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Chapter 7

AS I BEGAN TO LEAVE THE BUILDING I NOTICED IT WAS already raining outside. I thanked God that I had Tracy’s car and began to hate the fact that I stole it a little less. I brought out my Vapresso and began to inhale. I was comfortable doing it outside the school, not where many people I knew could spot me doing it, gossip, dig deep, and then later find out my true past. I didn’t want that happening. All I wanted was to live a normal life. It isn’t my fault, since I was practically born into this. I earn money but I decided to spend it all here, in Kent.

I leaned onto the car a bit more, the cool raindrops dripping on to my flannel t-shirt, and I threw my head back slowly. Smaller whisps of smoke that drifted out from my nostrils became larger ones as the wind blew harder and I inhaled more. I was used to this. Even though after a few weeks of vaping you don’t feel the same bliss, you just get used to it. First, it’s to release stress, then you do it out of habit. Of course, bad habit but I don’t feel anything when I smoke for some reason. I could have several roll-ups of Mary Jane and still not get high or anything like that. Maybe I’m immune? God knows. I vape only because cigarettes are less satisfying. Maybe that’s why. When I vaped, I didn’t feel like a cloud or anything like that. I felt normal. One hundred percent sober and sane. It wasn’t like an addiction or anything. Just a habit. Just a habit...

“Zoe?” I could hear someone’s voice. I didn’t want to answer him right now.

I was slumped on the ground, the Vapresso still between my fingers. My knees were up to my chest. My head was still thrown back and when I gained proper consciousness I noticed that my lips were parted slightly.

“Oh...What do you want?” I snapped, adjusting myself before standing up to meet his towering height.

“You were sleeping...everything okay?” He asked, eyeing me.

“Quit doing that.” I sneered when I couldn’t read his motives. It was like he built a wall.

“You left that building two hours ago, I had enough time to clean up, take a shower, and even lock up. of course, I’m going to ask you what’s up.” He shot back, rolling his eyes at me.

Seriously? I scowled at him and climbed into the car before driving off to the back of the school. It was a discreet way for me to enter the building without being noticed at all. Well, except for the walking fit of giggles known as Tracy who happened to be the one opening the gate for me. I was about to climb out and give her a smack on the head when my phone rang. It was Malik. He’d better have the news I needed right now.

“What?” I snapped at him.

“Calm down and promise me you will take this in nicely.” He answered carefully.


“Dominic is apparently from the Northside gang for sure. Now, it is compulsory you get close to him. Okay?”

My jaw went slack. What? Why? Didn’t he recognize me from the Eastside? How come I didn’t realize before?

Ah, that tattoo.

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