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Chapter 8

TODAY WAS THE DAY I WAS GOING TO START DOING SOMETHING I know I would later regret. I decided to start from the bottom of the barrel. I wore my usual gym clothes and wrapped my fists with bandages before jogging to the main gym. I braided my hair into three cornrows and out of the way since I knew the mess that was going to be created.

I pushed past the other students and rushed to my favourite room before ‘you know who’ decided to show up before me. I lifted weights, squatted a few times, dumbells, literally everything. I didn’t just understand why the hell I was so jittery and even, nervous to see him today.

I sat down on a bench and mentally noted he wasn’t coming. I brought out the stick to slow death and exhaled it all, even from my notrils.

“You didn’t tell me you vaped. I thought you were some nerdy chick.” I heard a voice behind me. It sounded tired or strained, but before I could reply the deed was done when my fist collided with their face.

“Oh my God I’m so freaking sorry!” I responded sarcastically. Don’t mess with me, I don’t mess with you.

I am nerdy, actually. Of course, I stuck my nose in books all day, did well in my classes and submitted all my work on time. But I only did that because I needed to. I live a life being a gangster and all those other things but education came nearly before everything. That’s what makes us women. Smart, strong and sassy.

“That doesn’t mean you punch me square in the face.” He groaned, rubbing his jaw.

“It’s my way of asking how you are.” I said, genuinely smiling and turning my head to face his.

He laughed at me and pointed at the phone sitting right next to me. “And you couldn’t shoot a text?”

“Are you asking for my number, Sir?” I smirked.

He cleared his throat and responded the same way. “You going to give me it or not?”

I picked up my phone and unlocked it, beginning to read it out since I didn’t actually know it off hand.

“Okay. You done over-toning yourself or should I help you?“. I kissed my teeth at his stupid flirty words but stood up anyway.

“A baby like you shouldn’t be hanging with a big girl like me.” I said, once we had gotten outside. I was resting part of my back on a brick wall outside the school near a lampost, my arm flat against it so he didn’t notice my tattoos. I exhaled my vape and smirked at the slight awe in his eyes.

“Who says?”

“Do you know who I am?”

He walked over to the lampost and leaned against it, folding his arms over his bare chest. “Enlighten me.”

“Told you.”

“Told me what?”

“You don’t know me? I fight. My name isn’t mud on the streets, Dominic.” My facial expression hardend a little at the last comment.

“Would the street fighter meet me at the new Medusa club near the gym?” He asked, with slight hope in his tone.

I raised my hands up in surrender while my physique death note was between my fingers. “Fine. You got me. She has a slight soft spot for clubbing.”

At this point my eyes were still closed. When I opened them out of curiosity since he hadn’t answered him yet, my Vaporesso was in his hands as he looked at it with a puzzled expression fixed on his face.

“I’m no specialist, but I definately prefer Marijuana.”

I smacked the back of his head and snorted. “I don’t get high on anything, Dominic. Don’t be stupid. I need to get some shut eye.” I said, looking him directly in the eye as I stretched, my ab muscles flexing in the process.

He wet his lips. “Yet I have a girlfriend.” He shook his head as both hands rested on his hips. “How do you do it?”
He laughed while waving to me when he walked off. This had to be a dream.

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