Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 11

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Alexa's POV

As I cooked my breakfast I felt loneliness creeping in on me. I wondered if I would always be lonely. If I would ever make friends.

At times like this, I missed Chase terribly. I remembered how infectious his laugh was, his smile, and how he was always so sweet to me. Before I realized it, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

I promised him that I would never dwell on my past. So I rubbed the tears from my cheeks as I flipped the eggs in the frying pan.

As I sat down at the bar to eat my breakfast I looked through job ads. I didn't really need a job for money but I was bored and lonely just sitting around this apartment. And I really wanted to get out and make some friends.

I scrolled through ad after ad and nothing seemed to pique my interest. Finally, I ran across an ad that made a smile spread across my face.

It was a job posted for a cashier at a local book store. I loved books and I loved to read. I had been in a book club in high school. Although it didn't provide me with any friends, it did provide me with an escape from the house of horrors.

I had often found an escape from life through reading. So I clicked on the ad and decided to apply for the job.

After finishing up breakfast, I decided to get dressed and go out to explore. I was literally sick of sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do. I really hoped that I would be called in for an interview at the book store.

I climbed into my black impala and started it. As I put on my sunglasses, I hit the button to open the sunroof and cranked up the radio. It was a beautiful hot sunny day in Arizona and I was determined to make it a great day.

As I backed out of the parking space, I saw a black jacked up truck coming up the drive that leads to the house behind my complex.

I could see it was Nason driving with his arm resting on his door. His chocolate brown hair was shimmering in the sun and his grass-green eyes hidden by aviators. I had to admit he was unquestionably handsome.

I watched him as I pulled myself up against the steering wheel as he drove up to the end of the drive. I could see that it looked like he was talking to someone but I couldn't see who.

I didn't realize I was staring until Nason pulled down his glasses and winked at me while flashing that boy next door smile with dimples on full display. His green eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

Hot damn is he sexy! I thought to myself while biting my lip.

Nason's smile widened as he gazed back at me. I could feel the blush creeping up my neck.

Damn it I had been caught checking him out. Trying to hide my embarrassment, I pulled out on the street and passed his truck. Allowing myself a quick glance, I could see that Evan was with him. I could see the sexy smirk on Evan's face. His intense gaze hidden behind his aviators.

Quickly, I looked away and sped off down the road because I could feel their eyes on me.

As I reached town I was stopped by a red light. I rolled down my windows and turned the radio up as I sang along to RX (Medicate) by Theory of a Deadman.

I was so engrossed in the song I didn't notice the truck that pulled up beside me.

Glancing over I saw a black truck with Nason and Evan both looking at me. Both carrying an amused expression on their faces.

I felt my face blush from embarrassment. I gave them a small shy smile and wave as the light changed and I took off.

Gah, how much can I embarrass myself in one day in front of them? I thought to myself as I pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall.

I hit a bunch of shops as I needed some new clothes for my new life. I often kept myself pretty covered even during the hot summers in Georgia because of my dad. Refusing to think about that monster anymore I ended up in a lingerie store.

I was too embarrassed to try anything on in the store so I ended up buying some new sexy bras and panties hoping they would fit once I got home.

I loaded my bags in the car and decided to pick up something for lunch and eat back at the apartment.

I ended up stopping at a little pizza shop and ordered a medium margarita pizza. I was happy that I would have enough left over for dinner, so I could wait to buy more groceries tomorrow.

I ended up having to make two trips to get everything inside of the apartment from my little shopping trip.

As I sat down to eat lunch, I checked my email and seen that I had got a response about the job at the bookstore. A smile spread across my face as I saw that I had an interview scheduled for the next day.

Finally things were looking up for me. And I hoped this would help me find some friends.

After finishing lunch, I decided to try on my new bras and panties. Thankfully, they all fit perfectly. My favorites were a matching set in dark grey satin and lace. They were the first lacey undergarments I had ever owned. Not to mention the first thong I had ever owned. Sexy but classy.

As I pulled out the last bag from my shopping trip, my face flushed from embarrassment. Pulling out the pink vibrator, I had second thoughts on why I bought it in the first place.

Pulling out the toy cleaner, I when into the bathroom and washed the new toy then decided to take a shower. As the hot water ran over my skin, flashbacks from meeting the guys and today when I saw Nason and Evan consumed me. Grabbing the pink vibrator I let my get lost in my fantasies.

I let out a gasp when the vibrator hit my clit. The feeling was foreign to me but as I relaxed it felt amazing. I abandoned all my morals and feelings of embarrassment as I started moaning while thinking about my sexy new neighbors.

Third-person POV

Little did Alex know that she was putting on a private show for an audience that she wasn't aware of. And the audience was more than happy to watch her little show.

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