Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 10

***This chapter will include sexual assault and violence*** Also I didn't go into to much detail in this chapter with the rape

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2 Days Later

Landon's POV

The music was pumping throughout the club, so loud you could feel the bass vibrate your body.

Damon and I sat in a dark corner watching the sea of people bumping and grinding on each other.

"See anyone yet?" Damon asked me while lifting his glass of whiskey to his lips.

We were on the hunt tonight. Looking for something to hold us over until we could make Alexa ours.

"How about that brunette in the gold dress?" I asked Damon as I pointed in the direction of the female while taking a sip from my beer.

Damon looked over to see the busty brunette with her breast practically hanging out of the top of her gold dress. If you could even call it that as I was sure if she bent over you would have a perfect view of her ass.

"I don't know man, it looks like she'd be too easy. I'm up for some fun tonight and easy doesn't make it fun, " Damon replied while scanning back over the sea of people.

Damon was looking for a challenge tonight. Someone to ease the burning need to have Alex bound to his bed as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Hey what about those two over there?" Damon asked as me tilted his chin in the direction of two women.

I looked over to see two females may be in their late teens or early twenties looking around the club like two lost puppies.

They would be perfect. But I'm going to play with him a little.

"Which one do you want? The blonde or brunette?" I asked Damon with a smirk.

I knew Damon to well. I knew he wanted both. And we would leave with both. Tonight would be fun indeed.

"Dude, you know I want both. Don't play games. Plus it's just more entertainment for all of us, " Damon said with a devilish grin.

"Perfect, send Evan and Adam a message to bring the car around back." I replied while finishing off my beer.

Damon sent a message to Adam for him and Evan to pull the SUV around to the back entrance of the club as he finished off his own drink.

"Done, you ready?" Damon asked as he stood up and adjusted his shirt.

"Yes, let's go and have us some fun" I declared while winking at Damon.

Damon's POV

"Tie them up in the bedroom upstairs. We will wait for them to wake up" Landon ordered as he and I exited the black range rover.

Evan and Adam were taking the girls out of the back as Aiden, Sebastian, Nason, and Samuel pulled up behind them in Nason's truck.

We had a secluded house out in the middle of nowhere that we liked to bring our toys to so we could have uninterrupted fun. A place where no one could hear their screams or cries for help.

"How do you want them?" Adam asked Landon as he carried the unconscious blonde inside the house.

"The blonde tied up on the bed and the hands of the other tied to the footboard. Oh and don't forget to cuff her feet to the anchors on the floor." I answered while walking into the kitchen.

"Also don't strip them to their bras and panties. But remove their gags." Landon added while pouring himself a glass of whiskey.

Aiden and Samuel gave Evan and Adam a hand as they carried the two unconscious girls up the stairs.

Evan's POV

"Lay her on her back and bound her wrist to the headboard then cut her shirt off" I instructed Samuel as he began positioning the blonde female on the bed.

"Also, Aiden, get rid of her skirt, " Adam added as he started stripping the brunette with my help.

"Hand me the zip ties" I commanded to Aiden as Adam and I positioned the brunette at the foot of the bed.

"Spread her legs and put the cuffs on, then attach them to the anchors," Adam told me as he bound the young females wrist to the foot of the bed.

"Would you look at the ass. I can't wait to thrust my cock into it" Aiden muttered as he palmed his cock through his jeans.

After getting the girls stripped and bound to the bed the guys and I went back downstairs to join Landon, Damon, Nason, and Sebastian for a drink.

"Are they still unconscious?" Damon asked as he rolled a joint.

"Yes. Completely out of it" Samuel replied while opening a bottle of beer.

As we waited, Aiden pulled up the video feed from Alexa's apartment. All eight of us guys sat and watched as Alexa as she took a bath.

"I'm getting impatient, Landon. When is she going to be ours?" I asked while resting my arms on my legs as I leaned forward to get a closer look at Alexa's pink nipples and perky breast.

"Soon Evan, soon I promise," Landon muttered while glancing over at me.

"HELP!!! SOMEONE HELP ME" came a scream from upstairs.

"Looks like it's time to have some fun, " Damon yelled while jumping to his feet.

"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US, " came the same distressed voice.

"Looks like we have a screamer, " I snickered as we all started climbing the stairs.

As we entered the room, we could clearly see the blonde struggling with her restraints while screaming her head off. The brunette cried silently, so quietly we had to double-check that she was indeed awake.

"Well boys, Would you look at what we have here, " I chuckled darkly as I grabbed the brunette's hair in my fist jerking her head back to get a better look at her face.

"Why are you crying?" Nason asked as he bent down to wipe her tears with his thumb.

"Please... p please... Just let us go" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Now why would we do that? When we haven't even had any fun yet." Nason replied to her softly while tucking some hair behind her ear.

"What are you going to do to us?" the blonde asked as she still tried to free herself from her restraints.

"We are only going to play sweetheart, " Sebastian said in a playful voice as he pulled a knife out of the back of his jeans while giving her a wink.

"Please please just let us go, we promise we won't tell anyone." the brunette cried out as I ran my fingertips up her thighs.

"Of course you won't, because you aren't going anywhere, " Damon replied his voice full of amusement.

"Who gets this one first?" I asked as I held the brunettes head up.

"Samuel gets her first, you are too rough Evan. You will need to wait." Landon replied as he sat down in a chair to watch the show.

Making me glare in his direction.

"Fine, Samuel get your ass over here" I huffed, my voice not hiding the annoyance I felt.

"Nason can have the blonde first, " Damon said as he took a seat beside Landon.

"Please please don't hurt me, " the blonde replied as Nason took Sebastian knife held it to her throat.

"I won't hurt you, as long as you can be a good little girl for me. Can you do that?" Nason inquired his soft voice with a smile showing off his dimples as he crawled onto the bed.

The blonde only nodded her head with tears in her eyes as she watched Nason rip off her panties and cutaway her bra. Then remove his shirt and pants.

Nason's thick cock laid against her thigh as he positioned his body between her legs. Guiding his cock to her entrance he entered her in once swift thrust causing her to cry out.

"Shhh... It's okay. You're gonna love this" Nason cooed to the blonde as he dug his fingertips into her hips and thrust his hips forward again and again. Causing the blonde to scream and beg for him to stop. But it only fueled him to fuck her faster and harder.

Nason glanced back and saw Samuel pounding into the brunette with brutal force. They shared a wicked smile.

We guys all took our turns playing with both girls. Multiple times. The final round belonged to Damon and I. Since we were known to be rougher and cherished ended the game.

"Fucking hell, I'm about to cum" I ground out through clenched teeth as I fucked the almost unconscious blonde with brutal force. She had cuts all over her body and was covered in blood.

"Fuck me too" Damon moaned out as his thrusting became sloppy with the brunette.

"End it" Landon commanded as he and the others continued to watch the show.

"Ahhhh fuck" Damon cried out as he started to cum and pulled out his knife and slit the brunette's throat.

Her blood coated his hand as he still jerked his hips draining his cock completely.

I plunged my knife in the blonde's heart as I moaned out my own release.

"Samuel and Adam, you both are on clean up duty this time. Get rid of them" Landon ordered as he headed for his room for a shower.

After everyone and everything was cleaned up we all headed back to the house so we could be closer to Alexa. I couldn't wait to see her.

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