Found True Love

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This is a story of a girl, from Nigeria named Zoe. She was the secound child of her parents. After she graduated from college, she was looking for a job.. Being in Nigeria is very hard to look for a job. She as a boyfriend named Joshua(josh) for shot, she also has two best friends, Tina, and Victoria. She also has an annoying younger brother named Benjamin (Ben) for short Her boyfriend invited her feel a birthday party, which she obliged. He boyfriends elder brother Jasper, A cold hearted CEO of their father huge company l, was also going to the party. They both hated each other, due to a reason you'll find out later. Zoe friends helps her get dressed for the party. When they got to the party, he left her to get a drink, she waited for him, but he was nowhere to. be found. She decide to search for him. She was angry when she saw he was gringing a girl. She was so angry, a guy came and tried to molest her, that's how she met jasper. Zoe later found out that her loving boyfriend, and her best friend, was cheating on her. And that he never loved her, he only dated her so that he could get close to her best friend Victoria. By this time she was already working with jasper at his company. They both fell in love, when he was about to confess his feelings this to her, his dad called that he and his mum was coming back with his fiance.

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