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•BAD BOY• (Book One in the Bad Boy Series) *Can be read as a stand-alone* A runaway Luna seeking a better opportunity is one thing, but coming in contact with an enemy is another. Zayne, a walking storm of anger. Pleased to see you tremble at the thought of his name and willing to kill when you cross paths. However, all hell breaks loose when he meets...her. Can enemy trials and rivalry break them apart, or will love truly solve all problems?

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Chapter 1

~ Terra

I was running. I had to keep doing that or they’d get me, force me to be with him. Jacob. Jacob was my supposed mate since no one had officially announced it. They wanted me to get married today, and I had run away before I walked through the aisle. I can’t stand seeing his face. Not after everything he’d done to me. I’m only eighteen, after all. Why marry so young? I didn’t even get enough time to meet him properly.

Jacob wasn’t ugly in any way imaginable. He was tall, nearly towering over everyone as alpha, and nearly intimidating despite the respect he already had. I don’t know if it is his actual hair for sure, but he always had his hair shaved at the side and slicked back with gel. He was quite solemn too, always having a cold expression on his face, never smiled at me or anything. He’d look a whole lot nicer too. He had dark green eyes, that got darker and darker the angrier he got, being all the time with me. I thought the moon goddess put people together, not force them. Even if that meant intervening. I know about every single one of the seven packs, and none of them had the issues we had. So why? Why do such a thing?

I shook my head as if that was going to get rid of the traumatic experiences. I promised myself that once I venture out to the human side I’d keep my distance. Men were bad news, at least for now. Besides that, though I have a hundred percent guarantee of surviving there. I wasn’t the only one who ran away from their packs because of forced marking, imprinting of any sort of marriage. The only one I knew so far was Nora. Nora was from the South East pack and I was from the North West pack. At least she ran before I could be warned. I called her previously, confiding in her when I needed it most and she promised me she’d look after me some time. I remember being so excited, it makes me laugh hysterically just thinking about it right now.

I took another glance at the letter in my hand, memorizing the address over and over again.

Dear Terra,

I’m sorry about Jacob, you know how he is. Don’t worry, I’ve finally found a better place for you to stay, making sure you are a hundred percent safe and your scent will be masked. Because of your age, you’ll be going to school like everyone else, just make sure no one suspects that you aren’t human. Make sure not to shift unless the coast is clear and your scent is masked.

My address:

14 Fraser Rd, California

I’ll see you on the 25th of June.

Love ya!

- Nora

Thankfully, Nora’s my age, like an older sister to me. I was going to be in safe hands and finally away from that threat of a man. Someone ought to take him down.

I reached her door after three days of running. It was a heavy natural wood door, with a golden paint design all over. I tapped lightly on it three times and before I could lift my knuckles I felt something heavy fall right on top of me.

“Terra!” She screamed.

“Nora, you look so different!”

She had dyed her usually black hair an icy white blonde and she was a lot slimmer and taller than I remember. I tilted my head to see what was behind her and noticed a man and a little girl. Had she found herself another man? She had a daughter too? He looked a little young too, he looked old enough to be my brother.

“Nora, who are they?” I asked, pointing to the people behind her.

“That’s Grey, my new mate, and little Sophie there is my daughter.”

“You had kids and you couldn’t tell me?” I exclaimed, bending down to Sophie’s level. “How old are you?”
“I’m nine going on ten actually. You know how fast we grow,” She deadpanned. I was nearly shocked out of my mind.

“Nora told me so much about you, Terra,” Grey said with a bit more emotion than Sophie. He had messy brown hair that sat on his head as if he didn’t care about it, big blue eyes, and a plain expression that showed he had a lot on his mind right now. I proceeded to walk inside. I ran away, so I had no form of clothing or toiletries. I was used to Jacob providing those for me. Nora showed me my room, which was an old guest room they’d renovated and redecorated when the found out I was coming. I opened all the drawers and wardrobes and realized literally everything had been taken care of. My clothes were there, a change of bedsheets and even my underwear.

“Nora, you didn’t really have to go this far for a runaway Luna.” I laughed, joining Nora on my bed.

“There was one thing I actually wanted to give to you before you went to sleep.” She said indicating the darkness outside.

She handed me a hardcover book, and at first, I thought it was a storybook. But then, I opened it to find it blank.

“A diary. I know living here would be new to you and if you have any issues that you don’t trust anyone with, you can always relieve your stress by writing it in here.” She replied, getting up. She waved me good night and walked out, leaving me alone to do whatever I needed to do for the night before sleeping.

I stood up and looked down at myself in the wall mirror. I looked filthy, no wonder Grey didn’t look me in the eye. My previous wedding dress was torn and my hair was horribly disheveled. It had been a while since I had any ‘me’ time. I stripped naked and walked into the glass shower, making sure both the shampoo and the body soap sat in my hair for a while before rinsing it, just so I could feel the goodness of the water relaxing my strained muscles. Then, I stepped out and wore a silky spaghetti strap lilac nightdress. I had no means of communication with anyone back where the pack was, which was both a blessing and a curse, so I wrote in the book, my cursive writing swirling throughout the pages. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. Deeply.

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