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Chapter 6

IT HAPPENED TO BE THE WEEKEND NOW AND I have completely forgotten about the ‘Malik’ encounter with Dominic. I won’t lie, I laughed like crazy when I kept imagining the priceless look on his face. Oh lord!

I let out a small chuckle before continuing to type on my laptop. I was quite fond of writing stories, actually. Right now, I was sending a manuscript I wrote last week and couldn’t send since orientation lasted two freaking weeks. I quickly clicked send and made sure to sign some stuff off before shutting my laptop and turning around swiftly in my office chair. It wasn’t like I owned an office, I just like the fact that they could make three-sixty movements and it was a guilty pleasure of mine. Well, apart from killing my enemies but then again, YOLO. Apparently Tracy was out with Malik ever since he came last night, so that became a daily thing. I wanted to tell her that he was a player, I really did. But that would be like chopping my tongue off and chucking it away. She couldn’t find out about me. That would be like writing a death note.

I stood up quickly after deciding to go to the gym. I really needed to exercise if I was going to get ready to deal with this boy, seriously. God knows the information I might get back from Malik later on. Because of time, I ended up packing all my gym clothing into a duffle bag before stealing Tracy’s car. In a matter of minutes, I pulled up to the ‘Better Leisure Center’. I missed coming here as a child. That brought a healthy and for once not a malicious, smile to my face.

I stepped in, ignoring the receptionist asking for my membership card, and then finally stepping back and showing her my tattoo.

“Oh my! Please walk straight in.”

“Where’s the gym?” I asked with a blank expression to react to her scared one.

" Walk down the hallway and take a left, you can’t miss it.” She replied, using her finger to move down the hallway, yet still shaking a little from being scared.

My little snort turned into giggles, then a full-blown fit of laughter.

She looked at me, puzzled. “Am I making you laugh? Sh-Should I stop?”

I nearly died at that moment. ” It’s not my fault you look like you’re having a seizure!” I laughed, wiping the tear that dropped out of my left eye and down my cheek, carrying a tad of makeup with it.

She scowled a little but fixed her face when I turned to face her again. “I’ll be off now.” I mock saluted her and started to walk to the door. Until I heard her say something that pissed me off.

‘Walking in here as if she owns the place’

At that moment, I brought out my gun and shot her clean in between her brows. She had enough chances today. I placed my gun in its usual hidden spot before continuing down the hall. I passed my old spot until I began to hear groaning. Not groaning in pain, more like...exercise. I can’t believe that a prissy woman allowed someone in my spot. She should be thankful that she’s dead now, she’d have died a slow death if she were alive. I pushed the door open, my flannel button-up t-shirt sleeve riding up my arm, and exposing my sleeve tattoos as I did so.

I couldn’t see anyone, and I couldn’t hear the groaning anymore, so I put my things down and got changed. I took off my shirt and exposed my heavily inked stomach, placing a sports bra and a pair of Adidas tracksuit bottoms on. I started with my arms toning, I rested. I did my lower body workout and before I could deal with my upper body I heard a deep chuckle. I turned around and pushed my kinky curls away from my face and began tying it into a bun as I spoke to the male disturbance in front of me.

“What do you want, Dominic?”

“I see you shot the receptionist..”

“And so?”

“She was my aunt”

“Okay, so? What is your mission here? This is my space if you didn’t know.”

“You’re so tense, Zoe. Calm down a bit.” He got off the wall he was leaning on walked toward me, unfolding his arms. He held my waist closer to him, so close I could feel his breath on my neck, then he lifted my arms in a particular way and told me to continue my squats after walking away from me.

“This is uncomfortable. And, it’s too minor for my standards. Since when did you start doing squats?” I asked while looking at his arse.

He stifled a laugh before answering me properly. “You need to stop overworking yourself here, look how overtoned you are for an eighteen-year-old.” He answered back, before leaving me alone in the room.

I can nearly swear I felt something flutter in my chest.

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