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Alone In The Darkness

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*** THIS BOOK CONTAINS SEXUAL ABUSE, VIOLENCE, including rape. THIS BOOK ALSO CONTAINS ABUSE, MATURE SCENES, MURDER, STRONG LANGUAGE ETC. This book is dark so if you aren't into that, you have been warned. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18+!!!!! The story will contain gifs, some will be maleXmale. Just a heads up! Enjoy, vote and comment. Would appreciate any feedback. 🖤🖤🖤 This book will be kind of slow-paced. I'm aiming for at least 30 chapters and hopefully more. But we will see. Things aren't always what they seem. People aren't always who we think they are. When a family seems perfect, but behind closed doors lives a house of horrors. Alexa (Alex) 18 has been physically and sexually abused for most of her life. Along with her brother Eli. Secrets live within the walls of the Jordan household. Years of abuse fuels revenge. What happens when Alex moves and meets her new neighbors? Will they be the friends she's been looking for? Or will her nightmare only get worse? Landon is the leader of his group of friends. They are handsome but looks can be so deceiving. What will happen when they meet Alexa Jordan? I'm going to write this as fast as I can but I don't want to sacrifice the story or quality. So be patient with me. **I will try to upload a chapter at least once a week**

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Welcome Readers

Readers, please be advised. This story contains mature language, sexual assault, rape, murder, and other mature content. This book will also contain maleXmale, maleXfemaleXmale, etc.... So if you aren't into that then this may not be the book for you. I will make no apologies. I ask that you use your discretion that you are old enough to read this book.

This book belongs to unmistakablefortune.

Please don't not copy my work. I've worked hard on this and I would appreciate if no one steals from my work.

COPYRIGHT ©️ belongs to unmistakablefortune. All rights reserved.

This book has not been edited so there may be mistakes or errors with spelling or grammar. Feel free to comment if you spot one but don't be rude about it.

I do not own the rights to any pictures, gifs or music included.

Also please do not report my book. If you don't like it, then kindly just move along. No one is forcing you to read it.

Please feel free to comment, vote, and share.

I hope you enjoy this book.

🖤 Kimmie

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