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Chapter 11

“TRACY, I THINK I MESSED UP!” I SHOUTED from my room while holding my hair spray mid-air.

“How did you do that?” Tracy asked, leaning against the door frame.

“I think Dominic likes me. First of all, he kisses me, I slap him, he kisses me again and I slap him again. I don’t even understand why he’s been acting so weird.” I ranted, shaking my curling iron in the air as I spoke.

“Listen, that’s a good chance for things. You told me you’d never had a boyfriend before. And if you didn’t remember, he has a girlfriend, also known as ‘Victoria’. You don’t even know how exciting that is! It could be an affair if you wanted it like that as well.” She mused.

I shook my head and smirked. “I told you already, I don’t care about things like that. I’m here to graduate and that’s that. Besides, a kiss means nothing. He isn’t even a good kisser.”

I heard Tracy let out a quiet snicker before turning and leaving the room. I exhaled. We’d finally finished our exams for this term and if I was planning to go to university I would have to quit vaping.

Yeah, definitely not quitting that.

Today, Dominic invited me over to his dorm for a ‘room party’. I call it a ghetto get together but he’s obviously to stubborn to hear the truth. I chuckled to myself while scrolling through my Instagram. That hothead Victoria was going to be there. I still remember what she did. I was in Westfield when I saw her and her group of three. The twins. They were both dark-skinned, from full Caribbean descent, low cut hair, and a tall, hourglass figure. They were a lot prettier than Victoria, I just wondered why they were with her. They were in the three-story Primark store and I watched Victoria tell them to block her while she secretly bought a second-hand t-shirt. I looked intently at the picture of her on my phone and wondered whether to expose her. She was a cheapskate! I don’t have issues with buying stuff from Primark, that’s cool, but come on. She was the same girl who flaunted a pair of off-brand Vans.

I decided since it was going to be a ghetto get together, to wear a black hoodie (don’t worry it didn’t have pockets) and my black denim shorts which barely showed anyway. I wore some fluffy sliders and tied my curly hair into a low bun before leaving my dorm and heading to Dominic’s.

His dorm was about twenty minutes away from mine, but it wasn’t enough to make me use my motorcycle to get there.

I walked into the dorm unannounced and looked around. Everyone was staring at me, even Dominic, who seemed to be sucking face with Victoria. Weird, I know.

I kissed my teeth and walked over to the couch after telling some other face suckers to clear off. I spent at least two hours being so engrossed in my phone playing with my phone I didn’t even hear Victoria announce we were going to play some ‘games’. What a baby.

I saw her glare at me and out of guilty pleasure, I threw my phone on the ground making sure it shattered and smirked at Victoria’s scream.

“Okay! Use your phone, just chill out!”

“Good.” Was all I replied before retrieving another phone from my pocket. “Let’s play then.”

At first, it was a childish game of freaky truth or dare until they played me. And it was Dominic’s turn.

I looked up for a split second, just because I wanted to laugh at him or anything like that, but I noticed what he was doing. He handed me a Vaporesso.

“Have a little taste, Zoe. It wouldn’t hurt to.”

Oh no, he didn’t.

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