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Chapter 10

DEEP DOWN, I KNEW HOW MUCH DAMAGE I had done two weeks ago. He wasn’t petty or anything like that. We still looked at each other, we just didn’t talk to each other when we were alone.

However, today was different. He shot me a text yesterday while I was watching some episodes of ′The Dumping Ground′ with Tracy to help her get the concept when I heard the ping noise from my phone. I jumped, nearly spilling my popcorn. There were texts from Malik, my mum, and Dominic. Out of politeness, I read my mum’s text, then out of guilty pleasure, I read Dominic’s.

Dominic: Meet me behind the school. We need to talk

My heart skipped a beat for that moment. Nothing, in the world ever, is good when the words ‘We need to talk’ are involved. Especially when you’ve grown up with a black mother. Not that Dominic was. He was white. Like, my dad.

At six-thirty in the afternoon, once I was done reading and going through my notes, I walked to the back of the school. It wasn’t a long way from the dorm apartment building yet it felt like hours. I was surprised, nervous. I didn’t understand why until I saw him and his facial expression.

“What’s up?” I asked, plastering a smirk on my face.

Unfortunately, it was wiped off by yet another disgusting kiss that someone relieved the tension. But I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice.

“ you keep doing that?!” he groaned, cradling the side of his face.

“How many times will I repeat this to you, Dominic? I don’t play with you or people like you. I’m not-”

“Mud on the streets, I know. But can you let me explain first?”

“I’m not getting involved with a one night stand if that is what you’re asking for,” I whispered, hitting his chest.

“That isn’t what I want. I came here to talk when you rudely interrupted me.”
I let out a quiet laugh at his ironic comment. That was probably why I was so nervous.

I made sure to look him directly in the eye, to show that I wasn’t, in fact, nervous, even though he was towering over me so much he had to lean forward and look down. I noticed his arms flexed above his head as he cornered me to the wall.

“Well, speak out then!” I hissed, causing him to flinch.

“I’m sorry about the time we were in Medusa’s. I wasn’t even that sober. I just want you to...I want you to-”

“Give you another chance,” I stated blankly, rolling eyes. “Heard it so many times, it’s getting old.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have kissed you, or forced myself on you. I actually wanted to see your reaction.”

“Reaction?” I scoffed. This was getting cringy quite quickly.

“Look, all I’m saying is, I don’t want that kiss to mess up our friendship if you want to call it that. I want it to be like it never happened.”

I laughed before saying; “You know I don’t have friends, Dominic. But okay.”

He opened his arms a bit, it took me a while to understand what he was trying to do. My chuckling turned into a crazy fit of laughter. I was clutching my stomach by the time I was done. I put my Vaporesso in my mouth before using my left hand to pat the side of his face. He looked at me in disbelief before it morphed into a smirk.

“As always.” He answered, shaking his head while I walked back to my dorm. I checked the time. It was by far past midnight, why hadn’t Malik called me?

I dialed his number. “Where is my information?”

“Calm down, I’m still confirming.” I could hear the sound of voices and typing in the background.

“Apparently there are some other members but I can’t find out who those are just yet.”

“Okay. So I just need to watch my back?”


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