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Chapter 2

I SLEPT QUITE WELL if put mildly. My bed was comfortable enough thanks to my mattress and bedsheets being from home. We were all woken up by the sound of an electric bell placed onto the wall in the corridor at around six-thirty in the morning. Luckily, I didn’t share a shower with anyone, and when it comes to washing my hair every two days, no one has to rush me. As soon as my hygiene routine was over and done with, I wrapped a towel tightly over my body and head and opened the wardrobe full of my clothing. I took out my school uniform and ran a finger over the clear plastic material that still covered it. By the looks of things, this might be one of the most expensive things I’ve owned. I started off with the things that didn’t come with the school accessories. Apparently, we were meant to buy either knee-high black socks or black pantyhoses, and thankfully I bought both. For today, I wore my socks and began to wear my uniform. It was a neat one too, consisting of a red plaid skirt, a silhouette black shirt and a matching wine-colored flannel tie. Quite snazzy too, the skirt was mid-thigh length.

I put on my shoes, in the admission letter they mentioned the heel had to be two inches, and stepped outside my room, feeling fresher than ever. For the first time in a while, I could wear my make up. It wasn’t too much, just foundation, a bit of bronzer, eyeliner, and some matte lipstick. My tight, curly hair was slicked back into a ponytail with my baby hairs styled neatly and I had my reading glasses on. They were round, with thick rims and hard to break, so I decided it would be best to wear them today. As I began to walk through the hallway I nearly slammed face-first into another person’s forehead. After nursing my throbbing head I looked up to identify their face. She was a blondie, with the usual. Deep blue eyes, a winning smile, and a very small waist. She was cuddling up with a boy, but I couldn’t see what he looked like because of the way he was standing. All I knew was that he had neck tattoos and ruffled black hair. The boys’ uniform wasn’t too different from ours, in fact, it was nearly matching. It consisted of a black shirt, a flannel tie, and plaid trousers. Quite crisp socks too, like it was right out of the packet.

“Look where you’re going, runt.” The girl hissed, looking at me like I was chewing gum on the bottom of her designer shoe.

Using my nonexisting dignity, I huffed loudly and continued my way through the hallway leading to the cafeteria. It wasn’t a secret I had a feeling this girl despised me. I sat on one of those table thingies with little stools attached to them and put my head on the table. I took some deep breaths and thought for what felt like hours on end. I was definitely going to survive, academically. But with that blonde, snooty rich girl around, things weren’t going to be as good as I imagined. I wasn’t here to make an enemy, but it seems that’s how things were meant to be throughout my life. I grew up in Peckham, which as you know, is a very run-down, rough place. I later moved to Hackney though, right after my know. I was part of a gang. I knew it was wrong, but I had to toughen up if it meant it would prevent my mum from dying too. Our gang was called the Northside, and we were rivals against the Eastside. My mum, of course, did not know about any of this. I’m nearly certain your mum wouldn’t want to find out her daughter was smoking weed, smoking cigars, has a drug addiction, therapy, and knew how to kill and still sleep like a baby. She’d be the one doing the killing if she found that out.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when three people were sitting opposite me and staring intensely.

“Christ, you scared me out of my own skin!” I squealed, flinching a little.

“We’re, no, I’m so sorry. We saw you sitting alone and wanted to talk to you. I assume Victoria bothered you today?” A girl asked, gently. I put my glasses back on and peered a little closer to what I was dealing with. There were three of them, as I mentioned before. The one who spoke to me was a pretty brunette. She had big, pale green eyes with a tint of light in them, and a big, toothy smile and a soft jawline. There was another girl sitting right next to her, whom I couldn’t make out before but noticed was Tracy. And finally, there was a boy. In a freaking girl group! Well, heck. He had icy white hair, which I assumed he dyed, and coldish blue eyes. They were steady and he had a gentle smile. He was lean, not too bulky, and looked quirky wearing circular rimmed glasses which constantly kept slipping down his pierced nose.

“Victoria? She the one who pushed me in the hallway?” I asked, taking my glasses off so I could clean them.

“Well, yeah. She’s the usual casanova for Dominic,” The boy nearly growled. I swear, I nearly melted hearing his voice. I don’t know if any of you’ve watched Fallen in 2016, if you have, he sounded as sexy as Cam Briel.

“Well, Ashton, nearly everyone dislikes her. Hey new girl, we’re having a little party, later on, wanna mingle?”

It took me a while for me to process what she just did. A party? It’s been a while since I’ve gone to one of those, and the ones I’ve been to usually ended with me waking up in another person’s bed. I’ve never really had a proper boyfriend, so at sixteen years of age, I am considered a loser.

“Yeah, yeah sure! I haven’t caught your names yet.” I took a silent breath before speaking. “Could I have your numbers too?”

The brunette only giggled and Ashton- I presume- only rolled his eyes at her goofy behavior. His laughter ringing through my ears was enough to make me fall to my knees.

“My name is Mia, and this is my boyfriend, Ashton.”
Shoot. Boyfriends. I hate them.

Ashton stuck out a pierced tongue, earning a fairly loud smack on the head from Mia. I needed to keep myself in check. Fortunately for me, Tracy was in the same mathematics class as I was.

I leaned over to her desk since she was sitting right next to me, and finally whispered my burning question.

“Trace, who’s party is it?”


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