Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 16

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Landon's POV

Evan had been losing his shit, so we moved our plans up to keep him from doing something stupid. He had already been risking everything by sneaking into her apartment after she went to sleep for the last week.

Once he had his mindset on something or in this case someone, it was hard to hold him back. He was rather impulsive when it came to Alexa. And it was jeopardizing this whole plan.

"Is the room ready for tonight?" I asked Evan as he walks into my office.

"Yes, I made sure to see to it myself. Everything we may end up needing is in there but she won't be able to access it, " Evan said with a huge smile on his face.

"Good, you know we can't afford any fucking mistakes tonight, or this whole thing will be fucked up. Please don't do anything impulsive, Evan! If things seem to frighten her, I will call this shit off and we will go with the original plan. Am I understood?" I hissed at him while folding my arms across my chest as I lean back against my desk.

"Yes, I understand Lan, but I just need a taste of her if nothing else tonight. Can you promise me that?" Evan whined making me roll my eyes.

"Yes Evan, you can at least have that tonight. But we will not under any circumstances, take her by force. Not tonight at least. She isn't one of our toys. We have to be smart about this. Just try to be patient for a little bit longer." I scolded him, my voice heavy with authority, leaving no room for an argument.

"Okay I got it, I won't do anything stupid and I know she isn't one of our damn toys. I wouldn't dare treat her like one. I can't believe you would think I'd do some shit like that." Evan spat at me with a scowl on his face.

I don't feel like putting up with his pissy attitude today. I've got shit to do.

"Good, now Dam and Nas will be here with her in a few hours. Sebastian, Adam, Aiden, and Samuel are bringing some girls just for show. They won't be staying the whole time. We need to make sure everything is secure so they don't wander off somewhere that will fuck our plans up" I grunt as I head out of my office with Evan hot on my heels.

We can not afford any mistakes tonight. We may or may not make her ours tonight fully but tonight will let us know if our plans need any tweaking.

I will not let anyone be impulsive and blow this shit for all of us. Being impulsive can lead to mistakes. I will not allow mistakes.

Mistakes could cost her life and I just won't allow that to happen. She is perfect for us and I want this to go off without a hitch. But even I am starting to grow impatient.

My hands itch to touch her smooth pale skin, to tie her to my bed and have her begging me to cum, beg me to fuck her harder. I want to see her little ass red with my handprints as I fuck her from behind with her red hair wrapped tightly around my fist as she screams my name.

The thoughts alone make my cock throb.

"Fuck, I need a cold shower, " I shout to no one in particular as I stomp my way up to my room.

I walk into my room and strip out of my clothes as I head into my bathroom.

I turn on the shower as I send Damon a message to check to make sure everything is going to plan. After I receive confirmation that he will get her here I breath a sigh of relief.

I step in the shower and let the water cascade over my skin. My fucking cock is throbbing for a release. I wrap my hand tightly around my heavy cock while I think of my little princess.

Picturing her down on her knees in front of me while I fuck her sweet little mouth. Stroking my cock slowly I imagine her pouty lips kissing the head of my cock as her tongue flicks out taste me.

As I picture her lips wrap around the head of my cock while she swirls her tongue around it, my stroking increases in speed.

Tightening the grip on my cock I slowly pick up speed as I throw my head back and picture her being a good little girl while I thrust my hips and shove my cock down her throat repeatedly.

My balls become tight as I get near my release. I can hear her begging me to cum down her throat, to taste me. I finally shoot my load as I picture her swallowing down all of it and showing me her empty mouth.

I finish up my shower and get ready to see my princess tonight.

Evan's POV

I can't fucking believe Landon thinks I would treat her like a fucking toy. Bullshit!

I haven't even spoken one word to this girl but yet she invades all my thoughts. She screams sweet and innocent but I know something darker lies deep inside of her.

The others can't really see it. But I can. I'm not sure exactly what it is but this girl isn't like anyone else I've ever met.

I've never wanted someone as bad as I want her. At this point I would do anything to have her. If the others back out on this shit, then I'm willing to go solo. Whatever the cost will be worth it to me, she will be worth it all.

As I enter my room I throw myself on my bed face down. My patience is growing thinner and thinner each passing down.

Maybe a nap will help calm my ass down until I can see my little nymph tonight. I roll over as I clear my thoughts and let sleep take me over.

Nason's POV

As we leave the book store, I'm a little envious that my baby girl is riding with my brother.

But I swallow it down as I think of how tonight needs to go off without a hitch. We have carefully planned this but her reactions aren't something we can predict.

But I'm reassured as I think about how this is happening no matter what.

My phone beeps, I look down at it to see a group message from Evan asking if we are on our way. Damon sends back a picture of my baby girl and her creamy thighs sitting in her little black skirt in his passenger seat.

It's his way to calm down Evan, showing him that we are indeed on our way.

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