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Friends Like Us

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Ava, Rox, Cassian, Cassie and Heck are a group of friends whose friendship cannot be broken even if it means dying. But then it seem there's something between them which which results in the division in the group. But they've been given a group assignment. It involves building robots. (Surprise!) I'm never about the clichéd endings. What's the reason behind the division? Do they reunite? Does something happen while building the robot? Do they accidentally build a time machine? Or a alien contactor? Or do they make out in a party? (Believe me, that's not gonna happen. Or can it?) They might even end up in another dimension Or just build a robot. You know what I mean? Anything can happen here in this damn book! Read and find out what happens!

Romance / Scifi
Misty Manushree
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Chapter 1: Rumors


I'm a lesbian.

Atleast, that's what I've been hearing since the starting of the Fall Semester of my Sophomore Year.

I mean, its been three days and all I've been hearing is people whispering to each other about it.

"Hey, Avangeline's a lesbian."

"Did you hear that she's a lesbian?"

"I heard that she made out with a girl over the summer."

"I wonder who stole her heart."

"She's a lesbian?"

"You know, I was kinda expecting that." Mackenzie said to her squad emphasizing 'expecting'. Expecting? I look like a lesbian? Oh my god! These people have some serious health issues.

I stood there thinking who the fuck started this rumour. That's when Adidas came running towards me. He looked kinda worried.

"You're gay?" He said, shocked.

Ugh. I'm sick of this. This is the sixth person who came straight up to me and asked that. Can't y'all mind you own business?

Just when I was about to walk away, Rox jumped out of nowhere. Red as chilli, as usual.

"She isn't. Oh-Kay?" She shouts. Calm down sis.

"Well, she can be. You never know." He said, winking at her playfully. I can see Rox getting angry. She's not in a good mood. Please stop.

"It's actually good that she isn't, by the way." He added. Ugh, I hate this guy. Everytime something happens, he's the first to stick his nose in the situation.

And the volcano is about to erupt. "Well, she isn't" She says emphasizing the word 'well'. Oh... It didn't erupt yet...

"I know her better than I know myself." She continues, still shouting. Man, I love my best friend.

"What the hell is the matter with you? I'm talking to her. Why do you care?"

"She's my best friend and you talking to her is something that should be taken care of." Girl, no need to be this possessive...

"Whoa... Slow down there Roxanne." He chuckles. I can see people gathering and enjoying every bit of this.

Say something. Anything. Seriously, say something. Eh, Rox can handle it.

"Get the hell outta here you fucking bastard. If you even try to talk to her the next time, I'll put you in the place where you belong. With all your hoes." Rox starts to erupt.

"Bitch, I'm going alright." He shouts back and walks away just like the others. Wow. That was fast.

She holds my hand and starts to walk the opposite side.

"What the hell was with all the cursing? You erupted hard this time." I started the conversation. She can be a little jerk sometimes but only a few people know how cool she actually is.

"Seeing him makes me like that. It's just that I hate him. I want to hate him. I want you to hate him. I want everyone to hate him. Hell, I even want him to hate himself."


"I don't think now's the time. It's just" She takes a pause and continues while taking out books from her locker. "I don't know why. I mean I'm not sure, why." I can see she's feeling guilty about maybe, everything she just said to him.

What the hell can it be?

"Well, if you're not so sure, you can always talk to me. You know that, right?" I try to calm her.

"Yeah. I do." She looks relaxed but in a dilemma.

"So?" I'm the worst at starting a conversation.

"Do you know who started it this rumour? Just tell me the name and then live your life happily cause that person's gonna face me. And we both know what happens then." Rox starts.

"I don't know... I think its better to forget about it. Anyways, we have a class to get to. Don't you remember? Art?"

"Yeah. That reminds me, Cassie must be waiting for us. I wonder what color she dyed her hair now."

"Don't forget her twin brother, Rox!" I chuckle.

As soon as we get to the class, I can hear Miss Antonio instructing the students.

"Draw what your mind likes. Draw what your soul desires. Draw what you heart wants." "The heart wants what it wants." She continues.

We quickly go and take our seats. Miss Antonio glares at us then starts to speak.

"There are no boundaries of creativity."

"Miss Antonio, can we start?" Cassian said, raising his hand up. He's right beside me. His other hand is about to take put a pencil from his bag.

"Sure." She smiles.

I sit there wondering what I should draw but more of who started the rumour and why. That's when I hear Cassian say my name.

"Ava? Hey, are you crying?" He asks.

"Me? Oh. No. No, no. Of course not." That's when I notice the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"It's OK. You can cry in front of me. You know it's no biggie." He assured placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Tell me what happened." He continued.

"It's the rumour. And on top of that, the way everyone's be treating me." I start.

"Don't worry about it. Okay. Whoever they are, they'll be facing some serious issues. You know Roxy, right?" He tries to calm me.

"Well, that's funny." I snort while laughing. He starts laughing too. I see Miss Antonio roll her eyes at us. That's when I stop.

"Mister Cassian Hudgens, I see you've been having fun while drawing. Do you care to show me you little price of art?" She questioned.

"Umm... Miss Antonio, I ugh-" Cassian tries to make something up.

"Just look at your sister. How concentrated she's while drawing whatever she's drawing." She says as she walks over to Cassie. "What is it? Is it some kind of ball gown?" She guessed.

"No, Miss Antonio, I'm actually designing my prom dress for this year. My favourite boutique from Paris will be making this little piece of beauty using satin and lace. It has to be perfect." She confirmed. Someone's a showoff and hella rich.

"Very well then, class dismissed." She declared. She just dismisses the class if things aren't going her way.

"Continue your drawings when we meet the next time." She continues. Most of the students have already left.

I pack up and leave.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, oh, sorry, lemme start it ones again." Heck takes a pause. "Boys and Girls, Heck Schmidt at your service" He laughs.

We burst out laughing.

Cassie comes running and places her 'low carb food' on the table.

"Ava!" She exclaims. "The rumors. They're growing. It's like everyone -"

"Thinks she's a lesbian. She gets it. Let her stay in peace for a couple of minutes, won't you?" Heck interrupts her.

"Don't get mad at whoever it is. We're gonna find out and inform Rox. You know what will happen next, don't you?" He laughs at that.

"Yeah. Yeah. Fine. It's not like I care but still, we need to find them" I try to stay calm.

"Well well well, if it isn't the famous girl everyone's talking about. The 'Lesbian' " MacKenzie comes blabbing towards our table with her girls.

"These popular kids" Cassian sighs knowing what will happen next.

She stands in front of me with her girls behind her. Man, too much makeup y'all.

"Why do you have a problem with it? Go back and put a hundred layers of lip gloss. I can't see any on your lips." Rox purred while we laughed.

Taking out a mirror out of her purse, she looked at her reflection shocked. "No need to remind me! You know what, Cheryl-" She's interrupted. Good lord, she is. Everyone starts to gather. Seriously, have some business people!

"You shall say no more because it doesn't matter." Heck says dramatically.

"As if I care 'bout what you say. So, Cheryl, about this whole lesbian thing, I just wanna say is that this has taken all the attention from you to me." She smirked

"And I can't stand this. I am popular and I will be popular." She continues.

"Bitch please, she doesn't wanna be popular." Rox takes my side while I stand there knowing it's not worth arguing to MacKenzie.

"Like I ever asked for your opinion." MacKenzie shots back taking a steel fork from her best friend Katie. She comes towards me slowly holding it horizontally as if she's going to murder me with those.

Becoming redder and redder, I guessed she will be stabbing me with those. Not having any energy, I stood there ready to take it all. As she was just half a feet away from me, I closed my eyes.

Why didn't I feel anything? My eyes were still close.

"Get away, you bastard. Look what you did!" MacKenzie yelled.

I opened my eyes. My head held down, all I could see was blood. Only a few drops but blood and someone wearing a pair of Adidas.

It can't be it...

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