Adam & Evie (Part 2)

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❝He's the boy she left behind. She's the girl he let go.❞ ➵ Before she became one of music's biggest up-and-coming artists, Evelyn "Evie" Chase was a nobody at the bottom of the Roosevelt High School food chain with only a handful of friends. Her best friend (and longtime crush)--popular jock, Adam Fields--was her polar opposite, but despite their differences, their bond was as strong as they come. That is, until one day--one mistake--changed the course of their friendship forever, and the once inseparable duo never spoke again. Fast forward three years, and everything's changed. Evie has the world at her feet, now out in L.A. living her dream as a seventeen-year-old popstar--leaving the town, the boy who broke her heart, and those who'd made high school unbearable behind. Meanwhile, Adam--at Roosevelt finishing off senior year and still the school (and town's) beloved "golden boy"--is trying his hardest to let go of the past and the girl he let get away. And it's going well, the two of them living their separate lives. Until Evie's back. Suddenly, seventeen and senior year just got a lot more interesting.

Romance / Drama
riss concetta
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adam & evie


Hello and welcome to Adam and Evie, part two of the Evie Chase series!

This is a sequel to The Real Evie Chase (the novel), and though it can potentially be read as its own entity, there may be some confusion in some places. If you do choose to dive right into part two without having read TREC (in the original form or on GALATEA), be warned, there, of course, are spoilers for that book.


Although the full version of TREC is no longer available online, you can compensate by reading it on GALATEA! It’s an amazing way to experience the story with interactive features such as sound and visual effects (like text messages), original Evie Chase music (lyrics and everything), hepatic feedback, and so much more! There are some differences which I feel can add some more to the story (for example, in the GALATEA version, you have POVs from other characters, like Adam, which TREC did not), but at its core, it is still the heart and nearly takes the same plot path of the original.

However, be warned, there is a major spoiler at the end of the Galatea version that does not apply to my books, so read the final chapter on Galatea with caution.

The app is currently available in the Apple and Google Play store, and I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out (:


I am NOT a medical professional. The situations dealing with mental illness in this book are taken from my own personal experience, the experiences of friends and family close to me, others’ personal anecdotes that I’ve gathered by looking through blogs, message boards, and youtube videos, and as much medical research as I could wrap my head around.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety or any other mental health disorder (be it formally diagnosed or not), please do not hesitate to reach out and get help. I assure you, there are people out there who know what you’re going through and want to be there for you as much as they can.


Also a disclaimer, this is a first draft of the newer version. This has not been looked at by a single-person other than me, so please excuse things such grammar/spelling mistakes, plot/character inconsistencies, bloated passages, or anywhere the story seems to drag. I tend to write a lot in the first draft and then remove a lot of it throughout the editing process, so you guys can help me out with that by calling me out on it, hahaha.

If you ever need someone to lend an ear, my PM’s are always open (:


This book contains mild swearing and mentions of drug and alcohol abuse. As stated before, this book delves heavily into mental illness/health, particularly anxiety. Although there will be no explicit scenes (I couldn’t write them without being cringe-inducing if I tried), there are mentions of sex, maybe even some “fade-to-black” moments (I mean, they’re teenagers, what can you do).

in conclusion

(this is about to be a little long, sorry)

To all who have been with me and this book since the beginning and those who have also joined along the way, thank you.

I originally wrote and uploaded Adam and Evie when I was fifteen-years-old (and I came up with it at fourteen, so nearly ten years ago ahhh), so these characters and this story (in all of its variations) have been with me since then. I would’ve never even finished the original version if it weren’t for all of you. You’ve made me realize that I actually really enjoy this whole creating stories thing, and also why I may have the coolest news to share in the near future. Thank you all for sticking with me, my chaotic life that refuses to give me enough breathing room to upload properly, and for encouraging me when I completely doubt I know what I’m doing. I seriously could not do this without any of you. ♡

This is my favorite part of Adam and Evie’s story, and I’m so excited to share it with you all with new fleshed out characters, a better writing style than what I had in the past (hopefully), and a whole lot of romance.

I hope you enjoy the story!

With love,

Riss xx

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