The 'K' Word

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Chapter 2

W-who is that?

Alice’s face was void of expression. She just stood in the doorway, staring. She watched the boy and he watched her. His smile disappeared as he got up.

“Well, I’ve got to tell you, this is not good,” He said. Slipping the two throwing knives into his pocket, he took a step forward.

Alice took a step back.

Another step forward, another step back, neither of them breaking eye contact. “Will you stop that!?” he snapped. The boy began to walk towards her, this time, Alice didn't move. “Thank you!” He sounded exasperated.

It’s not that she was too scared to say anything or something, she just had nothing to say. He was right in front of Alice when he spoke again. “Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I for one, don’t care either way,” he stated matter-of-factly. “But you, might be a little picky.”

Alice finally spoke. “First of all,” she began. “What the ever-loving fuck it ‘this’!?”

The stranger smiled again. It wasn’t the like the smile from before. It was in no way like the smile from her room. This smile was different, it was kind of disturbing and eerie. “You.”

A chill ran down Alice’s spine. Her breath hitched. Me? What the hell did he mean by that? She stumbled back a few steps, instead of feeling the hardwood floor through her socks, there was nothing.

The girl stifled a gasp. She’d been so focused on the person in front of her, not realizing what was behind her. Her green eyes widened. “Shit!” she cried out before gravity took a hold of her, dragging her down the stairs.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion, yet it all happened so fast. Alice felt the stairs, thumping against her, almost managing to hit her almost everywhere, the air around her as she fell. She landed with a loud thwack, grunting when her head hit the cold, polished, wood beneath her.

Alice rolled onto her back with much difficulty. At the top of the staircase, she could see him. The boy just looked at her, not saying a word. His raven-black hair cast a menacing shadow over his eyes but she could still see a glint of blue from her position.

“Uh-oh,” He sighed, putting his hand behind his neck. "That’s not good.” Dark spots started to form in

Her vision. “Looks like this is going to take longer than usu-“ Before she could hear more, Alice was engulfed in black.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Alice heard her alarm clock beep incessantly. She sighed. Judging from her stiff back, she must have fallen asleep on the couch. That whole ordeal with the boy must have been some nightmare.

Reaching for the infernal device, feeling for the chipped paint of her beside the counter, she felt the glass of the living room table. It didn't match up.

She was on the couch, right? Then why was her alarm clock on. Alice sniffed the air. Something was burning. A lot. It's the smoke detector.

The girl pried an eye open only to squeeze them shut. “Everything hurts…” she croaked.

A scoff came from the kitchen. “Yeah, that tends to happen when you fall down a staircase.” The voice said.

Alice shot up, wincing as she did so. She peered over the side of the couch to see the boy from her nightmare. The boy stood at the stove. Whatever he was making smoked heavily as he heaved the heaved the pot into the sink.

As he did that, a skillet on the farthest burner caught fire. "Today is not my day!" The boy exclaimed, rushing back to the stove top. Waving a dishcloth over the skillet, he had his back turned to Alice. With his attention focused on the stove Alice made her move.

She took advantage of this opportunity and eased off the couch as quietly as she as possible. If Alice could just make it to the front door, she'd be home free. It would be a quick run to the police station and everything would be over.

Once Alice was on all fours, she slowly crawled to the door. Her eyes began to water from all the smoke. When she was about halfway there, Alice was lifted off her hands by her collar. She looked behind her to see the boy.

He shook his head disapprovingly. "Tsk, tsk." the stranger said. "Wow. You are covered in bruises." With that, he dragged Alice to the kitchen table and forced her into a seat. Once she was settled, he rushed back to the, still flaming, skillet.

She was caught. That's all there was to say about this. Okay, I've got to play it safe, Alice thought. This guy obviously belongs in a looney bin. Be nice and don't provoke him.
Alice looked at him trying to put the fire out. Now it was her turn to shake her head.She spoke up. "You know there's a fire extinguisher in the cabinet above your head, right?"

The boy tore the cabinet door open effortlessly with his long limbs. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and smothered the flames in a white cloud of chemicals.

Wiping his forehead, he turned around. "And why didn't you tell me this earlier?" Childishly, he glared at her. "Seemed pretty important to forget."

She ran the back of her arm over her eyes. Alice returned his glare, full-on. "I'm sorry. Excuse me for trying to get away from the stranger that broke into my home!"

He chuckled. "Fair enough." He grabbed some plates from off the counter and scraped the burnt contents from the skillet onto them. The boy pushed one of the plates in front of Alice and handed her a fork. "Eat up."

Alice poked the food with her fork. "What the hell is this supposed to be?" she asked.

The stranger heaved a huge sigh. "Well, it was beef and broccoli." He gestured to the smoking pot in the sink with a cough. "And that is my mom's famous pork stew."

She gave him a strange look. "How did all this happen?"

"Halfway through making it I realized something," He admitted. "I don't know how to cook beef and broccoli or pork stew."

Welp. Alice concluded. The burglar's an idiot. An idiot that almost set my house on fire.
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