Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 1 - Doll House

***warning mentions of sexual abuse in this chapter*** nothing to detailed but I know it can be a trigger for some

This book was originally being in third person. POV has been switched to first person. Some third person is still in this story

Alexa's POV

Age 12

I sat on the bed playing with a thread on my pink bed comforter. I knew he would be coming to my room tonight. Just like every night, my mom had to work an extra shift at the hospital. I used to be scared but now I only felt numb. I knew what would happen and if I fought him, I knew it would only be worse for me.

As my door creaked open, my dark bedroom was slowly filled with light from the hallway. I slowly laid back on my bed as I waited on him to approach me. My heartbeat used to quicken at the sight of his shadows cast on my floor and ceiling, but not anymore. I no longer feared him, no I hated him. And I swore one day I would get revenge.

Age 15

As we walked out of the cemetery, I knew I no longer had my mom coming home to protect me. I knew the abuse would now only worsen. Could I hold on? Could I survive? I still wanted my revenge. I wanted it all to end. All of it!!! My daddy was an evil man. But the thoughts that brewed in my mind were dark. Sometimes to the point, they frightened me. He had damaged me and I planned to make him pay. He had been abusing me and damaging my mind since I was at the tender age of seven years old.

They said my mom committed suicide, but my older brother and I knew differently. We both knew he killed her. He killed her after she found out he had been physically and sexually abusing me. Although my mom didn't know how long the abuse had actually been going on. Or that my brother, her son, Elijah was also being abused by our father. My mom walked in on her husband thrusting inside me while I was gagged and bound to my bed with sweat running down his back.

Claire, my mom, was horrified and tried to pull him off me while screaming at her husband. Only to be pushed to the floor where she hit her head on the edge on a desk causing her to blackout instantly. But I could see she was still breathing.

Derek, my dad, finished using me, his daughter, for his sick pleasure then untied me from my bed. He ordered me to take a shower while he cleaned up. As he left the room, he dragged his wife's, my mother's, unconscious body by her hair into their room. He hung her from the ceiling beam in their master bedroom and staged it as a suicide.

Derek, my father, was a deputy sheriff and he knew exactly how to cover-up the murder of his wife, my mom. No one would suspect a thing. And if they did... Well, I also knew that his department would help him cover it up. I watched him as he smiled to himself as now knew he could have me in his bed whenever he wanted.

As we pulled away from the cemetery, I knew shit was only going to get worse from the look on my father's face. But how much more could I take? How much pain and suffering would it take to finally break me? As I looked over at my brother Eli, I knew something had to be done. But what could we do?

As suspected, the abuse only worsened. And I felt defeated. Elijah escaped once he graduated and moved out without taking anything with him. Now I was all alone. No one believed us. So what could I do? Elijah couldn't protect me so it was only right that he saved himself. I couldn't be mad, although I wondered if I would ever make it out of this house of horrors alive.

Present Day - Age 17

I stepped out of the shower, dried off then slipped on some clean black sleep shorts and a white tank top. It was around 10 pm and my brother was downstairs taking care of a few things. I quickly dried my hair and threw it up in a messy bun on the top of my head. I really had to hurry.

Elijah was in for a visit during spring break. He would come home to check on me as much as he could since he left for college. But this visit was different. This visit is something we had been planning for a while.

My high school graduation and eighteenth birthday were fast approaching. And honestly, I couldn't have been happier. I had planned to move as soon as the ink dried on my diploma.

While Elijah was in the kitchen cleaning up, I made my way downstairs and sat down on the last step as I watched him. He made swift movements as he made sure everything was in place. We exchanged a quick look as Elijah picked up the phone and dialed 911. As Elijah spoke to the dispatcher, I lost myself in my thoughts.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard the sound of sirens in the distance. I sat on the stairs staring straight ahead at the dull gray wall that separated the living room and the kitchen. When the sirens and flashing lights overtook my senses I was snapped from my thoughts. But even has the flashing lights bounced off the gray walls, I continued to stare straight ahead. Almost as if I was in a trance or couldn't see them.

Suddenly, there was a pounding at the front door. But I continued to not move. Nor did I make a sound. Maybe I was in shock? I wasn't sure if I was feeling anything, to be honest. Maybe I was just numb? Or maybe I was feeling relief? Yes, that was it. Relief! But I couldn't let them know that. No, this had to be our secret. No one could find out the truth. And they wouldn't. We would make sure of that. If it's the last thing we ever did.

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