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Chapter 4

TODAY WAS FINALLY THE day of the party. I couldn’t wait, yet I was extremely excited to meet this ‘Dominic’ boy. They talk about him like he’s a god. My own prayers are that I don’t have to stumble upon that tattooed boy.

Tracy and I were in the living room, wearing our shoes. The party was at nine this evening, therefore we only had ten minutes. I finally saw what Tracy decided to wear. It was a mesh, transparent black crop shirt, and a black skater skirt to go with it. Both evenly hugged her curs immensely. I was both full of jealousy and awe. Maybe that was why she didn’t shove it in my face, to prevent those feelings from surfacing.

I happened to have David’s number, so we could arrive at the party on time. As we walked toward the cab I saw Tracy freeze in shock, chuckle lightly then reach for the doorknob of the passenger seat. I was about to ask what the hell she was doing but then, she plugged her phone in the dock without asking! Disrespect is not tolerable.

“Tracy! What the hell are you doing?” I hissed.

“Relax, Zoe. He’s my dad, I can do whatever I’d like to.” She responded calmly, rolling her eyes a little.

I was nearly in shock. So Tracy’s dad wasn’t a rich hunk of meat then? I wonder about her mum? I looked out the window once we arrived and realized how underdressed I was. The party looked extraordinary. It wasn’t the usual messy ones you see on the telly. No, this one didn’t have bottles scattered outside with drunk kids, just other kids mingling about with each other. Either this Dominic guy was really civilized or we were very early. I could see the majority of the people were inside the house so we entered as quickly as we could. It was amazing, with marble flooring and the scent of expensive perfume flooded the room. We all danced for a bit until Tracy suddenly disappeared. At first, I assumed it was because of the number of people around. But it was also dark, so I began to get worried.

I walked through the hallways, pushing past all the people and disgustingly sweaty bodies with plenty of ‘I’m so sorry’ and ‘excuse me please’ with a side of ‘I’m looking for my best friend, have you seen her?’. Most people either ignored me, gave me a weird look, or shrugged saying they were sorry. Most of this upset me a lot, leading me to the door leading to the roof. It was meant for roof parties, but I could hear anyone nor see anything because of how dark it was. I walked a tad closer, only to be scared out of my own skin by a deep, masculine voice.

“Were you invited here? Why are you here- Oh my God,” He sighed loudly. Well, to be honest, that was just rude, if you asked me.

“What do you mean ’Was I invited here?’. I mean, if you didn’t like me so much, you didn’t need to be so crude about it!” I mumbled. I meant for only me to hear it, but I think the guy heard it too, unfortunately.

“Why are you out here so early anyway? Trying to commit suicide?!” I laughed a bit at my last question, trying to make small talk. But Mister Grumpy here refused to see that.

“Sometimes I wish I could.” He whispered, trailing off a bit, then he turned abruptly to me, running a hand through his hair. I couldn’t make out his facial features because of how dark it was so I could only see a silhouette, but I knew his movements. Something I picked up while being in a gang.

“But then, there wouldn’t be a guy as hot as me, would there?” As I tried to bite back a chuckle, I rolled my eyes at his selfish comment. He was way too proud of my liking. We talked a bit more, asking questions, and getting to know minor things about each other. He laughed at my surname a little and I laughed at him and we were having a really sparky conversation.

“How about I see your face, maybe we know each other already?” He asked stepping a little close for comfort.

I nodded eagerly, walking toward the door and holding his arm while doing so. We were almost outside completely when I heard the sound of a trigger being set. Of course, I didn’t see it, but I sensed it, another thing I picked up. I think the guy picked up my stiffness and asked me what was up.

“You should go.” I trailed off, moving a little closer to a lit lampost. I couldn’t see much at first but my eyes adjusted quickly and I was frozen in shock. It was a trail of tattoos I saw first, I knew it was the tattooed boy I labeled previously for sure, but one of his tattoos looked extremely familiar. It was a large pair of initials, but I had to see that later. He was definitely Dominic.

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