Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 14

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~2 weeks later~

Alexa's POV

I had received a phone call from Mrs. Scott or Sara as she preferred to be called, saying that I had the cashiers job at the book store.

Sara had spent a week training me on the ins and outs of the book store and register. After my training was complete they gave me a set of keys to the shop. They had told me that I would be responsible for opening on closing on the days I worked, as they had another business they owned. So they couldn't always be there to open or close.

Mr. Scott had told me that one of them would drop by daily to check in on things. And they had, Mr or Mrs. Scott dropped by every day to check-in. Only one day they couldn't make it so their daughter Mary had stopped by and introduced herself.

I had woke up early, did my morning routine, ate, and got ready for work.

At 7:45 am I pulled into the parking lot of the small family book store. I gathered my things including my lunch and stepped out of the car as I headed to the shop door.

I was trying to unlock the door to the shop as I tried to balance the things in my arms. As I was struggling with the stupid lock, I was startled by music blasting somewhere from behind me. I cursed as my sunglasses fell off the top of my head straight to the ground.

Picking up my sunglasses and I breathed out a sigh of relief that they weren't scuffed or broken.

I turned around to see where the music was coming from just as a big black truck pulled up beside my car.

Squinting my eyes, I could see Nason in the driver's side seat but he wasn't looking at me. He seemed to have been messing with something in his hands. Probably his phone.

I peered over to the other side of the truck to find the passenger side empty.

Wonder why he is here? I thought to myself.

Although Nason made me nervous, I was thankful that he was alone. More specifically, that a certain black-haired blue-eyed Damon wasn't with him.

I watched as Nason turned off his truck and threw his head back. I didn't question why he wasn't getting out as I turned back around to open the door.

Just as I was pushing the door open, I was once again startled by loud music as it filled my ears. (play the Song above)

Glancing back over my shoulder, my hands started to sweat as a black Mustang parked on the other side of mycar. I didn't have to guess who was driving it. As I could feel his eyes already on me, burning holes through my pale skin.

I had only seen them a few times since my first time at the book store. One of them being a very hot day of watching them wash their cars while shirtless.

I could remember the way their muscles flexed and the way the sun-kissed their tanned skin. I felt like they were putting on a private show just for me as I sat on my bedroom balcony as I painted my toenails.

Suddenly a car door slamming shut snapped me out of my thoughts. Blushing from my thoughts, I hurriedly made my way into the book store.

As I placed my things down on the counter, the bell on the door rang alerting me that someone was coming in.

I looked up to see Damon walking in followed by Nason. Both of them already looking at me.

Damon was wearing dark blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt. It hugged his muscles and I thought he looked dangerously sexy paired with his messy black curly hair and piercing deep blue eyes. Of course, he had a smirk on his lips while his eyes held me hostage.

Pulling my eyes away from Damon, I moved my gaze to Nason.

Nason strutted in wearing black jeans and a white tight-fitting t-shirt that showed off his muscles perfectly. I watched as he ran his hand through his dark chocolate brown hair then flashed me a panty-dropping smile. That smile that showed off his sexy dimples. His grass green eyes twinkling with excitement as he looked at me.

I bit my lip with all the dirty thoughts running through my head. I was glad that they didn't know what I was thinking.

"Good morning, baby girl, " Nason said as he walked over and leaned on the counter right in front of me.

"G.. Goo.. Good morning, " I greeted him back, mentally cursing myself for stuttering.

Nason's POV

I flashed her a toothy smile. I loved how I affected her. Loved the shade of pink her cheeks turned when she was flustered or embarrassed. It seemed my eyes zeroed in on the pink every time it colored her cheeks.

I watched as Damon slowly approached her from behind like a predator stalking it's prey.

"So baby girl, do you have plans for tonight?" I asked her as I really wanted to know and also I was trying to distract her.

"Ummm... Not really. Just going to watch a movie and take a long hot bath. Why?" Alex responded.

Not that I wouldn't mind watching her take another bath and get herself off with that pink vibrator of her. But I would much rather have her coming around my cock.

"Want me to join you?" Damon whispered in her ear as he pressed his body into hers and placed his hands on her hips while letting his fingers graze the waistband of her skirt.

Damon knew what she was wearing under that skirt as we watched her get dressed this morning.

I wanted nothing more than to rip those grey lacy panties off of her and bend her over the counter while pounding into her tight little pussy. The thought alone made my cock hard.

And I knew my brother was sharing the same thoughts from the look he gave me.

Alexa jumped in surprise. She hadn't even seen where Damon was as she was so focused on me in front of her.

"What did you say?" Alex questioned, her voice coming out squeaky and shaky.

Damon let out a chuckle that vibrated from his chest through Alex's back. Setting her nerves on fire. I could tell from the way her cheeks started turning a rosy pink.

"I asked if you'd like to join us tonight, Belle?" Damon asked amusement lacing his voice. Knowing that is not what he said. I chuckled internally.

Alex turned around to look at him but was met with the view of his chest. He was so close to her, to close really. But that was the point. To make her squirm.

She moved to the side a little bit as Damon looked at her as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"Join you? What do you mean?" Alex asked him as she walked over to the register to hit the switch turn on the open sign in the window.

"We are having a gathering, well I guess you could call it a party. We wanted to see if you'd like to come." I said as I ran my hand back through my hair.

"Ummm... sure. I guess. What time should I be there?" Alex asked as she looked at me through her lashes.

"You can just follow us when we leave here," Damon stated his voice leaving no room for an argument.

"Oh okay, yeah, ” Alex mumbled. I could tell she was unsure of what she actually just agreed too.


I may get chapter 15 unloaded tonight. I'm not 100% sure yet. Things are about to heat up and get dark. Are you prepared?

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