Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 12

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Alexa's POV

I sat on the couch watching TV, as I ate a bowl of cereal. I needed to start getting ready for my interview soon.

I flipped through the channels and stopped on a new station as I saw pictures of over six females reported missing in the last few weeks. All had come up missing around the same area.

I felt bad for the girls but there wasn't anything I could do. As I listened to the reporter talk about the girls, I realized they were all around my age. They ranged from eighteen to twenty.

The screen flashes to three different girls that had been found dead. All in the same age range. The reporter was asking for anyone with any information on their deaths to contact the local PD. They questioned if this could be the work of a serial killer.

A chill of fear ran down my spine as the thought about the possibilities of a serial killer living in the same town I just moved to.

Shaking off the fear, I turned off the TV as I walked to the kitchen to wash my bowl and spoon.

I walked to my room to get ready for the interview. I looked through my closet and decided on a mustard midi summer dress and a pair of white sandals. I decided to pair them with my great grandmother's pearls that my mom gave to me for my fourteenth birthday.

I curled my long red hair in loose waves then applied a light coat of mascara to my eyelashes and some chapstick to my pouty pink lips. I never really wore much makeup.

Sighing at my reflection in the mirror I clasped the pearls around my neck. This is as good as it gets, I thought to myself and left the bathroom.

I slipped on my sandals, grabbed my things, and then headed out the door for my car.

I was about to pull out on the road when a matte black Mustang GT with blacked-out wheels came flying down the drive leading to the guy's house. I couldn't see who was driving but I could hear their music blaring (Song at the top). I watched as they didn't even slow down or stop as they pulled straight out in the road.

Shaking my head I pulled out onto the road. I couldn't believe someone could actually be so reckless.

Landon's POV

"Where is everyone?" Evan asked me as he entered my office.

"Samuel and Aiden are at the shop downtown working on some cars. Sebastian left this morning to go visit his family in Florida, his grandmother is sick or something. Damon and Nason left earlier. They had some business to take care of at their mother's shop in town." I replied while picking up a file from my desk.

Evan nodded his head in understanding.

"How's the plan coming?" Evan asked me as he took a seat across the room.

"It's all coming together Evan, please have some patience. She isn't one of our toys" I muttered while running a heavy hand through my dark hair.

"I know but I want her now, Landon, it's driving me insane, " Evan huffed out in frustration.

"You will have her soon, we all will, " I mumbled as I signed some papers.

"But... Does everyone even want her?" Evan implored as I looked up at him from behind my desk.

"Yes... I mean I guess so. It's not something we've really discussed." I confessed as I leaned back in my chair.

"Maybe its something we need to discuss. I'm okay with sharing toys with you seven but I want this girl Landon. Like I want her more than I've ever wanted anything in my life" Evan admitted as he ran his hands down his face.

"I mean I know Nason and Damon undoubtedly want her, " I declared while pushing a heavy hand through my hair.

"How about I just send a group message and get this shit cleared up right now. Because if we aren't all on board then that definitely changes things, " I muttered while borrowing my brows in irritation.

After sending a group message. I found out that only half of them were in this for more than just a new toy to play with. Which left those four out of the plans. We had discussed before on how to proceed if any of them wanted something more serious then just a new toy to play with.

Aiden, Adam, Samuel, and Sebastian would need to move out of my house. We all knew this day would come eventually, so it wasn't a big deal. They all had their own places anyways.

"You, Damon, Nason, and I will have a meeting tonight and adjust the plans to just us four. Are you okay with that Evan?" I asked while I rounded the desk.

"Yes, four is vastly better than eight. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not pleased that Sam, Aiden, Sebastian, and Adam don't want in on this." Evan admitted as he followed me out of the office.

I couldn't agree more. The less the better.

Alexa's POV

After driving roughly 25 minutes from the apartment, I pulled up in the parking lot of the book store. I looked in the rearview mirror to do a last inspection on my face.

As I turned off the ignition switch and climbed out of my car, I peered up at the old wooden sign at the front of the book store. Scott's Books it read. Must be family-owned I thought to myself.

I hoped this interview would go smoothly. I really needed something to keep me busy.

I looked around to inspect the storefront. The store looked old but friendly from the outside. I straightened out my dress and ran my fingers through my hair. Taking a few deep breaths and shaking off my nerves, I pushed open the door to the store entrance. I heard the bell chime as the door opened.

Third-person POV

If she would have noticed the black mustang parked two spaces down from hers she might have been a little more prepared for what the day would bring her way. But of course, she didn't.

As Alex stepped through the door of the book store she was met with a deep voice that gave her chills.

"Hello Belle, " the deep voice spoke. Alex gasped as she looked up into a pair of deep blue eyes.

Holy Shit Alex thought to herself.

Authors note: I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. It's not very exciting but it's important as it narrows things down a bit. I probably could have written it better but honestly, I couldn't figure out another way.

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