Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 18

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Alex's POV

Stepping through the front door behind Nason. I was instantly greeted by the smell of weed and alcohol. Also by the loud thumping and vibrations from the bass of the music.

Glancing around the room I could see all of the other guys were here. Including the two I hadn't officially met yet.

Unless you can count running past someone as meeting them. Nah, you can't.

As I continue to glance around the room, I noticed at least four other girls besides myself. For some weird reason that slightly calmed my nerves.

At least I wasn't alone in a house full of guys again.

A hand on my lower back startled me, causing me to jump. Moving my head to the side I could see Damon. He flashed me a smile as he applied a little pressure on my back, encouraging me to walk forward.

Giving him a small smile I slowly walked forward. While his hand stayed firmly planted on my lower back.

The smell of weed was heavy in the air as people danced and grinded on each other. Some making out like no one else was even there.

I could feel myself blushing as I wasn't used to seeing so much PDA.

I've also never been to a party or a club but I'm going to assume that this was pretty much what it looked like. Well I'm just guessing and going off what I've seen on movies and shows.

My body vibrated from the bass coming from the speakers. Now that we were farther into the living room. I looked around and could see there were a lot more people then I thought there would be.

I could feel eyes on me as we slowly moved across the room. Weaving in and out as we tried not to bump into anyone.

As we got deeper into the living room, I could see a girl dancing on a stripper pole. She was wearing only a little purple thong and a bra. Her curly platinum hair hanging down her back.

My mouth dropped wide open when I saw guys putting money in her underwear. She just kept dancing like they wasn't even there.

I was a little shocked. I don't know why, but I really wasn't expecting this. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting. But this wasn't it.

"Hey. Do you want a drink?" Damon asked leaning into me so I could hear him over the music. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Causing a shiver to run down my spine.

I should really just get out of here. Part of me feels like I don't belong here. But I don't want to be rude. And I hate to admit but I'm a little excited to be at my first party.

" Umm. Sure, " I mumbled while giving him a small smile. Trying to not show him how nervous or excited I was to be here.

"Okay... I'll be right back. You should have some fun, " Damon mumbled in my ear.

As I watched him disappear in the crowd of people, I looked around the room again. Quickly noticing I was the only female not dancing.

Moving my gaze across the room and back to the girl dancing on the stripper pole. She wasn't alone anymore, she was now joined by a beautiful brown skin girl.

I couldn't help but admire the way she moved. Her hair was in little braids swaying with her body as she danced. Her body was absolutely beautiful.

My eyes caught a glimpse of a hand putting money in her underwear. Following the hand up I gasped.

It was Evan and he was looking directly at me with a intense gaze. He took a drink from his cup then slowly licked his bottom lip as his eyes continued burning holes into me.

Feeling a blush taking over my face I quickly looked away. His eyes did something to me and he kind of scared me.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see a guy with shaggy dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"Well hey there sexy, how about you come dance with me?" he said while running his fingers down the side of my left arm.

His touch made me feel disgusted.

"Uh... Umm. I don't think...." I started but was interrupted.

"No. She is here with me. Keep your hands off her Kyle, " a deep voice said as a hand was placed firmly on my lower back.

Turning my head to the side I could see Landon standing beside me. He was glaring at the guy in front of me.

"Is there a problem here?" Damon asked as he passed me a red plastic cup and placed his hand on my shoulder.

Looking up at this Kyle guy through my lashes I could see a look of fear cross his face.

"No, Kyle was just leaving. Wasn't you Kyle?" Landon said through clinched teeth as he started rubbing slow circles on my lower back.

It made me feel confused. All of it.

"Yep, no problem. I was just about to head out. Great party guys. Thanks for inviting me, " Kyle rushed out as he quickly turned on his heels and walked away.

What the hell was that all about?

"Try your drink, I made it especially for you, " Damon murmured in my ear, giving me goosebumps.

Giving him a big smile, I brought the cup up to my lips. Before taking a sip I took a glimpse in the cup to see a blue liquid.

Taking a small sip I was surprised at how good it tasted.

It was sweet and tasted a little bit like coconut.

"Do you like it?" Damon asked after taking a drink from him his own cup.

"Yes. It tastes really sweet. Thank you," I replied after taking another sip.

He flashed me a big grin and a wink. Then turned his cup up and guzzled down his own drink.

"You're welcome. Drink up. I want at least one dance with you, " Damon mumbled as he pointed at my drink.

I don't know about dancing. I'm not really sure if I know how to dance. But what the hell. I'm allowed to have some fun, right?

Turning my cup up I gulped down the sweet drink as fast as I could. It slightly burned my throat but thankfully, it wasn't really strong.

Landon took Damon's cup then grabbed mine as he excused himself after making me promise him a dance as well.

After he walked off, Damon grabbed my hand and pulled me in the middle of the living room.

Damon started dancing but I felt awkward not really knowing what to do.

He chuckled seeing obviously that I didn't know what the hell I was doing. My face flushed from embarrassment. He winked at me then turned me around so my back was facing his front. He slowly started moving behind me.

"Just follow my lead, Belle, " he whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver.

He placed my hands on my hips. Then put his hands on top of mine and pulled my body flush against his. I gasped in surprise as he slowly started pushing my hips side to side.

"Relax, baby, " he whispered in my ear, his voice coming out husky.

I tried to do as he said and let him lead me while enjoying the music.

Two songs later we were still dancing. I was feeling really good. I was becoming more comfortable in Damon.

He playfully grinded his front into me. A giggle escaped my lips making Damon chuckle.

Nason had brought us both another drink. After downing them. I was feeling much more relaxed.

Mason gave me a playful smirk and wink as he took our cups then walked away.

I could feel the alcohol flowing through my body. Relaxing me even more.

I started playfully grinding my ass into Damon. He grunted in my ear.

He grabbed my hands and brought them up to the back of his neck.

Slowly he ran his fingertips back down my arms, down my sides and gripped my hips.

His touch sent a shock through my body. I was suddenly feeling really hot and horny.

He started grinding my ass into him. The feel of his body on mine had me biting back a moan.

"Mmhmmm... You like the way my hands feel on you, Belle?" Damon whispered huskily as he slowly moved his hand under the hem of my shirt across my stomach.

I squeezed my eyes shut and released a slow shaky breath as his hand lightly rubbed across my ribs.

"Huh? Answer me, Belle. Do you want me to touch you?" he asked. His lips barely brushing my neck just below my ear.

Yes, yes, please... I chanted in my head. But I couldn't say it out loud.

"Yesss" I groaned as he started placing soft kisses on the side of my neck.

Just enough that I could barely feel his lips touching me, making me groan in frustration.

"P-please, Damon" I quietly pleaded while lacing my fingers into the back of his hair. He released a low groan as I lightly pulled on his hair.

"Please what, Belle?"

"Pleaseeee" I begged again as I tried to push myself farther into him.

"Do you want me to touch you here, Belle? Is that what you want?" Damon asks as he slowly trailed his fingers up my stomach towards my breast.

His touch was so light I could barely feel it but at the same time, it was like my skin was on fire wherever he touched me.

"You are so beautiful, Belle. You drive my absolutely crazy, " Damon whispered as he lightly ran his finger across my bra.

A small moan escaped me as he circled my nipple.

And just as the song switched, I felt his lips on my neck leave small opened mouth kisses.

To be continued....

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