Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 17

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Damon's POV

After we got Alexa to agree to come tonight. I got her to get in my car as we left hers behind. There is a reason for that.

Watching her squirm in my passenger seat has me wanting to take her back to my place and say to hell with everyone else.

I've been okay with sharing other girls with the guys but I don't know if I want to share her.

I can tell she is attracted to me. Hell, I can even see her attraction to my brother.

I would love to have her all to myself or hell I think Nason and I could share her without any problems. My brother and I have shared girls before.

I wanted her from the first night I saw her. But after getting to know her better I want her even more. I want her like I've never wanted anyone else. I'm starting to think I'm developing feelings for her.

Fuck, Damon, no you can't. I shake my head to clear that shit straight out of my mind.

Anyways, Evan, I'm worried will scare her with his intensity. I told Nason I think Evan is going to cause problems. Now don't get me wrong I love Evan like a brother but he has some major issues.

I've watched him go into a complete fit of rage because of girls not liking what he does. And I know he could really hurt Alexa if he loses his shit.

As I look over at her I'm tempted to text my brother and us just take off with her. I really want to make her mine and I know Nason feels the same.

I can smell her sweet scent from my seat. Her red hair is blowing in the wind. Her skin looks so smooth and creamy. I just want to touch her.

Her voice makes me feel things I've never felt before. And I can't help but smile when she smiles at me.

And don't even get me started on her laughter. God, what the fuck is happening to me?

Fuck, am I falling for this girl?

Damn it, Landon would fucking kill me if he knew I was even thinking about this shit.

Landon is like our unofficial "leader". He is a sexual dominant and is looking for the perfect submissive.

Now I'm quite dominant myself but I don't want Alexa to be completely submissive. I like a girl with some passion and not waiting to be ordered around to do everything.

Nason and I are alike in this way.

And well Evan is a complete sadistic. I'm worried about how that will affect Alexa. She doesn't really seem like a masochist.

No just no I don't see it. She seems much more likely to be sexually compatible with Nason and me.

I guess we will see after tonight. That's if nothing gets fucked up.

Nason is already so attached to Alexa and I'm anxious about how he will react to Landon's discipline or Evan's need to inflict pain on her.

I think he will lose his shit. Hell, I think I might just lose my shit too.

I step on the gas and just hope tonight doesn't end in a fucking fight. I just can't help but wish she wouldn't have moved in next door. That the others had never met her.

Maybe Landon and Evan will back off if she doesn't react to them the way they want her to.

I really need to fucking talk to Nason about this. If he agrees with my thoughts. We have places we can take her that none of the others know about.

Alexa's POV

Sitting here in the car alone with Damon has my nerves on overdrive. I'm so nervous I can't seem to keep still. But it doesn't seem like he notices.

As I look out the window my thoughts go to Evan. Will he be there tonight?

He seems really intense. I think he is super attractive but something about him scares me. I can't quite put my finger on it but something about him makes me really uneasy.

Now don't get me wrong they all make me nervous but I just get a gut feeling about Evan.

Just the way he looks at me scares the shit out of me. And Landon. I'm not sure about him. He screams authority and that also makes me nervous.

I've got a little more comfortable with Nason and Damon. They are both really playful and flirty. I think it's just their personalities.

Adam seems like a great guy as well. And I haven't really officially met their other two friends. I've heard Damon and Nason talk about them. But I guess I may get to meet them tonight.

Who knows? But I wonder why they invited me?

I know I need to make friends here but I'm not sure if these guys are who I need to make friends with. Something just seems off with the whole group.

Alex, they are just your neighbors stop freaking overthinking it. They are just being nice and inviting you to a party. It's nothing more.

But I just can't seem to shake this bad feeling in my gut. Like something isn't right.

Maybe I can stay for a couple of drinks and then head home.

"Are you ready?" Damon asks as he opens my door, pulling me from my thoughts.

I look up at him and give him a small smile as I nod my head.

Wiping my sweaty hands on my skirt then grab my bag before stepping out of the car.

I'm automatically greeted with the sound of loud music coming from in the house.

I am lead to the front door by both Nason and Damon.

You can do this, Alex, I tell myself. Although all I want to do is run. My gut is telling me to run. But I ignore it.

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Sorry, the update isn't as long as usual but I'm still deciding exactly how I want stuff to play out. And I apologize for taking so long to update.

Also this chapter hasn't been edited.

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