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Riley Wilson is a shark researcher for the University of Newport Beach on the Coast of Rhode Island has a small problem with relationships. Mainly that the men she meets seem to be a bit intimidated and are unable to accept that she spends her time researching and diving with large sharks all over the world or are turned away by her past and the fact that she was a foster child. Riley believes that she is unlovable, her foster sister Jade seems to think she is just too much woman for one man. Jasper Richardson and Shane Cunninghan are a couple that is looking for someone to balance them out,but first they have to find a woman to accept them as they are. Jasper is a contract lawyer for a development company and Shane is a successful architect for the same company. In some ways they are the perfect couple and in others they are too different with their own unique pasts. They have come to the conclusion that they work better in a Triad or three way relationship. If Riley is too much for one man, maybe it is not a matter of the right man but finding the right men to handle her difficult job and accept her past.. Can these three find love and acceptance?

Romance / Erotica
Beth Burke
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Chapter 1

Riley walked quickly into the Junkyard Dog, a bar she owned with her best friend and foster sister Jade. She headed straight up to the bar, where Jade was finishing a few orders.

“Sorry I am late! The dive ran long. Did your extra help show up for your party or do you need me to run the bar?” she said as she approached Jade.

Jade laughed at the panic in her voice and rolled her eyes. “Of course it did. No worries, Lucy came in to run the kitchen and Gaby is coming in to run the bar. Also Luke is not here yet so the party can’t even start yet.” she explained.

“This is your birthday party!” Riley exclaimed. “What can’t it start without Luke being here?”

“It just is not a party without him. You would understand if you would stop scaring all the men away.” Jade teased, she then became very serious towards her friend “Why can’t you find someone? I always feel bad that you are still alone and that I am somehow rubbing your face in my relationship.”

“I am fine being alone, besides any guy that I am interested in either has no interest in me or they find out what I do and they tend to back away slowly. As if they move too fast I will attack them or something, never to be heard from again. Apparently men are a little intimidated when they find out that I dive with big sharks for a living.” Riley explained.

“You are just too much woman for those wimps who claim to be men.” teased Jade.

Riley shook her head “Oh Jade, go on to your party. I will handle the bar until Gaby gets here.” She said with a small sigh as two men, a little too well dressed for the normal clientele, walked up and took a seat at the bar.

Jade took in the two men and winked at Riley before heading off to her party as her boyfriend walked through the door. “Welcome to the Junkyard Dog, how may I help you?” She asked professionally.

The first man was average height for a man, with an athletic build with an olive complexion, dark hair and dark brown eyes in a suit that looked as though he was born in it. This man gave off the air of confidence, control and power as he took in the bar. The second man was taller with broader shoulders than the first,also athletically built with a sun kissed tan, but as an opposite to the first man this one had dirty blonde hair that was just long enough to fall into his light blue eyes. This man gave off a more personable and fun loving air. Riley noticed that both men were well dressed and well groomed and gorgeous.

The blonde man looked Riley up and down before glancing at the dark haired man with a small smile. Riley noticed the look was a bit intimate to be merely between friends. The blonde man then turned to her and asked “What would you recommend?” as he leaned on the counter towards her.

Sensing the flirtation in his voice she decided to test the waters. She leaned on the counter as well, looking at him and replied “I make a killer Sex on the Beach or a Wild Sex if you don’t like sand.”

The blonde man smiled, a panty-melting smile, and with another small glance at the dark haired man replied. “Really?” A mischievous and sexy glint in his eyes. “I do like sex, wild or on the beach and I certainly don’t mind a little sand. How about you show me what you like?” He finished with a small wink.

She gave him a coy smile before turning to the dark haired man “And what will you have?” she asked him “Are your tastes as adventurous as your friend’s?”

The dark haired man smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Normally yes, today I will just take a whiskey, on the rocks.”

“Irish or American?” she asked.

The Dark haired man eyed her again before answering “Normally Canadian.”

“Good Taste.” Riley nodded and moved off to make their drinks. Just to have a bit of fun with them, she made the blonde man a Sex on the Beach, because he reminded her of a surfer and she got the dark haired man a whiskey on the rocks but also made him a whiskey mixed drink that she was making for the party. The two men confused her, their actions still seemed to be a bit intimate for just friends but the blonde man had definitely been flirting with her and she was fairly certain that the dark haired man was checking her out. As she made the drinks she could feel his eyes on her, his mere presence was intoxicating. What that meant she wasn’t sure, but she would play along for now.

She came back over to give the men their drinks, placing the Sex on the Beach in front of the blonde man and the plain whiskey in front of the dark haired man, then slid the mixed drink to him as well.

“What is this?” the dark haired man asked.

Riley gave him a flirty smile before answering “Hot Wet Pussy, on the house.” before she moved off to start making more of them for the party.

As she finished the first platter of drinks for the party she noticed that Jade had moved over to the men and was talking to them. She made her way back over to the two men,to bring the platter over to Jade and to see what she was up to. As she approached she heard Jade say “Is my very beautiful and very single sister taking care of you boys?” Riley glared at Jade.

“Oh yes, she is taking very good care of us.” replied the blonde man with a small wink in Riley’s direction.

“You have excellent service here.” The dark haired man added.

“You boys should come join us for my party, it’s my birthday!” Jade said “I am Jade by the way and this is my sister and best friend Riley.”

The blonde man looked over to the dark haired man, who merely shrugged, before he smiled and replied “We would love to! I am Shane and this is Jasper” He said, motioning to the dark haired man.

Jade smiled even wider and with a glance at Riley said “Well, you two can keep Riley from getting too lonely. I know I can be a bit neglectful when my boyfriend is around.”

Riley glared at her sister and said “Didn’t you want me to take pictures of the party, I think that can keep me from being lonely or bored. That is why I brought the good camera.” Trying to grasp at straws to not be set up.

Jasper eyed the very professional and expensive looking camera with interest and asked “Are you a professional photographer? That is quite the camera.”

Before Riley could answer Jade spoke up “She is a wonderful photographer! You should see her underwater stuff! It is amazing! A lot of the photos on the walls here are her’s. A publisher even wants to publish some of her pictures!” she said excitedly motioning around the bar at the photos on the walls.

“JADE! Hush up!” Riley exclaimed “these nice gentlemen do not need to know my life story!”

Shane laughed at her exclamation “Why are you looking embarrassed by your sister talking you up? Sounds like you deserve it.” he said.

Looking embarrassed Riley looked over at Jasper and Shane “I just don’t…. Ummm” She seemed lost for words.

Jade threw her arm over her shoulders and laughed “She just doesn’t like to brag, because she might scare people away with just how amazing she is!” Jade then saw the platter of drinks and continued “You making these for the party makes you even more amazing!” She took the shot drinks and turned towards the party and shouted “Hot Wet Pussy and Blow Job shots!! Happy Birthday to me!!”

Riley just smiled and shook her head at her sister, who had no shame. What. So. Ever. “You can ignore her and you don’t really have to stay. She got hit in the head a lot as a child.” Riley said, still glaring at Jade.

“Really?” asked Shane. An eyebrow raised in interest.

“So you are not single?” Asked Jasper, with a flirtatious tone to his voice. “She was pretty adamant about that fact.”

“Oh no, I am certainly very single.” she replied in exasperation.

“Why are you embarrassed by your apparent success?” asked Shane.

With a sigh Riley replied “I am not embarrassed by it, I am just not one to share something like that when I first meet someone.”

Riley returned his smile and headed for the kitchen as Gaby, the night bartender came over to the bar in a rush “Sorry Boss, I know I am late! The traffic sucked tonight, construction of that new beachside hotel had everything backed up.” she said as she put on an apron.

Jasper looked over at Riley with a bit of curiosity. “Boss?”

Gaby replied right away “Oh yeah, Riley owns the place with Jade, she helps to manage the place when she can.”

Riley shook her head and scanned the tables “ Gaby go take the orders on table two.” she snapped from the kitchen.

Shane took a look around the bar at the decor and asked “Are you and Jade surfers?”

Riley laughed at his question “Very bad ones, but we play in the waves from time to time”

Shane laughed. “Is that where you got the name for the bar?” When Jasper looked confused he continued “A junkyard dog is a surfer term for a bad surfer or a surfer with bad form,” he explained.

Jasper looked back at Riley “Are you needed at the bar, now that your bartender is here?” He asked “Or are you free to join your sister’s party?”

Riley looked over at Gaby and replied “Nope, not needed here anymore.”

“Then would you like to join us on the dance floor?” Jasper asked, offering his hand to her.

Deciding to see where this would go, she took Jasper’s hand and replied “Sure, why not.”

“No reason I can see.” replied Shane.

She followed the two men over to the party and to the dance floor. The two men caged her in between them and soon the three of them found a good rhythm. She thought she would feel trapped dancing with two men at once but to her great surprise she felt safe and secure. Their hands slid over her body as she wrapped her arms around the neck whichever man was in front of her for that song.

The evening went on and Riley alternated between dancing with the two men and taking pictures of the party. After a few more songs Shane pulled her closer to him before she could escape to take more pictures and asked in a whisper only she could hear. “Have you ever been with two men Riley?”

Riley stiffened at the question, she had always wanted to try a threesome, but had never had the chance. “No” She replied, a bit confused.

“Have you ever thought about it?” Asked Jasper as he ran his large hands around her waist. “We find you fascinating and I did like my first taste of your hot wet pussy.” He growled in her other ear, mentioning the teasing drink she had made him and planting a very light kiss to her neck.

Riley’s breath hitched at his action. “I thought you two might be together, but then I thought you were flirting with me?”

Shane laughed in her ear before he answered. “We are together, and we are flirting with you. So what do you say?”

After another moment to wrap her mind around this,she answered. “Where?”

Shane smiled and planted a gentle kiss to her neck . “Our condo is a few blocks away.”

There was a low growl from Jasper. “Come home with us Riley.”

Riley thought about this, Gaby was locking up, she was off for the party and that was starting to wind down. She could slip out and Jade was too wasted to notice. “Let me get a few more shots of the party and then I will go with you.” She answered.

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