in a low ponytail, his clothes, made from the finest silk draped his large body perfectly and his warm grey eyes, contrast to his tanned skin was fixed on him. A smirk found his way on his luscious thin lips at the way the prince was staring at him which caused the latter to blush upon realizing what he was doing.

"Yes tante Bernie?" The French pirate smiled affectionately at the old woman.

"What have you done to my poor Beaujour!" Bernadette gasped, pointing at the ropes.

"But he'll run away if I free him!"

"This is not a way to court someone!"

The latter only sulked and stomped his foot childishly in reply.

Sighing Bernadette advanced towards the corsair and muttered some words to him before leaving Beaujour alone with the French pirate.

"Mama Bernadette don't lea-"

In a swift, the corsair was straddling the latter.

"W-what are you doing?" The prince blushed.

"You're indeed as beautiful as tante Bernie said!" Axel chirped, his index finger tracing an invisible line on the prince's smooth skin.

"Pl-please stop. I'm uncomfortable."

"But I like making you blush!" The corsair pouted. Leaning towards his ear, he whispered seductively, "It makes you look delicious."


Is the pirate cannibal and going to eat him!?

"Please don't eat me! I taste no good!" Beaujour begged, in hope to change the pirate's mind.

"What-bwahaha!" The latter bursted out laughing at the interpretation of the prince's meaning. "If you promise to spend the next two weeks with me, I'll set you free," the corsair said, wiping a stray tear.

"Two weeks?"

"Yes only two weeks," Axel confirmed.

After a few minutes of thinking, he finally nodded his head in agreement. "Can you please untie me now Captain?"

"But you looked adorable like that!"

"Excuse me?"


Beaujour was having the best day of his life. He had spent the last 13 days enjoying himself with the flirty corsair. They had gone swimming with the baby sharks, exploring lands he'd never set foot before and buying tons of ornaments- with Axel's money. And now Axel was teaching him how to play a fife, a musical instrument royalties weren't allowed to play, obviously not missing the chance to hold the prince. He was so happy with this new experience of him that he forgot he was supposed to leave the day after tomorrow.

"You gotta press your fingers on the six holes and placed the mouth where you're going to blow," the pirate instructed, his hands resting on the prince's waist. "And then you-"

A roar of thunder interrupted them as the sea started to turn rougher.

"Captain! Storm incoming!"

The gigantic waves swayed the ship from side to side, making the crew to lose their balance.

"Axel!" The prince screamed for the French pirate for help as he was violently ejected from aboard.

Losing no time, the corsair dived in to save Beaujour. Grabbing hold of him, Axel tried to swim back to the ship but the rough waves were pulling them away. The prince coughed as sea water penetrated his mouth and held onto Axel. He could feel the tiredness in Axel's movements as the water engulfed them.


"Beaujour! Wake up!" Beaujour could feel the sting on his cheek as the pirate tried to slap him awake. Groaning at the pain, the prince tried to sway the annoying corsair away to go back to sleep.

"No! Wake up! I'll stuff my boot in your mouth if you don't wake up!" Axel threatened the latter which was successful as the prince jolted up at the mention of the pirate's dirty boot in his mouth. Yuck!

"What happened?" Beaujour questioned as his eyes gazed around the sandy land he was in.

"We got washed away on this island! My crew is all gone!" The French pirate cried on the prince's shoulder.

"Hey! Stop!" The prince rubbed the latter's back soothingly.

"We're doomed!"

"Hey listen, God permits misfortune only for the benefit of the unfortunate person, so please stop crying."

Nodding at the prince, the pirate wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Let's be like Jonah and William!" The pirate exclaimed as he embraced Beaujour.

"Excuse me!?" Jonah and William were one of the cutest couple amongst the crew. Regardless of them having the same gender, they love each other very much, such kind of relationship acceptable to their captain.

"Axel! Let go of me!" The prince tried to squirmed away from the embrace which caused the pirate to groan at the contact of the prince's bottom to his groin.

On the spur of the moment, Axel had pinned down the prince and crashed his lips onto his.

"-Ngh!" Beaujour moaned at the contact, his back arching in excitement causing the corsair to deepen the kiss.

After a few minutes of corsair dominating the mouth of the poor prince, he finally released the panting Beaujour.

"Don't pretend you don't like it Beau. Cause I know you do," pecking the prince soft lips he continued, "I've fallen in love with you at first sight mon amour and I know you like me too. So let's get marry in this lonely island and stay here forever!"

Beaujour laughed heartily at the corsair's words. It was true that he was attracted to him.

"I'm afraid you spoke too soon captain," The prince smirked, "As we are going to leave this island today itself."


"Turn around," doing as the prince said, he spotted his ship approaching the small island they were in.

"Already!?" Axel pouted, causing the latter to laugh.

"Let's get marry on your ship with everyone's presence."

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