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Chapter 3

OF ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD why did I have to be in the same room with Tracy right now? From the few hours I had known her, she’s one of those people who piss people off on purpose. I slapped her arm when she started whispering to other people and adjusted my glasses so I could continue with my work.

The school day was nearly over and I was standing right in front of my locker. I knew how much I wanted to leave that place so I could get to my dorm room, collect my key and some money for, you know. I swung open the door and placed my arm full of books, grabbing the replacement ones for tonight’s studying. I was so close to placing my glasses into my locker for tomorrow when a familiar tan arm ran right across my face. Victoria.

I lunged out to smack her back when she lept back, causing me to fall face-first into the floor. I could hear snickers from passing students and that ticked me off even more.

“Get a grip, skank!” I could hear Victoria’s shrill laughter bouncing off the walls. I was trying so hard not to destroy this girl, but that would be opening up old wounds. I looked up from the ground and noticed how disheveled I looked. I was right in the middle of fixing myself up when I heard an unfamiliar growl above me. It was the tattooed boy I saw earlier, except now, he looked almost disgusted. At least now, I could see his features clearly. His eyes were dark and menacing, which matched his brown hair almost perfectly. He didn’t look much of a smiler, but if you looked close enough, he seemed to have a little dent, right in the middle of his chin. He had thick brows, which were always furrowed as if he was angry all the time. That bothered me a bit, but not as much as the way he was looking at me. His face looked hard and cold at me, with an expression too painfully disgusted for me to describe. Yet, his eyes held something else. From where I was placed I could see mere hurt and a little bit of sympathy, but I stood up and sucked my teeth likewise. I don’t play with boys, I have grades to perfect and a routine to stick to.

“Quit staring, newbie. He’s mine.” I heard Victoria snarl from behind me. Oh no she didn’t.

I wanted to retort something I knew would hit her hard, but I stopped in my tracks. I knew I shouldn’t have resorted to this but only one thing I knew would help me calm down. I smoothed down my skirt and walked outside.

I did the usual, ran off to a corner and leaned down the wall taking one drag at a time. I won’t lie, Mary Jane is a real nerve calmer, if you asked me. I was pressed against the wall outside the hostel building, my knees cuddling with my chest. I pressed my face into my lap and cried. It was always the pleasure before the guilt. It was an addiction I needed to get under control. I needed a therapist or counselor.

I stood up, burning my roll up and discarding it quickly before anyone caught me. I needed to live it up a little, I felt like a low life. I managed to sink into my dorm room, just in time to meet Tracy already leaving. She jumped at the sudden sight of me while I barely flinched, the roll-up still flowing.

“Going without me, Trace?”

“I was just about to get you!” She defended, throwing up her arms for exaggeration. “And why are you still in your uniform? What were you out doing?”
I only sighed, knowing that if I told her the truth she might hate me for life. I took a shower and wore some homey clothing, a black hoodie and matching joggers with fluffy black slides.

“Let’s just go, I don’t want to spend any more time in this hell hole.”

Apparently, Tracy had a motorcycle, which I found quite interesting. It wasn’t to exciting though, because she went at a slow pace. We decided on going to Westfield. I wouldn’t have minded going to TKMax, but Tracy insisted. We actually window shopped for a while, then we sauntered toward Zara. We tried on plenty of the outfits there, at first for the fun of it, then Tracy told me it was nearly time for dinner in the cafeteria by now. I decided on a pair of high waisted, black jeans, long-sleeved grey and blue crop shirt and a pair of FILA’s, you know, those big white ones innit?

We bagged our clothes, besides the fact I didn’t see what Tracy bought, and rode all the way back to school.

That night after I showered, I looked myself in the eye while I was in the mirror. I felt, weird. Why on Earth did that boy look so disgusted? I moved closer till my nose was pressed against it. My skin was always clear and the same tan color, me being biracial. My nose was pointed, always got my mother’s facial features. So, I don’t see any reason for him to be disgusted. I had so much confidence in myself yesterday and now, now it’s been thrown off track. Victoria better stay out of my way, or there will be consequences.

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